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 Ewald Wildred

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PostSubject: Ewald Wildred   Ewald Wildred H6Q0F8zTue Jun 16, 2015 11:04 pm

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names: Ewald Wildred

Age | Birthplace | Gender: 16, Kanto, Pewter City, Male

Trainer Rank:
Pokemon trainer

|~ Characterization ~|
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Ewald is a strange person. Most of the time he's cool and charming, but gets annoyed and irritated very quickly. He tries to use reason and logic on most occasions, but sometimes he just talks based on his feelings. Speaking of which, Ewald has no self control, but it isn't really a big deal, as his emotions and feelings are pretty basic, from pain and anger to fun and happiness. He dislikes liars and pretenders, and tries to stay honest with everyone, especially himself.

He's a man of his word and hates dishonesty, however, his line between good and evil is very thick and tends to jump around a lot. If Ewald has a goal in mind that's very important (either to him, or people around him), he might resort to violance against  trainers and/or pokemon. He has no fear of being punished and has hardly  any recognition of another life. 
his main motivation is to become the second 'Wildred Beast' and  stronger than his half-brother Lj in every way, Ewald just wants to be respected by others, however he does not yet understand that himself. Being a pokemon master would never be enough for Ewald: he has to prove that he's stronger than anyone to everyone.

Battle Style:
Ewald posses an ability called 'The Wild', which has been passed from son to son in his father's family. This ability reacts with the other's opponents strength and boosts or decreases Ewald's skill in battle. If the opponent is really strong, Ewald gains a boost in his ability at handling pokemon, but if he fights a weaker trainer, his ability decreases.

Ewald hates creating strategies against your opponent before the battle starts, but he will do and use anything to asure his victory. He might fight instinctively, he might fight with a freshly made up strategy, but he will find a way to win.

Past xperience / History:
Ewald is a bastard, like ol' Englishmen would say. His father cheated on his own wife with Ewald's mother and well... They bred.

Ewald was still one 13 months old, when his father's wife died while giving birth to a child, Ewald's half-brother.

When Ewald grew up a little bit, his father started staying with them for longer periods of time, telling his second child, Lj, that he was at work. Ewald's dad even adopted a Mudkip and gave it to Ewald on his sixth birthday so he wouldn't be jealous of Lj, who had received a charmander while still being a baby.

Ewald would always hear stories about his grandpa from his father His grandpa was once a great pokemon master, known as the 'Wildred Beast'. Although he wasn't even able to collect all badges, Ewald imagined him being one of the greatest people in history.

He envied Lj, as the second child was able to spend his time in a happy family and even live together with the 'Wildred Beast', while Ewald was just like a shadow, he knew everything about them, but was still unknown.

He decided to train with his Mudkip to become the best. He decided to become the second 'Wildred Beast'.

Because of his progressive training, on his fourteenth birthday he got a Pidgey from his mother.

As soon as his father started talking about Lj leaving home to gather the badges, Ewald understood that there was no time to waste anymore. He packed his things the same night and sneaked out with his two pokemon.

With envy in his heart, Ewald decided to show the world what he's made of.

|~ Inventory ~|

Money: $6,200
05x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Species: Mudkip
Gender: Female
Experience: 6
Ability: Torrent
Personality:She's serious inside and outside battles, but she gets all cute and cuddly when alone with her master.

Moves: Tackle lvl 1
Water gun lvl 4
Mud slap lvl 9
Avalanche (Egg move)
Rock slide (TM)

Species: Pidgey
Gender: Male
Experience: 6
Ability: Keen eye
Personality: Pidgey is very nice and cute, but really naive in battles

Tackle LVL 1
Sand attack LVL 5
Gust Lvl 9
Steel Wing (Egg move)
Aerial Ace (TM)

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PostSubject: Re: Ewald Wildred   Ewald Wildred H6Q0F8zWed Jun 17, 2015 2:46 am

Your last trainer you created was approved June 13th. It's only June 16th. You're going to have to wait until June 20th for this character to be approvable due to regulations within the character template. My apologies, but it is rule. 7 days (1 week) b/t characters.
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PostSubject: Re: Ewald Wildred   Ewald Wildred H6Q0F8zThu Jun 18, 2015 6:37 pm

Well I understand that perfectly.
However I had to wait 50+ hours after fixing my app to get approved. So.... shouldn't the clock be set since the moment I edited?
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PostSubject: Re: Ewald Wildred   Ewald Wildred H6Q0F8zMon Jun 22, 2015 8:36 pm

Since you've added what I wanted you to after discussion in the chat, I'll say approved. I'd love even more in-depth personality and history in the future, though ;3
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PostSubject: Re: Ewald Wildred   Ewald Wildred H6Q0F8z

Ewald Wildred
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