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 Virtual Dex Project, AKA Vdex

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PostSubject: Virtual Dex Project, AKA Vdex   Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:34 pm

Alright, so I decided to create this thread due to my current Eevee breeding project. I've only been taking out the female eggs for myself, yet I now feel bad for wasting the others. In light of this, I figured I would create a place here for my friend's to see easily for those who don't browse the Vdex forums.

Here, you can post anything you have up for trade that you want to have a good home, anything you want to sell to your friends to help them out, giveaways out or someone else may be hosting to help them out, breeding projects, or ask for help in any other way. Begging will not be tolerated in this topic, so don't do it. Be sure to clearly state what it is you're wanting to trade away/for or are selling/buying/wanting. This post will stay as the rules and guidelines for this topic, and so only on my next post will I state my current trades and the like. If this topic becomes overly cluttered or popular[haha, yeah right] then I will make a sub forum for it.

PostSubject: Re: Virtual Dex Project, AKA Vdex   Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:16 pm

Current Projects:

are in the daycare.
I'll sell the eggs for just the retrieval fee to those who want them. I can tell you the nature and sprite of the Eevee you'll be getting, or will have updates to say the sprite and nature that is currently in my daycare. Females cost a bit extra.

Current egg: None

Taking Donations For:

To purchase more event Pokemon and such to breed once I get the everstone.

Crystal Sprites:
Any that I don't have in my Crystal Collections to help complete the collection.

Willing to breed for $:


Just ask about any other Pokemon, and I'll let you know if I can breed it or not. If the Pokemon you want happens to already be in the Daycare I'll probably only charge withdrawal fee, otherwise there will be a slight fee for switching out the Pokemon in the daycare.

Current waiting list:

Everstone Count Down: Approx. 4 days

Things I plan on breeding with the everstone:
Event Pokemon
Valenpix {Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, White}
Eastereep {White, Milk, Dark, Mint, Berry, KCN}
Ayesir Shinx
Ayesir Pichu {Fire, Water, Grass}
Ayesir Ponyta {Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Rainbow}
Rocket Pikachu
Trainer Pikachu
Summer Eevee
Spring Eevee
Winter Eevee
Halloween Gastly

Special Natures
[but i eated it ] on: Female Mareep
[I love you] on: Female Slowpoke
[Is it hot in here or is it just you?] on: Male Summer Eevee
[Mmmm my ding ding dong] on: Male Rainbow Ponyta
[Wink wink] on: Male Rocket Pikachu

Pending Natures
[I packed you a boxed lunch] on: Purrloin
Virtual Dex Project, AKA Vdex
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