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 Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup]

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PostSubject: Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup]   Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] H6Q0F8zMon Aug 31, 2015 8:58 am

Warning, this RP will contain blood, gore, violence, and more than likely alcohol, and language
This RP will have a high death rate because of the "Iron Rule" You have been warned.

Because the Teigu possess such great strength there has always been a rule for each and every Teigu user.
"If two Teigu users with the intent to kill clash, without fail, one of them will be a victim."

Akame ga Kiru takes place in "The Empire" a superpower that has lasted over 1000 years, however current issues are causing the empire to slowly decay, and corrupt from the inside.

This roleplay's fantasy setting is meant in more ways than one: not only is the world distant from our own, but people's abilities as well. It's not uncommon for some to defy normal physical limitations or feel the bloodlust in the air. Making water into wine, leaning into a well-timed dodge against a bullet from sensing it alone, all possible here. Be warned, however, it's a bloodsoaked world where power is just another thing to be crushed by those that want it more.


  1. In case this point was somehow missed, characters are able to die.
  2. It is not up to you if your attacks hit or kill, it is ultimately up to the owner of the character.
  3. Limit of one character per person
  4. Because this is the world of Akame ga Kill, actions considered god modding in other roleplay universes may not be considered so here. With weapons powerful enough to cause death with a single scratch and humans capable of jumping over two stories in the air or even balance on a platform the length of a few intertwined threads, there is a more fluid view of it. That being said, there are limitations to all physical prowess. If a character should have clearly been injured, hit, or killed through the actions of themself and those involved, but somehow miraculously goes unscathed, that is going too far. If there is a conflict regarding if an action is god modding or not, I'll step in for the final say.
  5. You are not restrained by me to kill weaker things. If your character would for some reason have the desire to go out and kill ten citizens, low ranking soldiers or weak danger beasts than be my guest, within reason of course. Within reason you have my permission to kill any non-RP essential characters.

Mandatory information!
The Empire

The Revolutionary Army


Important Info!
Danger beasts


Optional knowledge!

Nights Raid
Night Raid is one of the covert divisions of the Revolutionary Army. Its main function is to handle intelligence and assassinations within the capital of the Empire. In addition, the members of Night Raid are charged with the retrieval of any Teigu discovered in order to boost the combat effectiveness of the Rebel Army. When not under direct orders from the HQ, Night Raid opens itself as an "assassins for hire" firm to the general public. However, they do not take just any job from just anyone and will often investigate both the client and target's background in order to avoid possible deception and traps. Night Raid normally operates at night(hence the name). Their base is located 10km from the capital in the mountains

The Jaegers are a recently created special Police Squad made to combat Night Raid and curb criminal activity in the Capital at the behest of Emperor Makoto. The unit is made up of solely Teigu/Shingu users pulled from various departments or divisions in the Empire's military.

Both Night Raid and Jaegers have a ranking system. While Nights raid very loosely follows it, it is still in play.
Night Raid: Recruits < Members (2) < Boss (0/0)
Jaegers: Grunts < Soldiers (2) < Officers < General (0/1)
3 unaffiliated characters
Both Grunts and Recruits are required to have a higher ranking member join them on missions

*For plot reasons the position of Boss is currently unable to be used.
Note: To take the position of General an above average Application is expected







Personality: ( Try to be as descriptive as possible for the personality, when in a small tight knit killing squad, how two people react to each other could mean life or death. At least a Paragraph, preferably more)

Appearance: ( Either a picture or at least a paragraph. )

Personal History: ( Minimum of one paragraph, doesn't need to be anything big or flashy. Just go over how they got their Teigu if they have one, how they came to be who they are, and how they ended up where they are. )

Teigu/Shingu: ( If you wish to start with a Teigu, list it here or describe your Shingu's ability. )

Weapon: ( List any and all weapons you wish to start with. Please don't go overboard and take Murasame, as well as carrying around a gun, three other katana's, a spear and a knife.)

Faction&Rank: ( List which faction you wish to be a part of and your desired starting rank. You are not required to start in a faction. )

Incursio (Available)
Demon armor: Incursio is an Armor Type Teigu that takes the form of a short sword with a chain link tassel in its sealed form.  Once released, the user is enveloped in a full body armor.

Murasame (Available)
One cut killer: Murasame is an offensive Teigu in the form of a long katana. This blade is sentient to some extent killing or injuring anyone who holds it that isn't it's user.

Yatsufusa (Darius Cross)
March of the dead: Yatsufusa is a Teigu is shown to be a long Katana with the power to control corpses.

Grand Chariot (Available)
Grand Chariot is an Armor Type Teigu that is nearly identical to Incursio. Its key is a black short sword with a chain link tassel on the hilt. When released, it takes the form of a full-body, black armor with a black wing-shaped cape in place of Incursio's more traditional cape.

Pumpkin (Lyra Carada)
Roman artillery: Pumpkin is an offensive gun-type Teigu. It seems to have a case with different parts in it. They can be detached and attached to modify Pumpkin.

Cross Tail (Available)
Infinite Uses: Cross Tail is a unique Teigu that can be used both offensively and defensively, It takes the form of gloves with wire thread, which can be used in various ways to attack, defend against, or immobilize opponents.

Rubicante (Available)
Purgatory's invitation: Rubicante is an offensive Teigu in the form of a flamethrower.

Hekatonkheires (Available)
Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires is a biological Teigu taking the form of a small dog

Lionelle (Zanya Fuwa)
Animal king: Lionelle is a belt-type Teigu.

Gaea Foundation (Available)
Gaea Foundation is a support-type Teigu that enables it' user to turn into whatever the user wants.

Demons Extract (Available)
Demon's Extract is a Teigu that gives its user the ability to manipulate ice.

Black Marlin (Available)
Black Marlin is a Teigu that takes the form of a Ring.

Belvaac (Available)
Double bladed axe: Belvaac is an axe Teigu that can only be wielded by someone with a very high strength.

Scream (Available)
A Teigu in the form of a recorder.

Perfector (Available)
Glorious hands of god: Perfector is a utility/support Teigu in the form of a pair of gloves.

Spectator (Available)
Spectator is a unique Teigu in the form of a headpiece with a large eye attached to it.

Ecstasy (Available)
Cutter of creation: Ecstasy is an offensive large scissor type Teigu.

Mastema (Available)
Soaring for thousands of miles: Mastema is a Teigu that takes the form of two floating discs that sprout wings.

Die Leaguer (Available)
Ace Solution: Die Leaguer is a Teigu that takes the form of six floating orbs.

