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 Vigilina Malachite

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PostSubject: Vigilina Malachite   Vigilina Malachite H6Q0F8zSat Jul 25, 2015 10:07 am

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Vigilina Malachite
[Nicks:] Vigil, Villie, and Vigilance.
Age | Birthplace | Gender:
A 15 year old girl born in Kalos region, in the city of Laverre on September 3.

Trainer Rank:
Pokemon Trainer

|~ Characterization ~|
Vigilina is a beautiful young girl. Her eyes are a brilliant shade of orange that has a bright green ring around her pupils, her eyes are narrow and framed with long black eyelashes. She has thick teardrop eyebrows, that start as a dot and fades off halfway along her brow line. Her face is heart shaped with a small nose, only having a small amount of her baby face still remaining. She has light pale skin with a healthy pink flush on her cheeks.

Vigilina has long wavy red hair that extends to her lower back, wrapped up in a high bun with the remainder flowing out just past her shoulders. Her bangs frame the sides of her face, reaching just below her breast. She stands at 5'6'' and is developing well, with an already distinguished curvy figure. Her body itself is fit from years of physically training.

Vigilina wears a long, elegant red ball gown that is decorated with a spiral frilly pattern. It cuts of neatly just before her ankles, where it is lined with black frills. The top of her dress is smooth, it has the design of a sleeveless turtleneck. Over the top of her dress is a short sleeved midriff red jacket with small pockets. She wears elbow length red leather gloves and knee high red leather low heeled boots with black soles. She wears spandex shorts under all of this. Despite the way the dress is styled, she can move perfectly fine in her outfit.

In her hair, Vigilina has small pink and orange beads scattered randomly in it. She has large, round stud earrings that are connected with a small gem that just dangles. She wears a plain silver ring on her left middle finger. She carries a large red duffel bag filled with everything she needs.

Vigilina is a generally calm young lady, she was raised to be a well mannered and responsible. Though she speaks in an even tone, her voice is still loud enough to carry, so it's not hard to hear her. She looks forward to being able to explore all the parts of being a pokemon trainer, from dabbling in breeding to try out contests.

Vigilina is intelligent and knows perfectly well how to survive in the world. Because of the way she was raised, Vigilina can dabble in the higher class of society, using connections to give herself an advantage or a heads up in a possible outcome. She uses her appearance to make people underestimate her skills in actual battling, she knows how to manipulate others to get what she needs, even if it's unfavorable. Though she isn't self sacrificing, and not the most sincere person in the world, she does understand that sometimes things have to be given up, so even if she is reluctant, she can still bare to give up something in return for another.

The girl will avoid going into situations that will actually put herself and her friends in danger. She values her friends, the few of them that she has and she tries to do anything within her wealth and power to help out the people that she loves, but never to the extremes unless it's absolutely necessary. She does know when to pull out and when to push on.

Vigil has learned some discipline from learning from her brother. He, along with his own teacher, taught Vigil how to fight for herself in different situations and how to handle keeping both her and the ones around her safe from harm. One thing about Vigil is that she can be very vengeful if somebody has wronged her seriously in anyway, she won't go out of her way to get others in trouble, but she isn't afraid to tell anything and everything that happened to officials if it's serious. But if it's not something that really affects her, she can brush it off easily.

She enjoys sitting around and drinking tea, and also sleeping. Dancing is a favorite pass time and petting her pokemon is something she loves to do. Vigil does have her odd habits too, she tends to stare at things that catch her interest a little longer than necessary. She likes to combine odd foods together, and is a fairly decent cook when she's actually following a recipe, even if most probably don't want to try what she makes. Vigilina likes to ask odds questions and will often bring up the most strangest subjects. She likes to draw; she's quite good at it, but her drawings are either unsettling or just plain weird.

Vigilina dislikes heavily sweet foods, such as candy and cake. She also isn't fond of bullies or people who don't make any effort to do anything, although this may be slightly hypocritical. Even with her upbringing, she can be insensitive to others and often offends people by talking too straightforward or acting too odd.

