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 Some interesting Facts

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PostSubject: Some interesting Facts   Some interesting Facts H6Q0F8zSun Mar 13, 2016 8:14 pm

Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri’s favourite Pokemon is Poliwhirl.

Even though Dodrio has no wings, it can still fly. It does this by moving it’s legs in a circular motion!

When you evolve a Azurill, there’s a 1/3 chance it will change gender.

HitmonLEE and HitmonCHAN took inspiration for their names from Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

In Pokemon Red and Blue, a man won’t let you pass in Viridian City until he’s had his morning coffee. In the Japanese versions, he was instead passed out from being drunk.

In early stages of development, Pokemon were instead called Capsule Monsters. Nintendo had planned to sell small Pokemon figures inside capsule machines across Japan.

In Pokemon Red and Blue, you can cast your fishing rod into the statues near the entrance of each gym.

Satoshi Tajiri took inspiration for Pokemon from his main hobby as a child, which was collecting bugs in a nearby field to his house. As Tokyo rapidly expanded, and those fields were paved over to make way for new housing, he needed to find a new hobby and started to visit video game arcades instead. From there, he had the idea of small bug like monsters which could be traded through a cable on a video game, and the rest is history!

In 2008, a new form of protein was discovered by Japanese scientists, and it was named Pikachurin, as it reminded them of Pikachu’s speed and relationship with electricity.

Rhydon was the very first Pokemon to be created.

It’s possible to breed a Wailord and Diglett in the day care, and receive an egg.

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Some interesting Facts
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