Heavy Pressure (Available)
Great Tremor: Heavy Pressure is a Teigu in the form of a microphone.

Shamshir (Available)
Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir is an Teigu in the form of a curved blade.

L'Arc Qui Ne Faut (Available)
L'Arc Qui Ne Faut is a bow and arrow Teigu

Shambhala (Available)
Dimensional Formation: Shambhala was a Support-type Teigu that takes the form of a pendant.

Susanoo (Keita Selwern)
The Speed of Lightning, Susanoo is a biological Teigu taking the form of a human male

Adramelech (Available)
Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech It has the form of two gauntlets that produce electricity.

Absordex (Markus Geldwyn)
Blood Collection: Absordex takes the shape of teeth or fangs

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PostSubject: Re: Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup]   Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] H6Q0F8zMon Aug 31, 2015 11:19 pm

Name: Keita Selwern


Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160

Personality: As a self proclaimed Iaido master Keita tends to be cocky, arrogant and at most times selfish. This isn't to say that he is a bad guy, in fact quite the opposite. Keita has a strong sense of justice causing him to live by a set of morale's. With the strong impact of the capital's corruption constantly weighing down on him his set of morale's haven't been able to remain entirely just. Keita believes in justice by almost any means needed, if somebody threatens the peace he believes it to be his destined place to settle the issue even be it through the draw of a blade.

Be it while on duty or lounging about Keita keeps the same laid back and calm attitude, while quickly making friends with those around him he isn't slow on gutting one of them with a harsh joke or blatant observation. Knowing full well that some come to quickly hate him because of his cocky attitude (Or his "Supreme skill" as he would call it) or rude remarks he tries his best to hold back somewhat on doing this among acquaintances.

In most of his battle's Keita remains in his normal cool and collected state usually going as far as trying to belittle or taunt his opponents by pointing out their flaws or making jokes about them. If a battle proves to be difficult enough to wipe the smirk off Keita's usually smug face he will go fully silent and put his full concentration into both his opponent and into his technique. Despite being the owner of a powerful Biological Teigu Keita often feels that Susanoo is holding him back from his full potential and dream of someday owning the legendary Murasame.


Personal History: Keita had grown up in a very wealthy part of the Capital. With his father being a close business partner to the Prime Minister and past emperor his family had always known the lap of luxury. From a young age it had been Keita's dream to be one of the Imperial guardsmen and with his family connection it wasn't a hard feat to accomplish. At the ripe age of ten his father had worked a deal with the current emperor and leader of the guard in which Keita would be given private lessons from the leader of the guard. While the older man was beginning to lose some of his skill to age it still didn't stop him from teaching Keita a lesson on fighting somebody stronger than him. The young boy would often end up on the ground covered in bruises.

This near daily intense training went on for years, and Keita loved every second of it. At the age of sixteen is when Keita was first able to best his mentor in battle, using a bit of quick whit and the flash of him drawing his blade to leave the captain face down on the ground. The two of them had been training together since early in the morning that day and it wasn't until the moon was high in the sky that Keita finally left to return home. As he arrived and went to open the large wooden door of his home it was immediately apparent that something wasn't right, the door had been unlocked and left cracked instead of shut. Keita had readied a hand on the handle of his weapon but quickly found that his roaring urge to battle would remain unanswered as he found that the middle of his home had become a bloodbath and the final resting place of his family, their bodies had been ravaged by blades, leaving them hardly recognizable. The case had been closed almost instantly and because of his family's close ties to the emperor and prime minister it had been written off as a night raid attack. Keita had moved into the barracks as an official guard, he wasn't sure if it was night raid or not but he vowed to himself that he would deliver justice across the world even if it meant tearing the entire city down to find the cockroaches hiding in the shadows.

Years passed and Keita had done exactly as he had promised himself, bringing in prisoners or dead bounties every day and slowly moving up the ranks of the guard until one day there had been a surprise evaluation. It was a one question evaluation that was either a pass or fail however a fail resulted in no effect on your career. A biological Teigu had been found just outside of the city and they were working their ways down the rankings to find somebody who could activate it. Once it was Keita's turn he pressed a firm palm onto the Biological Teigu's core forcing its eyes to snap wide open as it looked onto its new master. Within the next year Keita had rocketed through the rankings of the guard and yet he almost hated Susanoo for that. While he loved the high ranking he hated the fact that people knew him for him Teigu and not for his individual skill and he knew that his full potential would forever be locked as soon as he had Susanoo in his possession. It was a known fact that no one person could possibly control more than one Teigu at once without ultimately perishing and as long as Susanoo was in his control he felt that he could never unlock his true potential with the power that came with the Murasame. However there was one thing that Keita would forever be indebted to Susanoo for, being the piece he needed to make it into the Jaegers which was just the step he needed to get at the true taint of the world, the assassination group Nights Raid.

Teigu/Shingu: Susanoo

Weapon: A long Katana with a plain white handle with red fabric entwining it to help with grip. Carried in a black metal sheath.

Faction&Rank: Jaegers, soldier.
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PostSubject: Re: Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup]   Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] H6Q0F8zTue Sep 01, 2015 2:33 am

Name: Lyra Carada
Nickname: Cara, L,
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Weight: 140
Personality: Lyra is the protector of all the weak (except for the night raid members though she will go easy on the recruits)( well and also criminals)) She hates jerks and will threaten one on occasion if she deems it necessary. But other than when she is the life of the party (as some people would call it), very friendly, social, and very jokeful, but when an innocent is hurt she goes into a rage and is a completely different person. Also she gets annoyed very easily when people try to flirt with her because she never really understood flirting at all. Oh and don't make fun of her because of her one eye.... she takes that as the worst possible insult upon her that anyone could do and she well.... snaps is a good way to put it.

Appearance: Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] 3c1eb927d42726fb395ecf50a39032d2
Personal History: Lyra was a very troubled when she was young. Her mother died when she was born, her dad was murdered, so she holds tight the only bonds she has left, friends. When one of her close friends was being mugged by a criminal she bravely intervened even though she had no weapons at the time and got her left eye stabbed out. Lyra became enraged at this pulled the knife out of her eye and repeatably stabbed the criminal over and over again and then pocketed the dagger and checked on her friend. After that her friend though she should make it up to Lyra and told her that her father was getting old and was tired of fighting on for the Imperial Army and the Jaegers. She told her that his Teigu, Pumpkin, which was his reward for a lifetime of promising service and almost endless struggle against evil, was to be passed down to her but she had no intention of fightig so instead she gave it to Lyra saying "You'll do much better for the world than in my hands, so I want you to have Pumpkin." Her friend's father then put Pumpkin in Lyra's hands while she just stood there wondering "Teigu? Pumpkin? What kind of gun has the name of Pumpkin?" she thought to herself with a small chuckle. Though doubting the use of a gun called Pumpkin, she was very grateful for the gift and left heading straight to join the army. She was first put in the normal part of the army until one of the upper people realized what Lyra had gotten a hold of somehow. She was then sent to go join the Jaegers and has proven a very useful addition to their group. Though she follows the Jaegars and the Empire with complete loyalty she dislikes how the empire has degraded but she will not let that stagger her from her mission, even though she sometimes thinks to herself "The Rebels do have some good points...."