She has a small obsession with foxes, finding them to be the best thing that has ever happened. She carries around multiple plushies of fox pokemon and many fox accessories inside her bag and is extremely protective over them. She also has a habit of giving everything she meets a nickname, because she claims that names just doesn't stick for her.

Vigilina has an irrational fear of being crushed, or falling from over 10 stories. As such, she is extremely terrified of flying and doesn't trust anything that is capable of doing it. She also refuses to stand under large objects, out of fear that it can fall and crush her. Nothing has personally happened to her to get these fears, other than reading stories where things like this happens.

Battle Style:
Vigil prefers to use a more offensive moves then status move reliant battle style. She likes to use her pokemon's natural strength combined with type advantages to overpower her opponents.

Past Experience / History:
Vigilina was born to Else and Darwin Malachite in the City of Laverre.  She Was the youngest of four children, with two older brothers and one older sister. Her early life was filled with being the spoiled baby of the household; her parents were fairly wealthy due to their jobs of being a Businessman and a Fashion designer respectively. She often got everything she wanted and needed, never truly having to work for anything until she turned 5.

Her new position as the precious baby of the family left room for jealousy with the previous younger sibling, Madeline. Madeline (Magnificent) was the previous baby of the family, being 9 when Vigilina was born. Madeline was too used to having all the attention on her. She always enjoyed being in the spotlight, so when Vigil came around, the child was spiteful. She didn't hate her baby sister, but she was extremely jealous that Vigil got everything she needed while she was forced to work for what she wants. She hated hard work. It took some time before Magnificent got over her jealousy, but she still to pleasure out of taunting the girl when she could.

Her older brothers, Prince and Priddle (Pride), both 18, were already out and about, following their dreams of being successful pokemon trainers. Both were rarely home, too busy with their lives to come back for visits often. But Vigil enjoyed the times they came home. Prince was a martial artist. She often watched him and his pokemon train. He often let her play with his fighting types to teach them when to be gentle. Priddle was a breeder. He took most of his time home to tell Vigil all about his profession, promising to give her one of his baby pokemon when she turned 10.

One thing Vigil noticed was that her eyes were different from the rest of her close family, who all had the same brown eyes. Her eye color didn't come out of nowhere though, one of her great aunts had bright orange eyes just like her, so the genes were still there, she just happened to be the only one to inherit them in the generation. But even then they were a source of mild discomfort for Vigilina for years.

At the age of 5, Vigil was content with the way her life was, she had everything she needed. Even with her spiteful older sister her overall family life was good. While she was enjoying her time being pampered, her father decided that it was time for her to start learning that they can't (technically they could.) provide for her her entire life. They didn't want her to become as dependent on them too much, like Madeline had. So he told her that they won't give her everything she wants unless she does the work for it. Vigil was a little miffed, but didn't stay that way for long. She knew they were probably doing this because they had to provide for her new little brother, Glory, born 4 days after her birthday. He would be getting all the care he needs over the years, so she had to resign from the spotlight. Besides she actually found a little enjoyment in the small chores that she had to do around the house. So she got used to working a little to get what she wants. It was a small development, but it definitely left a good influence on her.

So life went by for the girl. She started taking a little more responsibility as she grew older, like cleaning around the house or washing dishes.  Her mother did well to teach her how to act, even if her odd habits never really faded over time. Soon enough she was taken to fancy dinner parties and getting a crash course in dealing with the middle and high class society. Her mother and father taught her all they could about dealing with the crap people call, socializing. She would never get used to it.

One of the major things that happened in her life was when she first started obsessing over foxes.  A 7 year old Vigilina was traveling with her teenage sister for the first time. She had only gone with Pride and Prince to different cities, but never Magnificent. Madeline was a rising Coordinator, so she was qualified to take her little sister out on the routes so she can watch the pokemon that lived there. During the trip, Vigil ended up getting separated from Madeline while she was busy challenging another trainer to a battle. The child had run off chasing after her ball, which she brought with her. After effectively getting lost in the swampy route, she ended up dirty and smelly. Worse was that she couldn't find her ball, which lead to her becoming distressed. During her running, she bumped into a group of not too friendly girls just a little older than her that were reluctantly traveling through the swamp. They weren't in a good mood; Vigil wasn't in a good mood; things quickly went downhill from there. After a loud insult match with the irritated girls, one of them challenged her to a pokemon battle, in which Vigil was completely pokemonless. She made this loud and clear, but the girl who challenged her didn't really care that she couldn't battle and sent out her pokemon anyways.

