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 Goodnight Pokemon World - A New Day

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Dragon Kurai
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PostSubject: Goodnight Pokemon World - A New Day   Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:26 am

Hey fellow Pokemon World users and staff,
It's me... You know, Kurai, Matt, Fen, Fenrisulfr, Latios... All of those names, and possibly more that I can't remember.

I began here three years ago. I was searching for a roleplay site to attend and learn, and Pokemon World was the first of many search-engine-displayed results that I got. Partially afraid, having never really been online on a forum other than Sonic Online, a Sonic fan-forum, I finally decided to click... And it changed my world.

I met Luna, a girl that lives across the state that I care deeply for. I met Avaritia, a goofy girl from another state that I'm now best friends with. I met Flamelunar, known as Mega, of whom I have also given the same title. I met Nish, while unknowingly, helped me learn a bit of English and helped me to find flaws I otherwise may have never found. Pooch, Leo, Shadow, Kristoff, Mark, Lucretia, and so many others I also met...

I learned so much about myself and survived some hard times while here.

Heck, I almost immediately became a moderator when I first started out due to the custom pokedex I swore I'd make, and worked my way up to an administrative position. After an incident I cannot further remember, I left, and after a hiatus of about three months, came back and fought with Lucretia lightly to worm my way back into the staff, working back to an administrative position... And then left again, repeating the process of getting to administrator when Avaritia, my friend, ended up having been head administrator in my absence.

I even tried to get into being a co-head with Ava a few months or so ago, pitching that idea twice/thrice to no avail. I played devil's advocate with staff and someone that was threatened with legal proceedings here because of his atrocious behaviors. I've dealt with spam, dealt with insults, and overall just had an oddball experience.

I have great memories here, though I also have terrible memories, yet through everything, I always had one goal; see this place prosper. I created moderation documents for my moddees and even a topic that I was in with a couple of members (since lost that one), and created a OneNote document containing staff proceedings and potential ideas for future implementation / hashing. I revised the rules and regulations twice and modified the character template a couple of times... I was also going to lead in custom pokemon being revived.

None of these things seemed to help. Staff became inactive still, and the head administrators, while active sometimes, ended up with life proceeding to kick their rears and keep them away (all understandable). And as time went on, damage continued to be done.

Three years I've been here; three years, and after so long feeling fear and personal guilt about considering leaving, here I am now, saying it; I'm done with being an administrator concretely, as well as moderation and working to try reconstructing this place. It's just a bit much for myself to handle even if other staff are involved... This place just hasn't changed that much, or any changes that did happen were so volatile and temporary it was saddening.

So, after three years, I bid you, staff and users, a kind farewell. I removed myself as admin in rank and position via the admin panel, and have told myself that, while I may feel guilt or sorrow for this decision, I have my life to prepare for and obstacles to face. I've got other things to do and focus on than coming to a forum day-by-day, night-by-night seeing minimalistic progress occurring. And it sucks to say that; it really does. But it's the truth.

After three years... I'll stay in touch via Skype or Facebook with those I already have... If others want to contact me, send "darkenedfang" a request on Skype; just lemme know your username and something I'd know you for, and things can go from there.

That's about it... Goodnight Pokemon World; I'm closing this chapter of life, and opening another.
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PostSubject: Re: Goodnight Pokemon World - A New Day   Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:07 am

Goodbye Fenris I will miss you, we may have not been good friends but I did consider us some kind of friend and it makes me sad to see people leave....
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PostSubject: Re: Goodnight Pokemon World - A New Day   Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:55 pm

Goodbye Fenri, it's sad to see you go and I'll miss all of our chatbox RPs but I completely understand your reasons, and I wish you well! Maybe one day, some day, you might return to a Pokemon World that's thriving once more. I'll never forget you, and good luck for the future.

Goodbye, Fenri.

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PostSubject: Re: Goodnight Pokemon World - A New Day   

Goodnight Pokemon World - A New Day
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