Teigu/Shingu: Pumpkin

Weapon: Pumpkin, Dagger

Faction&Rank: Jaegers Soldier

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PostSubject: Re: Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup]   Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] H6Q0F8zTue Sep 01, 2015 8:21 am

Name: Mizukai Aeriot

Nickname: Mizu

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Mizu usually sits in a comfortable mood on normal days. Because she's already been to Hell and back, there's little that can really spoil her day, and feeling content is almost as good as feeling happy in her book. Her usual mood consists of a sly sort of calmness. She gains enjoyment from stealing, lying, and seducing, but also loves to flaunt her philosophical opinions. She's rarely happy, and because of this, the success of a heist well done or finding herself enthralled in conversation (even if it be one-sided remarks about morals spouted by her) is enough to be the highlight of that day. Sadness comes easy to her, but she rarely lets others see her cry. She also commonly feels loneliness and disillusion with the state of everything around her. She's rather good at hiding her true emotions, though, and can easily act as a rambunctious drunk instead. In fact, she often does. She's not quite a go-getter and more of a go-manipulator. She's well versed in the art of charm and deception, leading to her using her silver tongue to get what she wants rather than her own physical prowess. She's mentally stable, but suffers from long, sleepless nights reminiscing about the past or about human nature and world views. Although this would usually create a more open mind, it seems to have the opposite effect as it causes her to paint the world and all those in it from the same pitiful brush. She doesn't express her emotions well and usually only lets them out when she's alone. Instead, she puts on a happy face and acts like any other oblivious citizen of the Empire, or whoever she needs to be in order to get her next prize. She talks with distant familiarity with everyone, even strangers. By treating others as if they're long lost friends, she's noticed they open up to her much more easily and become much easier targets as a result. In a fight, she's not afraid of using cold logic to gain the upper hand, even if it could be seen as cheating. She has a habit of forgetting if she's already met a person, however, and may even end up introducing herself twice to them if they don't give an indication that they've met before. She has a pessimistic, yet insightful philosophy. She questions everything: the actions of others, the purpose of war. Typically, she'll use this line of thought to make others question the same, question themselves. To her, human nature is easily manipulated and many people don't really know the full story in any situation. They are the character, after all, and not the all-knowing author. Her silver tongue does well to sew doubt, and if a conversation ends with someone questioning their morals, she finds it a job well done.

Mizu doesn't have trouble interacting with others. She can put on a fake smile, feign being the overly friendly one in the group or even take on a personality that best fits what will get her into a group the fastest. She's everyone's friend and no one's, as at the end of the day, she's got what she wanted off of them (typically a free meal, wallet, or booze) and plans to never see them again. This is especially easy in the toxic atmosphere of the Empire, which creates a system where everyone is looking to take advantage of one another. Because she plays the part of someone easily lead astray, most often miss the fact that they were the ones that ended up lead on. She rests on a moral low ground and now only really focuses on protecting herself. She may help someone in need if she's in the right place at the right time, but won't go out of her way to do so. She admires what the Night Raid does and finds the Imperial Guard as well as the Jagers to be pretty valiant, but she disagrees with the actions of all three as a whole. If personally invested, she won't hesitate with a kill. If she's willing to kill them, in her eyes, they're not worth sparing. If she does see someone's actions or motives to be intriguing or well-meaning she would probably end up letting them live since it doesn't break her moral code. If it came down to life or death, however, she values her own life above anyone she would have otherwise spared. She has a sarcastic and dry sense of humor and enjoys cringe-worthy wordplay and irony. If intoxicated, her sense of humor is never ending and she laughs at nearly everything that could slightly be funny. The only thing that truly gets on her nerves are people that can't think for themselves and just follow a crowd. She believes most people in the Empire fall into this category, so she goes into things usually thinking that everyone'll irritate her. She's good at ignoring it now, though, and has long giving up arguing her points. She has a soft spot for small, fuzzy animals. Especially younger ones such as kittens or puppies. She has little etiquette or manners and typically does, in her words, 'whatever the hell I want'. She refrains if it's guaranteed to get her arrested, if that can be counted as manners. If she has a job that needs done, she does it with extreme dedication and precision. Stealing wallets and swindling others isn't a job that can be done without effort so she does everything to its fullest.

Mizu has a memory more focused in information rather than personal details. She rarely remembers those she meets for the first time, nor what was special about that person. However, if they were to tell her where a certain place was or some sort of fact about the world, she will most likely retain that for a more long-term time. She has a phobia of most bugs in general, but mosquitoes and spiders really get to her. She'd rather end up with her scythe stabbed through a wall instead of letting a spider crawl toward her in a room. Other things like heights and darkness don't phase her in the slightest. That is, so long as she doesn't feel the sudden sensation of something crawling up her legs or feel a cobweb in the air. She doesn't have any noticeable unique ticks but she tends to whisper to herself out loud when she's in a tough situation and trying to think on the fly. Her motives are hard to comprehend, but she hates the Empire. That being said, she needs the Empire. It protects her and supplies her with the narrow minded, yet gullible people she manipulates each day in order to make a living and feed herself. She wants to create change, to open people's eyes to all of the horrors in the world as well as the horrors of their own actions or thoughts. She doesn't believe something like starting a revolution or fighting to keep things as they are to be particularly effective. The Empire cannot change if the people cannot change. People won't change just because you kill the wrongdoers, either. It creates fear, but not change. They'll just hide it better. Because of this, her purpose is to get to people's hearts: to create minds capable of change. Nobody is evil nor good in her eyes, but everyone should have a goal they themselves are invested in, not fight because someone else thought it was right. She has a priority on her own gain or her own goals. If she finds someone else's goal enough to gain her support, she may make that a backlogged priority as well, though never above her own list. She isn't superstitious and sees fate and luck as forces best influenced by human action, not sitting idly by and hoping for the best. She enjoys the stimulation of alcohol as well as exploring various areas of the Empire and beyond. Being the center of attention as well as receiving compliments does well for her ego as well. She dislikes the physical exertion of fighting people, but she's well used to it from fighting off Danger Beasts when she ends up wandering out of the safety of the Empire. She also dislikes those that talk big with little to no action to back up their boasting. Knocking such people down a peg does help lift her spirits, though.

