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 Project EVE - The Event!

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PostSubject: Project EVE - The Event!   Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:18 pm

File A-113, code name Project EVE. For years top scientists in Team Rocket slaved over their projects. The idea of an everlasting elemental stone was previously unheard of. It was rather preposterous, yet Team Rocket wasn't interested in what others thought. All for the glory of Team Rocket, the Eternal Stone was meant to be a quick and cheap way to buff TR's Pokémon. However, the best test subject was the most versatile of all Pokémon, Eevee.

Using the unique genetic structure of Eevee, Team Rocket formulated and executed a way to alter the DNA of the already unstable creature. Through years of research and failed experiments, several successful cases of EVE Eevee were brought about. They were sent to many different facilities across the world for extensive testing.

It was discovered that by using the Eternal Stones, EVE Eevee were able to transform freely between the three evolutionary forms Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon in addition to its base Eevee form. However, it was also discovered that Eternal Stones were useless on regular Pokémon, and had a sort of bond to the EVE Eevee.

Unfortunately, many discovered once the EVE evolved into any form other than the three elemental stones that their genetic structure would settle. They were stuck in the forme, and the Eternal Stones linked to them would break. The results were ultimately flawed, but Rocket scientists believe there may still be some use of the Pokémon yet.

During regular testing sessions, many of the experiments escaped from various headquarters, making their way out into the world. This is where you come in, brave trainer! Can you find and rescue this poor creature before Team Rocket gets their hands back on it? Will you be able to defend it against the tyrannous syndicate?!


The Ultimate Prize

Pokémon: EVE  Eevee
Nickname: ???
Gender: ???
Level: 15
Ability: Ability: Mutate -
---Current Eternal Stones:

Personality: ???
EXP: 0


Do remember and keep in mind, that if EVE is made to evolve into any other form than the original 4 (Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon) then it will lose its special ability, and the Eternal Stones will break. Also keep in mind EVE is able to be bred, but will only produce normal Eevee offspring.

This event takes place within your character's own timeline. If you have current plots going and don't want them to be interrupted, make sure to plot ahead with your moderator. The event is not guaranteed to begin immediately in any person's story line, and can run for an indefinite amount of time. There is no time frame that it must be completed in. Don't rush the event, remember there is a chance to fail!

Sign ups for the event are now closed. For those who were unable to sign up or chose not to, there will be a giveaway held shortly. Keep your eyes out for it. Remember that if you signed up for the event, you are not eligible for the giveaway. Now, on to the tributes, err... I mean participants.

Players who have delved into the abyss, and their offerings...
Username :: Character Signed Up :: Status

Latias/Avaritia :: Amber Primrose :: Pending
Slowpoke :: Alex Printz :: Start
Politoad :: Hana Ryder :: Pending
Cresselia :: Cressila Portman :: Pending
ChocChip :: Lex Hallabel :: Pending
Kubari_Deva :: Elijah Deva :: Pending
youarereta :: Raine Ansel :: Pending
Ryuji~ :: Ryuji Hinato :: Pending
Poochyena :: Jeff :: Pending
Anthra :: Miles Rakor :: Pending
The Rogue :: Ryugu Afterhill :: Pending
DarkSuicune98 :: Ash Valdeir :: Pending
MegaAbsol :: Twilight Yuri :: Pending
thaloden :: Zachary Underwood :: Pending
Edfilaen :: Hazakura Kazuto :: Pending


Members, make sure your moderator knows that your character is participating in the event. Link them to this topic for evidence.

Moderators, check the staff section for guidelines and rules to follow during this event. Please keep me updated on character progression.

Everyone, have fun!
Project EVE - The Event!
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