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 Updated Staff Recruitment Thread

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PostSubject: Updated Staff Recruitment Thread   Updated Staff Recruitment Thread H6Q0F8zMon Sep 24, 2012 9:47 pm

Alright, seeing as I'm seeing unofficial mods being recruited left and right and only a small handful of the staff ever really getting on, I have an alternative. I've logged on at least twice a day, however, rarely is anyone else on when I am. I don't like sitting idle, when I know I can be doing something and none of the staff are giving me feedback on ideas I submit.

Please, if you're an unofficial mod, or if you just want to become a mod, then please send me a PM with the following information filled out:

1) Current Activity:
2) Expected Future Activity:
3) Why you think you'd be good at the job:
4) Previous RP Experience:
5) How long you've been a member of the site:
6) Anything else you'd like to say

Like I said, I check online at least twice a day if not more, so you should have an answer back within 24 hours. I'm hoping this will increase staff activity and reduce any problems we're experiencing.
Updated Staff Recruitment Thread
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