Mizu wants to enact change, but she knows it's not a job that can be done by her alone. Because of this, she desires to have made an impact on enough individuals to start a chain reaction. If five people start thinking for themselves and encourage others to do the same, each of those people will create more and more people that do so. That is success, in her mind. She also desires to get into the head of a Night Raid member, or at least have time to talk to one of them. Similarly, she's toyed with the idea of doing so with a Jaeger but finds it to be too much of a risk after what happened to her mentor. She fears the finality of death and the chance that she may not wake up to see another day. She also fears being persecuted for her philosophy and having to fight and hide to survive. Her greatest regret is her cowardice in the face of the Empire. She can't bring herself to spread the word of her ideals so openly for fear of being targeted for it. She's not as brave as her mentor was, and that regret eats away at her. She doesn't see herself as a worthy replacement. She is a good fighter and replaces brute force with keen senses and swift actions. She can judge an opponent's actions and figure out strategy from that. If it came down to feigning death or injury to escape or gain the element of surprise, she's not afraid to do so. She is very fluid with using her scythe, and she parries blows, counter attacks, and even disarms others with great precision. She, however, isn't physically powerful and relies too much on other strategies because of it. If found weaponless or crippled, she'd have a greatly difficult time fighting someone off. If in a life or death situation, she'll fight with all of her power until one of those outcomes are passed.


Personal History:
What was it that her brother once told her, that things could always get worse? He wasn't wrong. Not one day prior the village Mizu was born in, the family and friends she relied on, were happily going about their business. One day of her going to a neighboring village. One day and all that's left is soot, flames, and the smell of burning flesh. Her family was there, gone now. Her mother, father, and brother, all nothing but a few remains tied to one another in a burning cottage. A burnt husk of a village. The seven year old Mizu was witnessing it all, but much too late. Whoever had laid waste to the town was already gone, but it was a grim reminder. Obey the Empire or die. If it wasn't the Empire, no help was sent to them from it. Mizu was all that remained, left to fend for herself from then on. She had the goods she was trading for as well as her small family fund she had used to purchase the items, and it was enough for her to get by as she began to wander.

As she grew, she gained enough knowledge of the way things worked in order to survive. She discovered that her looks got her things that other people may not have, she discovered that a smile was enough to lower a person's guard. And she learned to lie. She also grew more and more bitter. Her younger memories of her family were beginning to fade, but not the ashes. Not the decayed ruins. It was the Empire's fault, and nothing was being done about it. Nobody cared for a village that no longer sat on the map, somebody had a heart black enough to slaughter them all. And it was all the Empire, they should pay. Thus, with a heart blackened by the burning of her village, Mizu learned to fight. She had always worked the farm as a child, and knew the use of various blades. So, then, as she one day broke into an old, decrepit home of a town laying on the Empire's outskirts, she found the weapon she now uses today. The town had been abandoned after war turned its inhabitants into refuges, but left behind in the madness was an ancient and brilliantly crafted scythe. Mizu found that it wasn't one used for farming, but rather combat. It felt natural to her to use it, almost as if it had been made for her and left for her to find. Of course, besides its strange runes and appearance it was an ordinary weapon.

After honing her skills, Mizu made herself a mission: to take revenge on the Empire. Whispers had been spread about the Night Raid, a group of assassins enacting justice in the heart of the Empire itself. It was these rumors that eventually lead Mizu to the Capital itself, but she was long from what she was used to. Although she had expected some, the mass of selfish, bloodthirsty, and dishonest people were staggering... and she blended right in. She began to dress more gaudily, manipulate and steal even more. She began to rent a room from a local inn and pay her rent through seducing unsuspecting customers into coming into the pub on the main floor and purchasing way too much alcohol. She began to depend on the manipulation and on the gullible. Months passed and her late-night searches for the Night Raid brought up nothing, and she only grew even more bitter because of it. She was naive and desperate, but no amount of staring at wanted posters would get her to meet them any faster.

Then, one night, as she sat on a rooftop terrace and stared at the stars, she found herself not alone. It wasn't the fabled assassin she had been seeking but rather an elderly looking man, who didn't say a word about the trespasser assumed to be lounging on his own roof. The two sat in silence, staring at the sky above for hours, until the man finally spoke.

"Did you know that eyes tell a story?" he asked her with a light, breathy voice, yours so far doesn't seem to be a good one." 

Mizu was surprised, but she wasn't feeling threatened by this man, quite the opposite. She decided to humor him. "Yeah, I'm trying to get a better ending written."

"And is it the ending you want to write?"

The question was startling. What else was she supposed to do? Who else would she blame? Her entire village was massacred and yet... this stint, the desire to join the Night Raid for petty revenge seemed more of an obligation. She had enjoyed her time in the Capital, spent less and less time angry at it. It was something to blame, not something to kill. And deep down, she didn't have the desire to do so. "I... don't know." Mizu finally replied, "I always thought it was what I had to do."

"Nobody has to do anything. Asking yourself the 'why' is a much greater task than the 'how', but it can save a lot of trouble and regret. Now, why we're both here: sitting across from one another today is also an excellent question. Perhaps fate found it ideal."

"Fate doesn't exist," Mizu replied with absolute certainty. Why else would it be her family's fate to die so early, what was the purpose of it all? No, it was human interaction and the mistakes and corruption of many, not some unseen force. It couldn't be, there wasn't a point in anything otherwise. Life would be too cruel.

"Aha, so you do have resolve about something. Your expression shows that I can't sway that opinion. Which makes it an opinion worth having..."

The two sat and talked for the rest of that night along with most of the following day. Mizu began to realize another side of life she had not considered, and began to study purpose and philosophy. She began to question things, to question people. And her life took a turn. No longer were there fantasies of running off with the Night Raid in some petty attempt at misguided vengeance. The Empire was corrupt and wrong, yes, but fighting would change nothing. It would only hack away at the roots of the problem and let them grow back over time. Instead, her focus began to turn to people. If she could change the way people think, to allow social revolution, now that would be the true change. Corruption was inevitable. Manipulation a tool she still uses herself. But if people could understand one another and truly act for themselves, things could change. There would be doubt in the command of the Imperial Army, soldiers that no longer want to fight for a world they don't believe in. And war itself would become something invested in rather than feared. The people would no longer turn blind eyes to the evil in the world. And those evils would no longer have a crowd to hide behind. That was what she wanted.

