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 Esmeralda "Emma" November

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PostSubject: Esmeralda "Emma" November   Esmeralda "Emma" November H6Q0F8zSat Jun 13, 2015 1:41 pm

Moderators, note:
This top section is character creation. This excludes anything subject to ordinary moderation.

Aliases / Names: Esmeralda "Emma" November

Age: 16

Birthplace: Lilycove, Hoenn

Gender: Female

Trainer Rank: Adventurer

Emma has lightly tanned skin. She has a slight build. A little over five feet, she is inherently short for her height. She lets her auburn hair grow down to her waist before cutting it back to shoulder height; She cuts her own hair, and her lack of expertise often shows. She also cares little for fashion, and usually wears what's more comfortable.
Reference image:

Esmeralda is one to believe in taking charge of her own destiny. She is quite active, and when given choices of what to do for the day, would gladly choose 'All of the above'. Upon starting the day, she usually has a list of things she wants to do. She dislikes acting upon impulse.

Though not one for attracting crowds, when given the chance, Emma can be quite social. She is capable of tolerating many personalities and others usually become tired of her presence first. She is usually calm, even with extreme emotions such as excitement. Her slight signals make her seem hard to impress.

Due to her experience in Dewford, Emma tends to stay away from the influences of the "hottest fads". Forcing it upon her is not the greatest force, for she can actually be rather volatile.

Emma particularly enjoys exploring places such as old ruins and caves. Myths and legends that circulate are often an excuse for her to want to poke around. She is not against participating in Pokémon battles, but prefers contests more.

Battle Style: Emma prefers changing tactics constantly to confuse her opponent. Sometimes she may switch from offensive to defensive decisions at random, trying to learn what her opponent does first before the battle becomes more intense.

Past Experience / History:
Though originally born in Lilycove City, Esmeralda doesn't remember it, and they moved to Dewford Island, a town full of trends and things that Emma believes ruined her childhood. It seemed that everything here was impulse. The newest and greatest things of the time- they were words that got dry in her ears quickly. Unfortunately, her family was all over that stuff. If there was a new clothing trend, one could guarantee a large shipment of the clothing right to their house, and Emma simply had to wear that dress. Most of these trends barely lasted a week, either. All the strange foods and vitamins that the world came up with seemed to make its way to Dewford Island.

It was not that she hated her family, but she wanted to escape the little horror island. It was simply not for her. She wanted to leave and find something more suited. In a way, her wish had been granted, however. There was a strange trend that fired up about parents "sending their children off on their adventures with a warm smile". Professor Birch was receiving plenty of attention from this. She was one of those children to be shipped off. Seeing her role simply as being part of a trend, she was angry at her parents for giving into such things. Though she wanted to leave, the reason for her departure made things only worse for her.

Docking at the coast outside Petalburg, Emma was supposed to be visiting the professor with the rest of the children. Being defiant for the first time, however, she decided not to visit the professor. Whether she would travel the world or settle in a town, she wanted to decide for herself. She didn't want to care about what was popular anymore. What's so fun about doing what everyone else is doing anyway?

Even so, not going to the professor's lab, she had little direction. Living on a tiny island in the corner of Hoenn did not give her much geographic knowledge either. Though without a Pokémon, Emma was allowed to stay at the Pokémon Center's hotel rooms. She remained there for about a week.

In the middle of her explorations in the nearby field, she was confronted by a Poochyena. The Poochyena had bitten her hand when she unwittingly wandered close by. Panicking, she ran from the Poochyena which decided to give chase. She was cornered at a mountain, and the Poochyena had little issue keeping up. Remembering the Pokéball that was meant for receiving a Pokémon from the professor, Emma decided it was her best line of defense. She had actually managed to capture the Poochyena inside the Pokéball.

Upon returning to the Pokémon center, Emma had the nurse check on both the Poochyena and her own bite. The Poochyena had in fact been malnourished (not that it was trying to eat her). After inspecting her bite, the nurse found a trace of poison, though it wasn't enough to affect her.

With food on hand, Emma let out the Poochyena. She gave it the food before it had a chance to attack her. After having eaten, the Poochyena had calmed down considerably, and didn't even growl toward her, despite the clear suspicion it still had. Relieved, Emma realised she was glad to have found the Poochyena. Despite how scary it was, she was keenly aware that if they did not meet, the Poochyena would yet remain stranded.

With her new friend, which Emma named Ivy, Emma at last had something new. Remembering that she'd grown up on an island pretty far from the rest of Hoenn, Emma decided that she in fact did want to explore the world around her. Perhaps she would eventually stumble upon Lilycove City, her birthplace. She would decide her true path eventually.

Personal Items:
Folding Bicycle
Pokéblock Case

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PostSubject: Item Bag   Esmeralda "Emma" November H6Q0F8zSat Jun 13, 2015 1:45 pm

Pokéball Pocket:
TM/HM Pocket:
Items Pocket:
Medicine Pocket:
Berry Pocket:
Badges and Ribbons:

Money: $6,200

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PostSubject: Pokémon   Esmeralda "Emma" November H6Q0F8zSat Jun 13, 2015 2:02 pm

Esmeralda "Emma" November Poochy10
Species: Poochyena
Nickname: Ivy
Gender: Female
Level: 11
Experience: 0
Ability: Quick Feet- Boosts speed if the Pokémon has a status condition.
Personality: Ivy can be quite aggressive, even toward her own trainer, often making their friendship seem rather one-sided. She always comes through, however, proving herself to be a loyal and dependable friend.
Egg Move- Poison Fang
Lv. 4---- Howl
Lv. 7---- Sand Attack
Lv. 10--- Bite
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Fox Demon Avaritia
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PostSubject: Re: Esmeralda "Emma" November   Esmeralda "Emma" November H6Q0F8zMon Jun 15, 2015 5:45 am

Lookin' good. Approved unless otherwise stated~
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PostSubject: Re: Esmeralda "Emma" November   Esmeralda "Emma" November H6Q0F8z

Esmeralda "Emma" November
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