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 Rebel's Doodle Pad

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Rebellious Angel
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PostSubject: Rebel's Doodle Pad   Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:37 am

So, I'm going to post my art here. You can request things, but no guarantees I'll draw it. Sorry, I just don't commission often. >.<'

Anyways, until I get a laptop or something that can run my paint programs, it's all pen/pencil art scanned in or taken with a mobile camera, so don't expect too much quality out of me. Enjoy!~ ^-^'

So this is my RWBY oc Khalua, who I may or may not use as my main character here, of course I'd place Kopi (the bunny) with a pokemon of some kind.

That's the only one I have for now, but more will come!~
Rebel's Doodle Pad
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