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 Lady of the Faint Smile [Mod}

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Artemis Dante
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PostSubject: Lady of the Faint Smile [Mod}   Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:39 pm

Teresa felt her blade effortlessly slice through the rogue warrior. Scarlet stained the ground as she finished the small task. In truth the woman now at her feet had never stood a chance. It generally wasn't Teresa's job to deal with rogues, Galatea was supposed to be the one to deal with such nonsense. Teresa was in fact supposed to be on a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time. As she surveyed her handiwork she heard a slight gasp from a few feet away. "You're Teresa, Teresa of the Faint Smile..." The words were whispered from a small girl with golden locks tied off in a ponytail. Teresa's silver eyes gleamed for a moment, "Well aren't you clever, and you figured it out all by yourself." She was obviously taunting. This girl's rank withing The Organization was so low that she couldn't even produce a name to go with the symbol indicating her rank. 'I suppose I should go ahead and get this over with.' Teresa thought as she looked on at the pathetic quivering girl. She placed her left hand on her hip and walked forward. It was a slow and sophisticated gate. She held her blade in her right hand. She was sure the rogue could see her reflection in the swords polished surface. The girl couldn't help but to look up at the beautiful angel of death that stood before her, and the last thing she ever witnessed was a faint smile.

Teresa looked down and the folder of documents Ermita had given her when he came to clean up the mess. It was information, saying that the people who knew the whereabouts of Roxanne were competing in the Orange League. "How convenient." Teresa drawled aloud. She was already on Butwal Island. All she had to go on was a photo and the knowledge that she had to compete in the Orange League to find whomever this man was. She would have her revenge, she could never forget the hopeless despair that she felt upon seeing Noel's body lying ragged and broken on the floor of their room. Upon the memory a single tear slipped down her cheek.

Teresa had made it halfway across the island toward the boat that would carry her to the first gym. She was in the islands interior now, and she could hear quite a few pokemon. She began to wander in search of caves. She had two days to get to the other coast. Caves were a perfect place to seek out steel type pokemon, and if she was going to be competing in the Orange League she would need more than her Scizor. It was near sundown when she found a cave, it was dimly lit by the fading sun. Teresa reached into her pack and withdrew a lantern that she kept for these situations. As she delved deep into the cave she began to see signs of many pokemon. It must be a popular cave for rock, ground, and steel types. That was when she head a faint sound of something drawing nearer to her. From the sound of it, it was definitely not human.
Dragon Kurai
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PostSubject: Re: Lady of the Faint Smile [Mod}   Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:49 am

(You need to put Teresa into your signature as a hyperlink ;3)

"Somebody help," a voice cried out, a light buzzing beginning to become louder as a pokemon fastly approached Teresa. "Somebody stop her! She got scared!" A pokemon, metallic partially in appearance, became visible, clearly speeding towards the trainer. Landing and skidding to a stop just a few feet from her, the skarmory, standing angrily in front of the woman, shrieked with fury. She was trying to get out of the cavern, and here something was, standing in her way. A breeze, lightly violent given the speed the pokemon was going, eventually came by, likely whipping up a bit of dust. "Skarmory," the voice called out with worry a distance away.

Skarmory - Lvl 25 - Female

(Introducing NPC companion that knows cave to assist Teresa o3o)
Lady of the Faint Smile [Mod}
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