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 Pokephilia: from the pokemon's view

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Pokephilia: from the pokemon's view Empty
PostSubject: Pokephilia: from the pokemon's view   Pokephilia: from the pokemon's view H6Q0F8zSun Oct 09, 2011 4:47 am

Humans will always have their views on everything.
Humans will always stake their claim to everything.
They also will always pretend to have authority over everything, as if all creatures are below them. Under their control.
And if they can't have control, they take control.
After hundreds of years, they finally started staking claim on us as well.
They would take their chosen Ball, weaken one of us and capture us within it.
After that point we were "theirs". A posession.
We fought their battles. We were their power.
Some of us were even "pets".
However. There are quite a few trainers that look upon us as their equals nowadays, treating us with respect and even admiration.
And, rarely, although it does happen occaisionally, they fall for the ones they've caught.
Other humans look upon this with extreme distaste. They call it sick and unnatural.
They call it abuse. They have made it illegal for pokemon and human to be partners in love as well as partners in battling.
The pokemon is rarely asked on their opinion. Humans don't really care what we would have to say on the matter, they simply look down their noses at the trainer and revoke both his pokemon and his trainer's licsence. Permanently.
But I've gone on a rant...I'm sorry.
Anymatter, this is an account of three pokemon, I hope they will broaden your mind to things that have been closed before.
On with the story that you've come to read!
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Pokephilia: from the pokemon's view Empty
PostSubject: Chapter one   Pokephilia: from the pokemon's view H6Q0F8zSun Oct 09, 2011 4:54 am

. . ~Pokemon One~ . .

He took one last drag of the cigarette and flicked it, casually, to the ground.
His large black paw smoothed the blue triangular ears upon his head, he sighed loudly.
"Well..." he said to himself, "...Better get it done, then."
Long black hind legs made the short trip back to a twin set of heavy wooden doors.
He pulled them open and stepped inside.
The interior was a large, open and cheery room, modern leather sofas and coffee tables lining the walls. Several watercoolers stood on each side.
Creatures of various sizes, shapes and colors dotted the room.
On the far right was a series of smaller wooden doors leading to other, smaller rooms, out of which occaisionally came pairs of the same kinds of creatures.
"Where have you been, Lucario?"
At this he turned and was greeted by a frowning face.
It belonged to a female, her soft fluffy fur groomed almost perfectly from her head down to her graceful legs. She gave one of her long brown ears a toss in agitation.
"You realize how close you've come to being late again?"
"Oh. Hullo Lopunny. Yeah. I was just outside." came his less-than-thrilled response.
Her gaze moved past him to a clock, and her face softened.
"Well," she said, "I guess you aren't all that close to being late. We can chill out until it's time."
Lucario shrugged and moved towards the nearest couch, sitting down like a lump.
Lopunny looked at him curiously.
"Why so tired?" she said offhandedly. Lucario grunted.
"Been up all night aint I? Had to chase off a load of humans 'til dawn. They were the kind that wears blue suits. The ones that claim authority over the rest of 'em. They think they have the same authority over us, too, the idiots." he added.
His tired expression had shifted into annoyance.
"I hope they finally find out humans aren't the ones who are in charge of this studio. I'll be getting old and fast if they don't."
Lopunny smiled.
"You sure you arent a geezer already? You act like one."
A chuckle burst free of his throat and he smiled.
"You know how to cheer me up." he laughed, "And just in time, too. Time for our little scene."
He looked from the clock to Lopunny, grinning impishly, and stood up.
She happily lept toward a door third in it's row and gripped the handle.
"I always look forward to working with you, Lucario. It's fun."
"Yeah, well, this time try not to break the speakers with your noisiness."
"I've never done that, you watch your great blue muttiness."
"You've gotten close, and I'm a jakal."
"Dog, jakal, same thing."
"Be glad a certain god didn't hear you say that."
They stepped through the small wooden door and down the hall, into a room painstakingly made to resemble wilderness in the glow of a full moon.
Live plants were included, and tiny little lights inserted into each painted star.
The only way it was not plausibly the real thing was a pair of large, open box style lights on stands next to a little doglike pokemon.
It grinned and held it's paintbrush tail.
"Pulled an all nighter, I did." it said in a slight accent, "But she's beau'iful. Best work so far, in my 'umble opinion."
Lucario strode casually in and plopped down on a fake boulder.
"What's our inspiration on this one, Smeargle?" he said.
Lopunny fluffed her ears distractedly and began to run a soft brush through their fur, the doglike pokemon thought for a moment before he responded.
"Longtime lovers, supposedly. Grew up t'gether. He saved you as a kid. Finally want to let out the truth. Be passionate and warm to each other."
"Nothing new, then." Lucario said.
Smeargle retreated behind one of the lights and put it out with a small snapping sound, then scampered over to the other.
Lopunny continued to groom herself.
"Wait, wait a minute. I'm almost done Smeargle."
Lucario gave another laugh and arranged himself loungedly on the fake rock.
"When? In an hour? Honestly, all Lopunnys are the same. Got to make sure their fur is peeerfect. I don't see the fuss." he said.
He ducked as a flying hairbrush very nearly missed one of his dreadlocks.
"Getting sloppy at your aim, though. That's what you should be grooming." he laughed.
"Alright, you two. Get into your positions. Lopunny, you go up on that rock, Lucario get yourself off of it and underneath."
As they shuffled into their places the last light was put out.
Lucario adopted a sincerely worried expression, and Lopunny hid behind her ears shyly.
"Aww, Lopunny, you're so cute when you play nervous."
"Likewise, you remind me of Erin's lucario when you look worried."
"I do? Well, thank you."
"You're welcome."
All the while their faces stayed in the same expressions as they spoke to each other.
They appeared to be in mid sentance when Smeargle shouted, "Action!"
Pokephilia: from the pokemon's view
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