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 Rules ~ Roleplaying Section

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PostSubject: Rules ~ Roleplaying Section   Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:07 pm

In effect as of March 22, 2015. Last updated on March 22, 2015~!

Other Roleplay Rules / Guidelines:
1. The title of the roleplay must coincide with what the roleplay is about
-- Plot doesn't have to be explained in the title
-- Sample of poor title: "Banana smoothie" when the RP is about pirates

2. Use appropriate tags in title
-- "PG-13" is a common tag for mature content
-- "Mature" is a common tag for mature content
-- "Private" is a common tag for private topics
----- You should write all participants in the topic

3. Even if a roleplay is deemed to be mature, the code of conduct and rules of the site must remain
-- No 18+ content in ANY roleplays
-- If in doubt, don't post it

4. If a roleplay breaks the forum's terms of service or rules, the roleplay will immediately be deleted. The authors of the roleplay will be punished as well
-- Commonly a ban from roleplay creation will be instated
-- A severe violation will result in a site ban

5. Setup and actual Roleplay threads should be separate and in proper locations
-- Setup Thread
----- Should be a thread where members can sign-up
----- Usually sign-ups are in the form of a template
----- Should contain background/plot vital to the thread
----- The more detailed your setup, the better
-- Roleplay Topic
----- Actual roleplay takes place in this topic
----- Posts should be purely RP
-------- OOC (out-of-chr) notes are okay if minimal
----- If the topic is determined to be a potential spam thread, the topic will immediately be deleted for rule violation

6. Roleplays must have a clearly-defined template and direction
-- Templates
----- Left to the roleplay's creator's digression
----- A character template is required at least
-- Rule Exception
----- Private, 1-to-1 roleplays can be an exception
----- This is because both members know of the other's character
----- Templates are still recommended though

7. No defined limit on other roleplay creation is present; however, limit your threads to an amount that you can handle

8. Stray from creating a duplicate roleplay
-- "Duplicate" refers to two RPs with the same plot 100%
-- When in doubt, consult a staff member about your idea
-- Revamps are an exception, but should be noted as such so that the staff can archive the old thread
---- Revamps should be created by the original creator, unless they've fallen inactive
---- If that is the case, then the participants of the thread can elect a new creator

9. Stray from one-liners!
-- One-liners are exactly that; one line of roleplay text
-- A guide exists on how to write a thorough post; if in doubt, consult the guide and utilize it

Rule 8 exists because instances have been noticed when roleplays such as "Ham Sammich and Dogs" are created, yet a few days later "Ham Sammich and Dogs and Aliens" is created as another roleplay by the same user. Adding one new subject and calling it a new roleplay is not okay. If you wish to add to a roleplay, you can either update the current one to intregrate the potential idea, or consult the creator about implementing the idea.

Staff reserve the right to deny a roleplay if the creator is making one on a daily basis. Staff may also deny or stop a roleplay for any purpose that is reasonable.
Rules ~ Roleplaying Section
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