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 Lexa Reuben

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PostSubject: Lexa Reuben   Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:51 am

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Alexandria Reuben [NN] Lexa

Age | Birthplace | Gender:
16 | Viridian City, Kanto | Female

Trainer Rank:
Pokemon Trainer

|~ Characterization ~|

Lexa is quiet, and usually deep in thought. However, while she may keep a cool and level facade, she is often worrying, and often experiences anxiety. While she tries to think rationally as much as possible, her anxiety often gets the best of her, leading to difficultly preforming at her best in very stressful situations.

Lexa has difficulty being friendly to strangers, though this is mostly out of awkwardness rather than being shy. If she finds something she can relate to with a person, she finds it much easier to converse.

While she seems quite serious at times, Lexa does care deeply about others. She has often gone out of her way to help those that seem in need of it, sometimes against her better judgement.

Lexa prefers to think before she speaks, and when she does so, it is usually articulately. She does not believe that words are a thing to be wasted, as they then have less meaning.

Battle Style:
Lexa likes to use moves that inflict negative status effects on her opponents when possible. She also prefers moves that will rarely or never miss- why take a risk when you can be certain of a hit?

Past Experience / History:
Lexa's early childhood was not a happy one, and not one that wishes to think of often. Her father was hardly around, and when he was, he was cold, harsh, and uncaring. When he spoke, he was cruel, and often yelled. Lexa's mother tried to soothe his temper when she could, but she was swift in telling him to leave the day he hit Lexa. It had taken months of nightmares and confusion at why he would do such a thing before Lexa hardened and pretended she didn't care.

Her mother had hoped she would grow up and find a profession such as a scientist or lawyer, and so despite Lexa's requests, enrolled her in a regular school rather than a Trainer's School like Lexa had wanted. Despite being in a place she did not want to be in, Lexa studied, and remained at the top of most of her classes. However, it took only a few months for anxiety to set in, making it difficult for her to keep up with her self-created strict routine of work and study.

Lexa's mother eventually saw that the school was doing no good for her, and got her a Nidoran for her fifteenth birthday, in the hopes that the Pokemon would help with her daughter's anxiety.

After receiving her Nidoran, the Pokemon seemed to be healing her, in a sense. It would sleep at her feet at night, and was always there, sitting quietly in her lap when she had panic attacks. Lexa would wander out for hours to take it for walks and train it, and while her mother was somewhat disappointed, it was no surprise when Lexa asked her to let her go on a journey like nearly every other kid in Viridian.

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Nidoran
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Level: 11
Experience: 0
Ability: Poison Point
Personality: Usually quiet and observant.

Start: Leer
Start: Peck
Egg: Confusion
TM: Toxic
L7: Focus Energy
L9: Double Kick
Lexa Reuben
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