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 Guide: How to Get Started.

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PostSubject: Guide: How to Get Started.    Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:09 pm

Hello members, I've created this guide partly due to members having problems at starting and some think this was some kind of RPG that works like the game and stuff, but the main reason was this guy posting in my topic acting like my character but lets forget that and get to business. Note: This thread is from the point AFTER you create your character.

1) The Very Basics.
Okay so in this section I will explain the very basics of this RPG. To get you started, this is a forum based, text RPG where writers have an advantage. It might not be as fun as the original games for some members but some find it much better. This is basically a place where you can use your imagination and writing skills to write down your pokemon-related story. Other fans can join with you to get the best of what this site is. You have some very strict rules you have to follow though.

- NO God-modding.
This refers to writing everything yourself. You need to insert __s and let moderators choose that. This doesn't really apply to everything, you can say something like 'a breeze sent the girl's hair blowing' or 'Steve stretched and yawned as he got out of bed' but you have to let mods choose: What Pokemon you encounter, What you find on the ground, opposing Pokemon by other trainers will be modded by them, not you. So basically, you choose what you were GOING TO DO and a mod or opposing trainer decides what REALLY HAPPENS. I hope you got me. This is the main problem, the others here are not so necessary:

-Correct Grammar and Punctuation, no speaking L33T or msg style.

2)Battle and Experience Systems
The Battle System isn't so strict. It follows the basic principles of proper role play. You say what move you use, make it as detailed as possible, and the opposing pokemon's trainer's owner can choose the results, whether it hit, or missed, or somewhere in between. The opposing pokemon can also attempt a counter in which case you decide what happens. The moves are not so strict, you can, like in the anime, make variations of moves, by combining them or using them in a different manner like using sand attack for aid as dodging a move or using something like aura sphere as a guard. You can also make combinations like one pokemon using Flamethrower and the other using Gust to create a variation of a Heat Wave. A battle can go on if no one refuses to quit, but usually, a mod will decide when to end a wild battle while trainer battles you should decide among yourselves. IT is obvious that a lv 100 pokemon can outdo a lv 1 pokemon.

We follow a simple Experience System, designed by Qboy 3-5 months ago. The system is easy to follow, here is it mostly how he introduced it:

Your Pokémon's experience required to reach the next level is the same number as its own level.
i.e. If your Pokémon is level 10 it needs 10 exp to level up, if it's level 39 it needs 39 exp to level up, if it's level 87 it needs 87 exp to level up etc.

Then, each time you beat a Pokémon your Pokémon gets exp equal to your opponent's level.
i.e. If you beat a Pokémon level 6 your Pokémon gets 6 exp, if you beat a Pokémon level 42 your Pokémon gets 42 exp, if you beat a Pokémon level 100 your Pokémon gets 100 exp etc.

The exp is divided as evenly as possible between all the Pokémon that battled against the opponent unless you used a Pokémon that fainted- in that case the exp it would have gained is spread evenly among your other Pokémon that battled. Just like the games. However, if the exp can't evenly go into the battlers then all the leftover goes to the Pokémon that struck the final blow.

I think this is an extremely good system. It ensures that if you have a high level Pokémon and you beat a Pokémon with a low level you won't get too much experience, and if you beat a Pokémon with a higher level than yours you gain a significant amount of experience. Another thing is that it adds an extra, completely optional sense of mathematical strategy, what with the leftover exp going to the Pokémon that struck the winning blow. Also, it makes it so that training isn't ridiculously hard or easy- all you have to do to gain a level is beat a Pokémon of your own or greater level.

Coordinator method: 3 exp per move done when in a contest.

Training topic method: Create a training topic, and RP that you're training with your Pokemon. The Pokemon get one EXP per 10 words you post, and if you are training with multiple Pokemon at once it goes to themas evenly as possible; if the EXP gained cannot be divided amongst all the training Pokemon evenly, one of the extra EXP points goes to each of the lowest leveled Pokemon involved with the training.

3) Contests
We currently do not have a strict system for this, either. For one thing is has been rather rare recently. Other than that, you are free to combine moves for beauty and say exactly what you do, without doing the judge's reactions, of course. The Staff member(s) playing as the judges would judge the winner by RP skills, most probably, they follow their own ways.

4)Gym Battles
The gym battles follow the regular battle system, but you get better rewards. You can challenge a gym by going to the town and making a new thread in RP format, telling that you are there to challenge the gym use a tag like [Mod Me] or [MOD REQ] to get mods attention. If you win, you will be rewarded the Badge, a TM, and some Money. If not, please insist for it. Pm the person who modded or someone else if you get ignored. Warning! If you do not do this you might even have to battle again for it, trust me, you won't like that. No one has yet made it to the E4, so we don't have specific rules for them.

~More things to be added

~Credits to google for helping me find the wonderful image.
Guide: How to Get Started.
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