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 Shayne Anderson

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PostSubject: Shayne Anderson   Shayne Anderson H6Q0F8zThu Mar 26, 2015 4:58 pm

|~ Gen. Information ~|
Aliases / Names:
Shayne Anderson
NN: Sandy

Age | Birthplace | Gender:
12, Lilypad Town, Sinnoh, Male

Trainer Rank:
Pokemon Trainer

|~ Characterization ~|

Shayne's Clothing:

Shayne is a kinda shy and awkward kid who usually needs help with pretty much most things. He feels a constant need for approval and always tries to make good first impressions with people but it has a habit of not working as his shyness can take over and leave him unable to string a sentence together without an um or uh. Shayne is extremely self-conscious which is part of the cause for his shyness and awkwardness, people at his old school used to make fun of him for pretty much anything they could think of and it's left Shayne a shell of the confident and excitable guy he once was.

He is very family-oriented but, don't take that as he has a good relationship with everyone in said family he is closest to his oldest sister Layla and his mother Phoebe who especially look out for him knowing what he's like and how he can get, his father Toby though is less considerate for his feeling and doesn't sugar-coat his words making sure Shayne knows he's a disappointment to him usually leaving him upset and in need of Layla and Phoebe to cheer him up.

Shayne can be considered too trusting sometimes and that can lead him to get into trouble with all sorts from police for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, to his father for accidentally giving one of his school tests to his class mate and failing the test miserably to give him an awful grade. Layla and Phoebe are always trying their hardest to teach him how the world is but, he is just too naive to actually listen to them no matter how much he looks up to them and trusts them.

Battle Style:
He often seconds guesses himself in battles meaning that his pokemon have to try and suggest things to him to try so, that he knows he's making the right decision for both the battle and his pokemon. If it's his first battle against someone he see's as a potential friend he can be known to hold back a little bit to seal the deal in terms of their friendship not realizing his personality is what people should really care about.

In terms of pokemon he tries to form a balance team but, what he really cares about is how a pokemon acts outside of battle not how hard he can fight in it believing that friendship will win more battles than actual strength this being a lesson he learnt from his sister Layla.

Past Experience / History:
Shayne had fairly good first few years of his life being rather bubbly and excitable and having a number of good friends that he would play games with and chill out with normally. He didn't really start to discover the world of pokemon battling until he met his partner and best friend Croagunk wandering down an alleyway in town his friend told him to leave it as Croagunk appeared weak and injured but he refused because he couldn't just stand by a watch when someone needed help so, he gather Croagunk up in his arms and endured a number of Mud-Slap attacks to take Croagunk to the pokemon center and get him treated which Nurse Joy commended him for. Once Croagunk was treated he went over to Shayne who had been waiting and somewhat awkwardly thanked him for helping out before deciding that he would join Shayne and through the next few years they found they had a lot in common but, unfortunately him and his friends well they never really made up for what they said and that in turn left Shayne devastated that his kindness was disapproved of thus turning him into the shy and awkward guy that he is now.

In school it didn't exactly help the way he was the teachers didn't like the fact that he had a pokemon so young and probably out of jealousy the other kids weren't much better insulting him and Croagunk at every given opportunity regularly causing Shayne to run off from his lesson and just cool down by hanging out with the only staff member who was ever nice to him; Raymond the School Janitor and his partner Drapion who was also friendly to him after all they went through similar trouble and despite their age they still do just because of the fact that he's a Janitor.

When he was 10 he went along with his school and a number of his class mates on a trip to Sunyshore City after all it was the perfect location for a school trip due to the Sunyshore Tower, Gym, Port and Beaches. Whilst there he went down to the beach with Croagunk following yet another argument with a particular classmate Ronnie who was one of the worst for the bullying. At the beach he went to a secluded area surrounded by rocks and relaxed by the water before being hunted down by the very same Ronnie that had picked on him earlier except now he was with Liam and Casey his own friends and they were looking for trouble in fact Ronnie wanted to take Croagunk from Shayne however not only did Shayne and Croagunk have a problem with that but, so did a passing Mantyke who hid under the water and watched events unfold. Once Ronnie punched Shayne once Mantyke raised on top of the water and fired a Signal Beam (Egg Move) at Ronnie knocking him on his backside and causing him to burst out crying and run off with his friends behind him. Shayne was shocked to say the least and turned to find Mantyke still there, gratefully he went over to said Mantyke and thanked him for what he done and that was when Mantyke lunged at an empty pokeball on Shayne's belt causing Shayne to flinch confused only for Mantyke to let the pokeball capture him so that he could help this kid who let's face it clearly needed it and with that Shayne had made yet another friend albeit rather suddenly.

Finally around the age of 12 Shayne had a great number of conversations with his sister and mother about the possibility of going on a journey with his pokemon so that maybe it could help him to come out of his shell. After all he had finished school and despite his shyness he didn't want to stick around in Lilypad all his life he wanted to see things, meet people and bond with his pokemon but, without having to leave his mum and sister behind. They however convince him of the opportunities that were on offer and with that he decided that he would not only go out into the world but make them proud and hopefully achieve some more recognition from his father.

|~ Inventory ~|

[ ] Boulder Badge
[ ] Cascade Badge
[ ] Thunder Badge
[ ] Rainbow Badge
[ ] Soul Badge
[ ] Marsh Badge
[ ] Volcano Badge
[ ] Earth Badge

[ ] Zephyr Badge
[ ] Hive Badge
[ ] Plain Badge
[ ] Fog Badge
[ ] Storm Badge
[ ] Mineral Badge
[ ] Glacier Badge
[ ] Rising Badge

[ ] Stone Badge
[ ] Knuckle Badge
[ ] Dynamo Badge
[ ] Heat Badge
[ ] Balance Badge
[ ] Feather Badge
[ ] Mind Badge
[ ] Rain Badge

[ ] Coal Badge
[ ] Forest Badge
[ ] Cobble Badge
[ ] Fenn Badge
[ ] Relic Badge
[ ] Mine Badge
[ ] Icicle Badge
[ ] Beacon Badge

[ ] Trio Badge
[ ] Basic Badge
[ ] Toxic Badge
[ ] Insect Badge
[ ] Bolt Badge
[ ] Quake Badge
[ ] Jet Badge
[ ] Freeze Badge
[ ] Legend Badge
[ ] Wave Badge



Money: $6,200
5x Pokeballs

|~ Pokemon ~|
Shayne Anderson 453
Species: Croagunk
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Level: 16
Experience: 1
Ability: Anticipation
Croagunk has a lot of pride and doesn't like people helping him to do things that he believes he can do on his own. He is Shayne's best friend and partner and always looks to protect him no matter what even at the risk of his own safety not that Shayne would ever let him that is.
Bullet Punch - Egg Move
Astonish - Start
Mud-Slap - Level 3
Poison Sting - Level 8
Taunt - Level 10
Pursuit - Level 15

Shayne Anderson 458
Species: Mantyke
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Experience: 8
Ability: Water Absorb
Mantyke is a loyal and trusted member of Shayne's team, he is Shayne's other best friend and partner. Like most water types he adores large bodies of water where he's able to swim about freely but, rest assured when Shayne is in trouble he will always be there right beside him, provided there is water for him to swim in. Mantyke being a water type without legs of course.
Signal Beam - Egg Move
Tackle - Start
Bubble - Start
Supersonic - Level 3
Bubblebeam - Level 7

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PostSubject: Re: Shayne Anderson   Shayne Anderson H6Q0F8zThu Mar 26, 2015 10:36 pm

Approved ^.^

Unless someone else has corrections.
Shayne Anderson
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