It was a year after she met this man that he was executed for his opinions after an argument with a Capital official. It was sudden and unexpected, as if he had never existed in the first place. Mizu followed a sporadic schedule, but he had always been at his home when she visited for their chats. And then, one day, he wasn't. The place was ransacked and anything of value was long gone and stolen by now. Nothing remained of his memory, and his home was any other that now sat empty. And yet, he did live on. His teaching awoke Mizu's own mind, and she herself vowed to do the same. To fight back with words and actions. The Empire wouldn't fall with just the fear of death and revolution, corruption would occur in whatever took its place.

Still, occasional actions couldn't hurt, right? After asking around and gaining information, she learned of the official who had ordered the execution and proceeded to follow his own schedule. Late at night, she was able to slip into one of his many parties, encourage him to drink, and proceed to lure him away from the others. In the privacy of a hedge garden, she wasted no time in unwrapping her scythe and pushing its blade into the man's throat long before his screams could come out as more than pitiful gurgles. Then, drawing it out, she watched the story his eyes created. Surprise, fear, panic, rage, all as he struggled against the sharp crescent cutting into his neck. Finally, he fell limp as no ounce of light remained in his eyes. Her clothing had remained unscathed. Mizu kicked his body off from her scythe and rinsed the blood away with a nearby fountain, leaving the pooling water stained red in her wake. She knew her mentor would not have approved of her actions, but they were actions she wanted to take this time around.

"See you in Hell," she murmured as she calmly walked away from the scene. They'd discover the body eventually, probably blame it on the Night Raid. But for now, she had to play a part. A party guest, none the wiser of what had occurred. She grabbed a glass and downed the contents of whatever was inside. Man, did she feel great.  

Teigu: None

Weapon: The scythe pictured above in appearance. She affectionately refers to it as her over-sized can opener, although it is named Brezu. Mizu herself has a high regard toward her weapon, and almost delusionally treats it as if it were capable of feelings. She also refers to it as a 'he'. If words may be counted as weapons, she has those as well. Faded on the metal of the blade are strange, circular runes that become more prominent when shined in the sun. They most likely had some sort of power when the blade was originally forged, but the effects they would have created seem long faded away once Mizu came across it.

Faction & Rank: None

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Name: Jeff Xeraf

Nickname: N/A

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 198 lbs

He is generally in a happy mood seeing as he usually get's one or two customers per day on road and at least four to five customers in towns and cities, he loves smithing weapons as he finds it fun and in his eyes, he thinks he is helping people stay safe. He feels as though people are delicate and deserve to be protected by the more resilient of them, even if he is more practicing to avoid fights, he is sure his weapons count as being the resilient protector. His strengths is that he is an expert weapon smith and when he crafts weapons he never crafted before, he takes a while longer to craft to make sure he doesn't miss a single detail, and he also looks at it a bit to see if it has anything special about it that can be used other than the main weapon part. He is calm and collective and he usually helps out with anything, though if it includes combat, he'll say that he'd 'rather live another day'. Jeff goes by a philosphy of giving a delicate thing a resilient one means stronger bonds together.

He keeps a smile on his face and keeps away from getting in arguments, which is simple since his prices tend to be lower prices than other and he keeps off bargaining businesses. When it comes to fights, what he does depends on the weapon, most of the time when it's melee, he thrusts his spear next to their head, hook pointing up, turn it and pull while tripping and avoid their weapon as best as he could. When pitted against range, he'll run behind something, but instead staying behind it, he keeps running, using the obstacles to obscure their vision. What he believes is the right thing to do is protect others or help others and don't accept help unless you can repay, what he believes is wrong is picking on weaker people and using weapons for all the wrong reasons. He has a common sense of humor, like chuckle at a small joke, and burst out laughing at hilarious jokes, however, he doesn't find death, picking on people, or pain funny. His pet peeve is younger folks having weapon, even tiny ones such as knives. He has a soft spot people hurting younger folks and females, as they are generally known for being weaker than males.

He has a desire of building excellent weapons for a lot of good folk. His goal is to become a master blacksmith, however, his true goal is kept secret, and thats to forge something as powerful as a teigu that can protect everything. The only regrets he gets is selling a weapon to someone that eventually murders someone, and his strengths include smithing, quick thinking, and escaping from a fight, but his weaknesses includes actual combat, injured innocents, and an extreme low possibility to escape, seeing as escaping is how he stays alive.

A slightly tan male with a slight build, usually wearing a red bandanna with black hair sticking out, some of which hangs in the way of his green eyes. Under his tannish brown t-shirt is armor thick enough to prevent most blades, but thin enough to stay hidden and on his hands a leather smithing gloves he keeps on most of the time since it helps grip his weapon and it hides his iron bracers as well. He has dark blue pants on and boots that helps prevent slipping, and when smithing he wears a black smithing apron and an iron mask he made to prevent sparks flying into his face.

Personal History:
When he was young, he started learning how to smith from his father, who wanted grow to be a great blacksmith one day. This is normal for kids with only one parent generally, but his father's intention was that he would one day make a teigu used in protecting himself and other, and not like a teigu that took his mother. As of growing up, learning to smith, he was able to craft knife blades, arrow heads, and spear heads, and soon he soon learned how to attach hilts, arrow bodies, spear bodies. He kept growing and learning, living in a small town so not much happened, until one day, a teigu user found out about his father wanting a teigu made, they threatened that his head wouldn't be put back on correctly and left, leaving his father in a horrified mess. After this incident, Jeff practiced and trained to become a much better blacksmith, and his first weapon was a normal spear, much smaller than his current, but he didn't practice using it, he just didn't have the time, he wanted to make his father's dream come true, but he didn't tell him, his father constantly asked him if he would, but he lied, he wanted his father to live.

