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 K9's moderator Application

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Akuma Taigākabu toreburu
Akuma Taigākabu toreburu
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PostSubject: K9's moderator Application   Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:47 pm

Username: K9
Skype: N/A
Activity: During the school year it's a bout 5 but during the summer unless I'am going somewhere for the summer it's a 9
Why Should We Pick You: I think you should pick me because, I tend to find out of the box solution's to member disputes in the chat box.  I'm also great at getting thing's done nicely and orderly, I tend to read application's more than I say to do.  I also like to help other's and try to get there question's and problem's solved.
Why Do Staff Exist: I think of the staff as being here to help member's who need it, to keep the site running, and to keep it fun.  I mean when I say to keep the site running I mean there here to solve problem's, settle dispute and to keep the store's updated.  When, I say and to keep it fun I mean that there also here to moderate other people trainer role-play's and to keep it interesting and try to reduce the lag with in the role-play's.
Experience: I do not have any experience in a staff position on any other website.

Are You Finished Editing This Application: yes
K9's moderator Application
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