Vigil couldn't do anything to protect herself from the girls pokemon. Being a small human child doesn't give much protection from a much larger Scyther. So all she could really do was run as fast as she could and try to dodge the bug pokemon's slicers. The Scyther girl's friends just stood off to the side and snickered, not particularly caring that the girl could be seriously injured by the pokemon. After getting a nasty gash on her lower back, Vigil finally ran out of fuel and fell face first into the muck. Along with all the other cuts and bruises on her body, the 7 year old was in more pain that she could take. She had started screaming earlier, in hopes of anything that can come help her. But nothing showed up in time to stop her from getting most of the injures. So while the child cowered from the attacker, a flash of heat flared across her back as a powerful flamethrower sailed over her. Followed by a cry of pain from the bug pokemon, the pokemon who attacked it came soaring out of the bushes, landing in front of the scared girl.

Vigilance could only gape at the fox pokemon, it was a Ninetails! More than that it was her sister's Ninetails! That meant that Madeline was here! While the child looked on in awe, the girls were less than happy to see the pokemon. The Scyther girl retaliated, ordering her pokemon to attack. But Ninetails was far too powerful to be affected by the attack. A girl's voice ordered Ninetails to take out the  pokemon, Vigil looked back from the battle to see her big sister striding to her, a tight expression on her face. Ninetails easily took out the bug type, and she dealt with the rest of the girls pokemon with practiced ease. Vigilance watched these fights with rapid interest from her sister's arms. After the bullies were dealt with, Madeline patched the child up and hurried home.

Once home, Vigil made mighty sure to tell every last detail to her parents, which lead to all of the girls being hunted down by very vengeful parents. Madeline got in her fair share of trouble too before she left to continue her own journey. Vigilina also took a special interest in foxes after the incident, especially Ninetails, she hunted down anything that was related to foxes and started learning everything she could about them. Her fascination with foxes never got out of hand thankfully. She never started a full on obsession with them.

After a visit from Prince once he heard about what happened, she asked him to teach her how to defend herself, since the girls could have just as easily beat the snot out of her. He accepted after she begged enough and along with his old teacher, taught her how to defend herself from others.

Vigil's life focused around bettering herself after starting her training, she took her training seriously and started studying how to take care of pokemon. She even managed to make money by helping out around the city by doing things like helping out at the cafe, picking up litter, selling her drawings. The next time something exciting happened was on her 10th birthday, when Pride fulfilled his promise in giving the child her first pokemon. So imagine her delight when her now favorite brother brought her a baby Fennekin. Right off the bat she noticed that her new pokemon, quickly named Rozzie, was a little stuck up. This didn't bother her in the least, since he was still the greatest thing that came in her life.

Vigilina had a blast throughout the next years in her life, she and Rozzie got closer, she finished most of her training, started training her new pokemon. Got her trainer license, fought some strangely familiar girls, and a whole lot of things that finally lead to her traveling by herself at 15 years old, wearing one of her mother designer dresses and starting her new adventure by traveling to a new region. At least she hopes so...

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Fennekin
Nickname: Rozzie
Gender: Male
Level: 12
Experience: 0
Ability: Magician
Personality: Rozzie is a smart, stuck up pokemon. He likes winning and losing is not something he tolerates. Even though he acts cold and distant, he really does love his Mistress. He also happens to be a bit, possessive over Vigil, he doesn't like to share.

