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 Sword Art Online V2: Reboot and Reactivate

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PostSubject: Sword Art Online V2: Reboot and Reactivate   Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:50 pm

It was another normal day. Normal as in boring, with absolutely nothing even halfway entertaining going on. At least, that's how it was for Shinji Yukaro, as he sat at a desk, listening to his teacher give their lecture of the day's lessons. He sighs, staring out the window, the weather outside perfect. Well, perfect for those who liked hanging outside, doing outside things. But Shinji wasn't one of those people. He'd rather stay inside, at home, and play video games, watch anime, or read manga. He's perfectly fine letting the athletic people do their thing, as long as he got to do his own.

He glances over at the clock that was hanging on the all over the doorway, the hands on it's face turning so slowly. It was almost time for school to be over, but it seemed as if it was taking forever for that moment to get there. But it did eventually, and the bell signalling that school was over for that day rings, and the students begin to leave their desks. Shinji waits a little bit, preferring to be a little less crowded by the other students. The calls of students to each other, saying "Dewa mata ashita!" To each other, as they went their separate ways.

By the time that Shinji left the school, it was nearly empty, except for those who stayed for after school activities, like sports, clubs, and student council. He gets his shoes from the front lobby, slipping them on, shouldering his bag, and leaves the school. He sighs in relief, glad that it was over. For that day anyways. He had school tomorrow too, but since it was a Saturday, it was only a half day he had to endure. He walks down the beaten path towards his house, which was a few blocks away from the school.

Reaching his home, he slides open the door, and calls out to his mother, whom he guessed was in the kitchen, working on dinner for that evening. "Tadaima...Watashi wa jibun no heya ni narudarou..." He goes up the stairs to his room, closing the door behind him, and drops his books on the floor near his bed. He pushes the power button to his computer, so it was now on, and while he was waiting for the computer to boot up, changes his clothing, from his school outfit to something more comfortable, a long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of sweatpants.

Once done, he places a game disc in his computer's disc slot, and puts on his headgear, laying down on his bed, and sighs. He was finally doing something he enjoyed. Logging onto «Sword Art Online» he says, "Link Start!" after powering-on NerveGear hardware. A brief few seconds of tunnel-vision colors are seen while the NerveGear intercepts signals from Shinji's brain, before the powerup screen is seen. A pre-game status check then confirms the link connection of the five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

All this is done, and soon he was standing in his favorite place in the whole world. A video game. He grins, happy to finally be there. He glances around, having checked out last time in his room. He leaves it, locking the door behind him, and goes out into the main part of the hotel. People greet him, and he raises a hand in acknowledgment. They knew who he was, and some even hated him for it. But he ignored all that. The world, now known as New World City, or NWC for short, was his favorite place to be. How could mere words of hatred stop him from being, or doing, what he loved?

(Translation: 1st: See you tomorrow! 2nd: I'm home! I'll be in my room.)(Don't worry, while he's in game, I'll have him speak "english")
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PostSubject: Re: Sword Art Online V2: Reboot and Reactivate   Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:23 pm

In a small white house, the few occupants living there slept except for one.

Kimmy was up, watching anime on her computer when she should be sleeping for she had school the next day. She eventually grew bored with what she was doing and went to get a piece of paper to write a note for herself. She contemplated doing something else with her time and decided that she knew just what.

After getting everything settled she entered the world of Sword Art Online.

She took a moment to regain her composure, whenever she entered this second life of hers she felt the need to always compose herself before heading out. She opened the door to her room at a hotel and made her way to the main lobby. She noticed a boy be greeted by many passerby, possibly well known around these parts.
Sword Art Online V2: Reboot and Reactivate
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