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 Update: 22 March 2016

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PostSubject: Update: 22 March 2016   Update: 22 March 2016 H6Q0F8zWed Mar 23, 2016 12:00 am

Change log:
- Forum ownership has been changed, new/old owner is Mystogan
- Forum name has been changed from Pokemon World RPG to Pokemon World (Forum)
- Since declaring this forum abandoned and moving to genesis, all previous staff members have been released from the duty
- Now forum focuses in Pokemon as general, not primarily on RPG
- That being said forum structure has been changed
- Groups have been changed
- New theme has been installed: New Beginnings
- Rules and Regulations have been changed, make sure to check them out
- New emojis have been installed, they are next to ''calendar'' icon
- A forum based game ''Gotta Catch 'Em All'' and Clubs are implemented
- Basket is now made for really old or already discussed topics (even tho Archives still exist in some forums, since there are so many of them it will take time to move them all there)
- My Pokemon feature has been modified
- Custom titles have been implemented, you can edit them in your profile

Update: 22 March 2016 Spr_2g_008Update: 22 March 2016 Spr_1g_118Update: 22 March 2016 Spr_2g_120Update: 22 March 2016 Spr_1b_121Update: 22 March 2016 Spr_2g_054Update: 22 March 2016 Spr_2g_086
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Update: 22 March 2016
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