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 Club Info

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PostSubject: Club Info   Club Info H6Q0F8zMon Feb 22, 2016 5:57 pm

Here you can start or join a club! It does not have to be a pokemon one, so if you can connect with people who have same interest as you.

BEFORE Starting a club:
- Make sure there isn't already a club in existance that is doing similar things to what YOU want to do. If you can collaborate with an owner of a club that already exists, you will end up making that club more popular and successful with your combined efforts.
- If your club idea is too simple or not fleshed out enough, it is more likely to get rejected.

Club Info 1f538 How to start a club:
- PM me with your club's proposal (see form)
- create your club thread ONLY if approved. Clubs created without approval will be locked or deleted.
- Update your club thread regularly (at LEAST once a month) with events, and new members!

Ideas for clubs:
- Hold your own contests!
----- Art, video, photo, writing, graphic contests/critiques
----- Pokémon battles or tournaments
----- Other online video game get-togethers or tournaments
----- Speed run or high score contests for single player games
- Give out prizes/badges for participation
- Unite people with a unique interest!
- Make buttons and banners that people can put in their profiles or signatures
- Tell people about your club by word of mouth to make it more popular
- Advertise your club on another site or blog to get more people involved
- Give titles or ranks to people who contribute to your club!
- Share links/videos/images with each other relevant to the club theme

Club Name:
Whats the club about:
Anything else:
Club Info
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