Time has passed, he was able to craft weapon with ease, and when it came to new ones, he took a while and messed up on one thing on it, but his father fell ill, he knew it was time and his father passed away. After this, he had practiced less and his smithing got dull, he was sad he couldn't keep him alive forever, then he knew one thing he could do, a teigu that brought invincibility, or armor that was better than Incursio, he kept his ideas secret from everyone, and decided to start travelling to avoid the information from spreading, he started being a travelling blacksmith. He ran into a problem, he found it more bothersome having to build and take apart his furnace everytime he stopped, so he made a deal with a travellar that seemed fairly strong that he gets a fire danger beast scale and he would pay him and repair or give him a new weapon. The person arrived back with the scale, took his payment, and left, leaving Jeff to start work on his furnace, he had focused on it more than smithing that he didn't stop much on the road. Once he had made it, he tested it, and to make sure his smithing was still good he had made his armor and his current weapon, his focus on avoiding death until his goal was met, and help a lot of people as his father ask the teigu to do

Teigu/Shingu: A stone furnace that a small heat can start a fire in, uses a fire danger beast scale to cause said fire

Weapon: A spear with a hook out far enough to hook around someones neck, though not sharpened, the rod being wood with a steel rod to keep it light but durable; iron chest piece to protect from some bladed attacks and iron bracers for more protection, though it's mainly hidden

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Name: Markus Geldwyn

Nickname: The Mad Impaler

Age: 22

Gender: M

Height: 5'4

Weight: 106lbs

Personality: Markus suffers from intense cleithrophobia (fear of being trapped, usually in an enclosed space), and will do whatever it takes to avoid being captured. His loyalty to Night Raid, and their members, does not override this. He likes his job, however, and considers it extremely unfortunate to leave any of the Empire's men alive at the scene of his missions. In a pinch, he uses his Teigu, Absordex. It allows him to drink the blood of his foes, gaining temporary enhancements to strength and regeneration; but for him it also induces a feral, bloodlust-fueled rage. He's heard that former wielders of this Teigu never had the problem, but he doesn't really care - it gets the job done, and excellently at that. The drawback is that he will attempt kill anyone around him, friend or foe, and only stops when he no longer feels threatened.

When he's not busy turning the capitol's streets into a bloodbath, Markus can usually be found in a bar, enjoying the fruits of his labor. He sometimes spends days at a time away from the capitol after his missions and will usually be seen swimming or fishing while at the Night Raid base. He considers his missions to be of the utmost importance, aiming to strike at the Empire in any way he can. However, he's sent on a surprisingly low number of missions, as his penchant for collateral damage tends to be a concern in low-profile jobs.

Markus has a generally jovial personality, often finding a way to make something "fun" even in the most depressing of scenarios. He has very few social ties or obligations, however, preferring to distance himself from most people. He very rarely even gives out his name - although, he makes exceptions for women and children, most especially young children, who he finds extraordinarily funny for no apparent reason. He tends not to think very far ahead, often getting himself into trouble as a result. This isn't new for him, nor a concern, because after all, what's fun without a little danger? He looks at the Jaegers with a sense of pity, believing them to be ignorant of the people's plight and the Empire's corruption. If he hasn't begun to rage, he'd much rather talk things out with a Jaeger member than fight. His attitude towards them extends to his blood-rage, as he will often just run away the second he believes the Jaegers to be close or present.

As far as his actual social interaction, he's usually a rather pleasant person to be around, keeping himself polite and personable when he can. If you manage to get to know him well, however, he can be exceptionally morbid and crass. "If I split his head open, do you think rocks would spill out? I hope so, or this is gonna be messy." He tends to quiet down when he's drunk, however, and can be heard murmuring questioning statements to himself in regards to his current job and it's general effectiveness in weakening the Empire. Only while heavily intoxicated does he consider Night Raid to be anything other than the "perfect answer" to the political corruption that tarnishes the current Empire.

Markus considers it the greatest joke ever conceived to drink something red, or from a cup that prevents the liquid within from being seen, and tell people he's drinking goat's blood when asked.

Appearance: It is relatively unimportant to note that Absordex limits the aging process, and Markus is often told he appears to be only 15 or 16, the age he was when he acquired the Teigu. His fangs are typically not pronounced, except when he wants to use them or show them off (as either a joke or a warning).

Personal History: Markus was born in the Northern Tribes' largest city, and was believes himself to be the only survivor from the Empire's attack. He was still young when the attack came, and was able to survive based on sheer luck - he'd gotten lost in the woods on the way home from fishing, only to come back to a mountain of ice and stone. He wandered about the northern lands for nearly a year before a traveling tradesman picked him up and brought him to the Capitol. His hatred of the Empire caused him to flee, and after nearly a week of cutting through the forests, he happened upon the Night Raid base. Unaware of the danger he was in, Markus walked right in the front door, hoping he could find refuge. At the time he was still young, and Night Raid decided to keep him alive for awhile. As he grew older, he showed aptitude with weaponry and his hatred for the Empire often pushed him to train with the members of the guild.

The time came, only a couple years later, when the boss gave Markus an ultimatum: join Night Raid as an official recruit, or die. His hate for the Empire spurred him forward, and he joined without a moment's hesitation. His earliest missions went without cause for concern, and he was rapidly becoming an excellent assassin. Both his proficiency with knives and swords, and his drive to bring down the Empire, pushed him to complete every assignment as perfectly as possible. There was talk among members of the Revolutionary Army and Night Raid that he would most likely be the next candidate for a Teigu.

As it turned out, Markus waited nearly two years to acquire a Teigu, having been incompatible with the nearly half-dozen that he encountered in that time. When he finally received Absordex, his personality began to shift. He began to enjoy his job, almost to a concerning extent, and even considered his "blood rages" to be entertaining. Even though he was an excellent assassin, and one of Night Raid's most dangerous members, he was rarely sent out for fear of Markus going on a rampage and just deciding not to stop. He knows this, and while he knows full well he won't be doing that, he also knows that he might as well enjoy his time off as much as possible. After all, the Jaegers could manage to find and kill him at any moment, however unlikely that may be.

Teigu/Shingu: Absordex

Weapon: A pair of knives, weighted for throwing, and a wakizashi, a shorter sister-blade to the katana, often referred to as "the companion sword" due to it being worn alongside the katana.

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"Roses are red, blood is too; people will kneel because that's what people do."

Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] Dress%20flowers%20long%20hair%20green%20hair%20white%20dress%20anime%20girls%201920x1200%20wallpaper_www.animemay.com_19

Name: Zanya Fuwa

Nickname: None, really.

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4

Weight: 105 pounds

Personality: Zanya, contrary to the flair name, is fairly plain. The overbearing aspect of her personality would be that no such aspect stands out. She often comments, as a poor attempt at humor, that if she were an android, she'd be set at the default settings. Despite her natural blending into a crowd, she's fairly uncomfortable around too large a group of people.

