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 System ~ Mega Evolution

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PostSubject: System ~ Mega Evolution   System ~ Mega Evolution H6Q0F8zMon Jun 22, 2015 10:59 pm

Mega Evolution:
Mega Evolution is the process of releasing greater power from a Pokemon through a trainer's bond with that Pokemon as well as use of a Keystone and Mega Stone. Along with new power, the Pokemon will also change in appearance and may even develop a temporary new ability upon their Mega Evolution. They're a force to be reckoned with, and quite a powerful friend to have at your side!

Obtaining the Keystone
1. The first step depends on the Trainer Class
-- Trainers must obtain 4 Gym Badges
---- The badges must all be from the same region
---- Example: 4 badges from Kalos, not 1 badge from 4 different regions
-- Breeders must successfully breed at least 7 eggs
---- The eggs must come from at least two different breeding pairs
-- Coordinators must obtain at least 2 Ribbons
---- One of these Ribbons must be for first place
---- The ribbons do not have to be from the same region
-- Tamers must capture 5 Pokemon of their preferred type and raise at least one to level 30
-- Aura Trainers must complete a Quest pertaining to Mega Evolution and their abilities
---- This Quest will typically be introduced once the Aura Trainer's Pokemon are around level 30
-- Adventurers must complete a Quest pertaining to Mega Evolution and their field of interest
---- This Quest will typically be introduced once the Adventurer's Pokemon are around level 30

2. Once requirements are met, a Mega Evolution expert will appear
-- This character may be a Guru or someone else
---- They will either need to be battled or appeased in another way
---- This process will be determined by the Mod
-- After this encounter, the Keystone will be obtained

3. The Keystone will be housed in a Mega Accessory
-- The character will encounter a Blacksmith after gaining their Keystone
---- They will help the character craft a personal Mega Accessory
---- This will require further plot
-- The Mega Accessory is unique to each character
---- It can be a bracelet, crown, etc. it is up to the character

Using Mega Evolutions
1. Mega Evolutions may be used once the Keystone and Mega Accessory are obtained
-- The character must own a Pokemon's Mega Stone to Mega Evolve it

2. Using Megas in battle
-- The character's Pokemon must be holding their Mega Stone
-- Only one Mega Evolution may be used in a battle
---- Upon switching, the Pokemon will retain their Mega form until the end of the battle
---- If revived from fainting, the Pokemon will still retain their Mega form
System ~ Mega Evolution
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