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 Pokemon ranger guide

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PostSubject: Pokemon ranger guide   Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:31 pm

Chapter 1 - The Start
You must start in a place called Ranger School.You and your classmates have to graduate in order to become a real ranger.You have to study this guide as well.As you learn,You may find Pokemon in the school.A Bidoof will always be in the main hall.If you are new,You have to take care of a bravery test.You must find 4 stylers.You have to team up with the person that sits Right( -> ) next to you.Once you have found them all,You must drop them off in the basement.This all happens at night.The locations are the staff room,Mrs. Aprils room,Mr. Kincaid/s room,and the library.At the Graduating day,Each teacher calls upon their best student.Nobody,for some reason,Is aloud in the basement except Mr. Kincaid and Issac.In school,on the 3rd day to the last day you will have outdoor class.That's when you have Question-And-Answer time with a real ranger.You can become a Ranger,Operator,or Mechanic

Chapter 2 - Stylers
In Ranger school,You get a school styler.They are devices that have disabled apps because they are just kid-versions.They have apps like a map,a glossary,And much more! then when you graduate from the school,You get a real ranger styler.They have loads more apps like quests,missions,and voicemail

Chapter 3 - Team Dim sun
You have to beat all these guys often.They have put Machines called Gigameros(See chapter 4).You have to take care of befriending their pokemon.They have strong stuff like Rampardos and toxicroak.They are still a complete mystery to us rangers.Brook had to try and swim after their boat when they escaped from Pueltown and I had to jump in afterwards for the key to the bridge.It was very salty down there.I had to chase a sharpedo who swallowed the key.Being a ranger is hard when it comes to being under water.

Chapter 4 - Gigamero Units
Gigamero Unit #1 is made of metal,But easily destroyed with a soak,Power level 2.It is red.It controls All pokemon for 5 feet.Gigamero Unit #2 is a yellow Gigamero.Gigameros are shaped like a rocket.Gigamero unit #2 is made of plastic.It can be destroyed with a simple Power level 2 Crush.The #3 unit of the Gigameros is Blue.It is made up of Physical Steel.It can be destroyed with a level 2 burn.Lastly,there is the green Gigamero Unit #4.It can control all pokemon in an area.It is made up of Mineral stones.Or Crystal.It can be destroyed with a level 2 Electrify like Voltorb has.They are all team Dim suns machines.

More Chapters as soon as I know a few people approve it.
Pokemon ranger guide
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