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 New Beginnings

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PostSubject: New Beginnings   New Beginnings H6Q0F8zFri Jul 24, 2015 8:07 am

Jake awoke with a start. The flame haired boy raised his arm, throwing the pale blanket off. He rose out of bed, getting ready for the start of his journey. After getting dressed into some jeans and a black t-shirt, he turned to his pokemon. Usually, he kept them out. At least when they're at the house. Mary, his Maractus, sat next to the window, sun shining on the cactus pokemon. In the shade of the room lay Oswald, the cyndaquil rested peacefully.

"Honey, breakfeast's ready!" a feminine voice called from the first floor. "Be down there in a flash!" Jake responded. He turned to his pokemon. They'd have to wake up sooner or later. But he knew that'd take hours, so he instead went to wake them up. Naturally, the duo were grumpy, but it didn't last long when he reminded them of what day it was. Returning Mary to her pokeball and Oswald hanging happily on his shoulder, Jake went down the steps.

"Good morning!" he greeted his mother happily. "Hi," she said, seeming a tad distraught. "Sleep well?" his mother asked, setting down a plate of pancakes for Jake and a bowl pokemon food for his team on the table. "Just fine," Jake answered, joyvial. Meanwhile, Oswald had began eating his food, along with Mary (who Jake let out).

Once the trio finished their food, Jake went over to his mom. He chatted with her happily. His mother then began pestering him about having all of his supplies. "Mom, I have everything I need. I packed when I woke up," Jake assured her. "All right.." she murmured. "Just... promise me you'll visit someday," his mom said, in a mixture of sadness and happiness. "I will," he promised. After saying goodbye, Jake returned Mary to her pokeball and left the house with Oswald at his side.
New Beginnings
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