She is typically shy to people she doesn't know, but is pretty fun and outgoing with her true friends. She's friendly and polite to all, and while she is prey to human base emotions such as greed, jealousy and contempt, along with the occasional questioning of tenets, credo and ethics. She's surprisingly thoughtful, and with an effort, can guide those luminous green eyes of hers to strip away the physical boundaries and probe one's very soul; a soul searcher.

She's fairly knowledgable, however she doesn't know too much more than what a person hailing from her background might know. She can be gullible, and gets embarrassed easily, usually from not knowing what to say. She's pretty antisocial, and only one taking the effort to actively gain her trust can see a kinder human within. She's frustratingly incapable of sustaining conversation, and any attempts at interaction dwindles awkwardly. She's fairly klutzy and butterfingered, capable of losing things easily. She often shirks responsibility, but pines for recognition.

She tends to remember things, whether they be facts or blunders committed by her. She's gentle with other living beings, easily flustered, and shows kindness to all, at all times. That's gonna get her killed. She's fairly intolerant, and if need requires, can act slyly to have her way. She's critical of much, and yet at the same time doesn't like having her faults pointed out, though she'll grudgingly accept the suggestions.

She's not very witty, owing to most of her social unease, and she has a lingering requirement to fit in, and have society to accept her. She's highly uncomfortable in her own skin, socially awkward and inept, but despite all her negativities, she's honest, believes herself to be good (No one can judge themselves, really) and moral. She wouldn't consciously commit anything hurtful and wrong according to her, and tends to look at the bigger picture with long term effects.

She's unforgiving towards people, staying away from company whatsoever, spending that time usually by herself or other organisms - she doesn't distinguish between plant or animal. She feels this pasttime is resourceful - for her - much to the chagrin of her parents, and she has an active imagination, which forever wanders in the beloved forest in which her village is situated.

Zanya's selfish nature shows in the fact that she often doesn't listen to others, stubborn and unrelenting in that sense. She will walk her own path, alone, or together! Her beliefs - no matter if they are misled - are set in iron and stone, unshakable, unwavering. She is, however, fairly resourceful; her natural instincts leading her to be creative, making complete worlds out of stick and stone, twig and pine cone.

She is often understood better by animals - she scorns at the usage of 'mute beings' as a word - than people, spending much of her time in the forest, despite being warned otherwise. She even managed to (partially) tame a very weak species of Danger Beast before being forced to terminate it when it followed her back to her village. Besides, it was scaring off her prey, and it's body parts fetched a fair price. She carries a single shard of bone in memory of it to this day.

Appearance: The hair is brown; brown, I say!

Personal History: Zanya was perfectly happy staying oblivious in her small, remote village. In hindsight, she often questioned the turn of events that occurred one fateful day. On the exterior, it was no different than any other day - the sun was shining, it was a regular day of autumn with a crisp breeze blowing. Zanya skirted a couple of children playing and chasing each other, one wielding a blue teddy, carefully balancing buckets of water. She set them down and straightened up, grumbling lightly about the work. She didn't feel very attached to her village - and it's daily routine - but this place was better than any other. She'd heard terrible tales of the rot of the Empire.

She exchanged friendly nods and smiles with some neighbours, long hair swishing from side to side as she trod the beaten path she took to the edge of the forest. She needed to collect firewood anyway. Though she ended up lingering longer than she intended, she had a fair amount of wood to show for it, and was content in the knowledge that with the heap of kindling she was bringing in, none could complain or rebuke.

She set it down, casting a glance to the blazing sun set in the powder blue sky. This was the hottest part of the day, and the time she liked to stay inside and rest, as everyone else did. As she made her way to the cooler parts of the house, she took note of the silence in which it lay shrouded - her parents were out. Had they gone to town?

She stopped in front of the hammock she had carefully crafted out of sharp reeds, unconsciously rubbing her hands - the cuts had remained from handling the malignant foliage. What her eyes were staring at with disapproval, however, was the frayed end of one of the ropes, lying curled on the ground, the other end still attached to a wooden post, a beam of heavy teak.

Usually spare rope was kept in the basement, but she wasn't allowed in there. She didn't have any natural inclination to go down there either - it was dark and dank and musty. It was bug's galore down there, and she disliked the skittering noises of likely rats down there too. It wasn't the cleanest place either, but if she was to god own there, she could pick up some of the more prioritized stuff as well. She knew some pickles were stored down there, as well as dry meat, carefully packaged away to prevent spoiling. She could even get some cheese up. Her hammock wasn't the only thing she needed rope for either.

Armed with a candle and an iron rod, her resolved wavered slightly in the face of the swallowing darkness. Still, secure in the small orb of light that encased her, she sallied forth. The flame was flickering by the end of the stairs, each step echoing in the darkness. Zanya covered the lit candle with her hand in an effort to sustain the flame; it must be the damp around here. As she neared a box, she crouched by it and set the brass candle-holder down.

She didn't hear the quick pit-pat until it was too late. Something small and furry brushed past - a rat! The rodent avoided her, but its whipping tail knocked over the solitary source of light. As the candle fell over, spluttering, Zanya stood up with a gasp. As she made to run for the door, she hesitated. She just had to open the box and pick up whatever was inside. Not very hard.

Swallowing, she slowly crouched again, gingerly brushing aside the wispy spider on it. The crate moaned and creaked as she pulled at it, and finally relented with a squeak. Zanya winced, but she peered into the darkness, just about able to make out something shiny. She pursed her lips - anything that had once been shiny should have rusted over by now. Or at least gotten tarnished - the basement hadn't been opened in months!

As she picked it up, softly running her hands up and down it, she could discern it to be a belt. A rather beautiful, intricate belt. She clipped it on, to leave her hands empty for the rest of the stuff. As she felt around blindly in the wooden box, she whipped around to stare at the door frame, edged with light. She could see, with frightening clarity, as it suddenly swung wide open, spilling light onto her.

"Zanya! What--" Her father started before breaking off, her mother right beside him, peering over his shoulder. As they both caught sight of her - wearing the belt - at the same time, her mother clapped a hand over her mouth.

"No! Take it off! Take off the belt-" They never got to finish. Or rather, Zanya heard no more as she was swallowed up by darkness. Or so she thought.

She woke up, deep in the forest, miles from her village. Her body hurt, and she rolled over with a groan, curling in the foetal recovery position. As her sight slowly cleared, she could see that it was morning, light filtering through the leaves which rustled gently in the breeze.

She sat up, feeling better already. That's when she noticed that the hands planted against the ground were not her own. They were large, animal paws. Zanya gasped, scrambling to her feet. In that snapshot image of the moment, she registered it all. Her tattered clothes, as though she'd been viciously attacked, the shirt she wore completely missing at her waist and her pants badly mangled. Only, there were no wounds beneath.