LV0 Scratch
LV0 Tail Whip
LV5 Ember
LV11 Howl
EM Heat Wave
TM17 Protect

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PostSubject: Re: Vigilina Malachite   Vigilina Malachite H6Q0F8zSun Jul 26, 2015 2:25 am

(Psh, Villie o3o)
(/me gives slow applause on that age, birthplace, etc)

I'm finding it a bit difficult to process what "heart-shaped" means in terms of her face. I'm literally imagining a heart (eyes, nose, and mouth on a heart? xD)

A bit more organization would be awesome in the personality; for example, you speak of her valuing her friends, but a couple of sentences prior you're also mentioning her friends and dangerous scenarios. These would best be paired together.

Other than that, I find the character has a great amount of depth, and that's awesome. I'm interested in how she reacts around flying-type pokemon though o3o

You mention that her siblings weren't too jealous of her position, but then mention her sister wasn't very happy for the spotlight to be turned. I recommend a restatement of who was/wasn't jealous in the second paragraph.

I also recommend clarifying the last statement of the third paragraph so it's known she has to adapt to having a younger sister, and thus no longer having the spotlight.

The first sentence of the fifth paragraph is a run-on and a bit difficult to comprehend. I know what it says, but it needs splitting for future reference.

Saying that her parents didn't want her to become as dependent on them brings the insinuation that her siblings were dependent on them their entire lives (until they left on their journeys (or perhaps even still?)). Is this true, because if it is, I would recommend including that detail.

You mention that a 7-year old character is walking with her sister along routes, but the phrasing leaves me baffled if it is for her first time alone or a first time for both of them. (Yes, I am aware a latter sentence makes it more clear later, but the sentence needs clarification pleaseeee)

I'm fairly sure the traumatic experience was what brought along her admiration of foxes, but this idea isn't clearly defined in the history; rather, the organization of the paragraph makes it seem as though the training sparked her interest.

You mention that Vigil's life settles down at some point, but it isn't directly observable after what set of events her life settled down. Was it after her training began and her hunt for info ended, or just the prior/latter? I'm also curious what sorts of "bigger chores" she started doing as well as what things she did to assist around her hometown/city, especially at the age of what I'm assuming to be 8-9 years old

You summarize a list of events in the last paragraph about what happens in a five-year timespan. I'd be interested in reading a bit more into what happened; what sort of things happened upon fighting the familiar girls and that encounter, and what set of events led to her discerning she should begin an adventure?

General error nitpick:
These aren't impacting the success of your app, but are little nitpicks and errors standing out I noticed ;3

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PostSubject: Re: Vigilina Malachite   Vigilina Malachite H6Q0F8zMon Jul 27, 2015 11:20 pm

Never mind, I was able to edit this. Ready to be rechecked~♡
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PostSubject: Re: Vigilina Malachite   Vigilina Malachite H6Q0F8zWed Jul 29, 2015 4:41 am

Still having a bit of difficulty imagining what exactly is implied by her having a heart-shaped face.

The personality still needs a bit of organization. The example I gave in the last post is still separate, and as such, the largest paragraph of the personality (where her behavior is depicted, not fears/interests/etc) is lacking flow.

The first sentence in the paragraph where you mention Vigil being five is a run-on and requires splitting (it makes sense now but still needs splitting with semi-colons or periods where appropriate).

The position of where Vigilina's interest in foxes arises makes it seem that it wasn't the incident with the bullies but, rather, another series of events (in this instance, it seems as though her brother's acceptance to train her sparked it (though I know otherwise)).

Is the sudden shift in focus in Vigil's life the result of the incident involving the bullies as well, because the origin of the shift isn't detailed (one would assume so given the placement but it's not openly clarified).

Other Note:
I saw that parenthetical remark at the end of the history. You can remove it now that it's been seen given it'll be referenced here, in this post. I'll let the explanation be skipped, but you will be held to explaining it in the RP ;p
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PostSubject: Re: Vigilina Malachite   Vigilina Malachite H6Q0F8zSat Sep 12, 2015 9:39 pm

I know the sites moving, I just felt like finishing this.


^There are 9 face shapes identified in real life. Heart is one of those shapes.
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PostSubject: Re: Vigilina Malachite   Vigilina Malachite H6Q0F8z

Vigilina Malachite
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