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 Application for staff...um...if it's ok

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PostSubject: Application for staff...um...if it's ok   Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:07 pm

Username: Silver Shine
Skype: supersonicsega100 (display name "Silver Shine")
Activity: I do my best, and usually I'm on as often as I can be.  7, perhaps?
Why Should We Pick You: I've been part of this site for a while now, and I feel like some of my experience could help a little. While I'm not entirely confident you'll pick me, I'm able to promise that I'll try my absolute hardest to be on when I can and help out. Everyone has the ups and downs to picking them, and I'm well aware that I have plenty of both, no matter what you may have seen so far from knowing and talking to me. There's definitely a good chance that any choices can make this place better, and I'm really hoping you'll pick me. Thank you for at least considering, and even more if I get picked.
Why Do Staff Exist:: The staff exist to help the site and members.  As staff, people should be active enough to help members, to follow the rules, and also to advance in the RP with whatever character they need help with.  They should also be able to help other staff with votes and group decisions, as all staff's opinion is valued within the staff.
Experience: Light and Darkness Academy.  An old site I was on where I was a mod for a short period of time due to a head admin shift.  Once the first returned I wasn't shifted out, however the site was deleted and remade as another site which I shall not reveal.  I feel saying the site name is ok because of the fact that, as I said, it was deleted.  Sorry if that wasn't ok.  There have been other experiences, short or long. However none as good as that one.  I Also feel that gave me the most experience, as it was my first time.
Recommendation: I suppose none, as I don't want to recommend someone who doesn't wish to apply.

Are You Finished Editing This Appliction: I think so
Application for staff...um...if it's ok
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