She could feel an odd extension of her spine, and as she tremulously turned her head around, she noted with dull shock that she had a tail. She ran a large paw through her hair worriedly; where was she? What was she doing here? What happened? ...Did she have ears?!

A plume of dark smoke originating from somewhere worried her even more, as she scaled a tree and saw from its leafy heights. No matter the origin, a forest fire was always bad. Contrary to all her teachings so far, she began heading towards it. Her first mistake. Or her first correct decision.

Her green-gold eyes stretched, as she stared uncomprehendingly. A village, shrouded in smoke and the heavy smell of mist mingling with...blood, silent as a grave. Was this...? She spotted blue fabric smoulders floating in the air, and quickly spied the object they were detaching from. A blue teddy, lying on the ground.

She cried out and ran forward - with impossible speed, not that she noticed - calling out all the while. She had thrown caution to the wind, and barged right through the lingering heat, barely registering the pain before the raw wound healed away.

Only when she dropped to her knees in the middle of a field of ash did she notice the blood dripping off of her paws. This...was not her blood.

Zanya's breath caught, and in a fit of violent hiccups and copious tears flowing down her face, she curled up, her arms grasping herself as though the empty embrace could conceal within it the remembered event of what had occurred.

Her last memory being a sky blue bear tumbling away to ash and ruin.

Teigu/Shingu: Lionelle (always!)

Weapon: Two daggers (even though they're fairly long. Held back handedly, they reach her elbow). She keeps them tied to strings, hiding the pair in separate locations on her being. The strings allow her to greatly increase their range.

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Name: Darius Cross

Nickname: Teddy

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 200 lbs

Personality: Teddy is a strategic genius who has much potential to grow and learn. Though already overconfident in himself and his analytic skills, Teddy isn't afraid to back down once he's been bested by another. He prefers precision over reckless abandon and often continues developing a strategy as it's in progress. This wasn't always the case for him, as he was once terrible at such things until he began to learn how to adapt to the situation at hand. This strategic genius is what brought him to The Revolutionary Army as a member of the Night Raid, though it wasn't the initial interest. Teddy is much more adept at gathering intel and then making a choice based upon the gathered data. As such, he was proficient in using the art of stealth to his advantage against unsuspecing foes and sometimes even opted to complete the mission should his findings prove him capable to carry out the task. It is rightly so that he considers himself to be the top dog when it comes to sniffing out information and providing assistance to the members of The Revolutionary Army whenever he can.

He is also very protective and serious about his work, blowing off his almost perfectly calm demeanor to chew out those who insult his work or make remarks towards it. He does it not out of anger, but out of something else. He does not wish others to be as he was and thus wishes to bring about the end of The Empire. This is where the fine line between Teddy's thought process ends, and his moral compass begins. Formerly a slave to a family with strong political connections, he suffered greatly and to this day carries with him the scars and pain. He wishes to end such slavery and free those people from their unjust lives. Thus, he diligently works alongside The Revolutionary Army to assist them in toppling the The Empire. But he does not simply work for them either. In his spare time, Teddy will gather his own intel and perform side jobs, utilizing the Yatsufusa Teigu that he possesses. It is well noted that although Teddy prefers to avoid being brought into handling a fight, he will gladly step into one should the intel he gathered prove beneficial to his specific skillset.

Playing as a calm and collected guy who lets others do the manual labor, Teddy has various quirks to his almost monotone persona he puts on however. Few and far between, he often finds himself pushing his glassess up to adjust them or cleaning them off and is quite protective towards them. This would lead one to believe that Teddy has issues with his vision which is entirely true, as he suffers from Myopia, or shortsighted-ness. He considers this a disadvantage and one of his main reasons for disliking the heat of battle. While discerning data or coming up with any kind of strategy, he will often drink tea to calm himself and allow for a more clear and precise mind. Finally, Teddy is very devoted to the Teigu, Yatsufusa and it's care. It is his pride and joy, and seems to be far more important to him than his love for gathering intel. Of course, Teddy seems to handle working with others fine so long as they don't pick fights with him or question his devotion to the cause.


Personal History: Born in the Eastern Territory, Teddy remained largely unaffected by The Empire until his 5th year. It was around that time that his parent's became members of The Revolutionary Army, although they were quickly detained. His father and mother were "to be made an example of", and as for him, branded a slave and sold into servitude to an adviser of the Eastern Territory to serve the family. He spent a vast majority of his time unknowingly gathering intel about the family and slowly began to plot his own escape. First, he secured the Teigu known as Yatsufusa for his possession, and made his move against the family. Using Yatsufusa, he wove the wires around the family and tightened them, slowly cutting through the family as he did so until they died. Teddy didn't stop there. Deciding that he found his calling, he set out on his own at the age of 14 to work against The Empire, having forgotton the existence of The Revolutionary Army.

Thus, Teddy began to gather intel on The Empire. By day, he played the part of a humble boy living alone, but by night he was actively collecting information to use to his advantage, whether it be to blackmail someone for money to survive, or to fufill a contract someone put out. Teddy was fueled by revenge, and had already tasted what it was like to exert his anger and rage onto others. To him, it felt brilliant, the shade of red darkening those he killed. It was out of this world, something he wanted to continue feeling forever. But he found himself targeted by both sides, each with their own intentions. On one hand, The Revolutionary Army wanted to use his skills to bring down The Empire. An admirable goal if he knew one, plus, it would provide him with ample assistance should The Empire ever catch him. The other hand was sticking it alone against his enemy. In the end he chose to side with The Revolutionary Army at the age of 17.

However, Teddy underwent some sort of mental therapy to keep his mind from reverting to it's desire to obtain revenge. It was to help clear his though process and it was around this time that he began to develop his strategic genius. Though he continued to gather intel, he also provided detailed strategies based on his findings and often provided his assistance to other people. This was also about the time that he discovered his sight was deteriorating and obtained his glasses so that he could continue his work without interference. With his mind having given up revenge, Teddy spent the next 5 years of his life in the shadows of both The Empire and The Revolutionary Army with Yatsufusa as his only failsafe as he collected intel for the side he bet his life on. He fed this intel, along with strategic advise to them until he was 22, and became a member of Night Raid.

Teigu/Shingu: Yatsufusa

Weapon: Surgical Needles, Fists, Yatsufusa.

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Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup]   Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup] H6Q0F8z

Kill the Applicants [Akame ga Kill RP signup]
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