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 SC - Amber Primrose - Eren Blake

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PostSubject: SC - Amber Primrose - Eren Blake   Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:32 pm

Basic Information

"Sometimes I wonder if there's really good in the world. We stand in a world of kill or die, black or white. Even saints can turn to sinners if they find their back to the wall, because no one really wants to die... Which leaves only one other option. Maybe it's time to expand those options, then, and let the shades of grey shine through. With no corners to back into, then that choice won't have to be made. There's always evil in the world, though, it's human nature. So, I guess I'm just an ideological sucker."

Eren Blake



Eren is somewhat of an oddity. Although his hair is a deep shade of black, his eyes are a startling light, icy blue. Always messy, his dark hair often obscures one of his eyes, as he often pushes it off to one side of his face in order to look out at least one of his eyes. In the longer portions near the back of his head, it fall to about his neck. It seems to always hold this position no matter how hard someone would try to tame his usual unkempt hair. His skin looks clear and healthy, and the only thing drawing away attention from his face would be the white line of a jagged scar going down his cheek. He often has a hint of stubble along his chin, as dark as his hair, although it doesn't seem to be able to grow into a full beard, perhaps due to his age.  

Body-wise, he's rather lean despite being what he would call "a lazy bastard". He's almost always slouching, bringing his usual 5 foot 9 inches lower a couple pegs. His typical weight is about 145 lbs., although it can fluctuate depending on his ever-changing eating habits. To go along with his slouching, he always seems to look tired and ready for a nap, and his other expressions seem to take a backseat to this look, and no matter what expression his face is showing, he'll always look at least a little exhausted.

Eren dresses as lazy as he looks. His unbrushed hair and lazy look are complimented by baggy sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt, no matter the weather. If it's scorching outside, he may roll up his hoodie's sleeves, and if it's freezing, he never seems to put on any more clothes. Pants are an oddity to him, but if dress code demands it, the fanciest he gets is wearing jeans and a clean hoodie. Well, maybe just the jeans. He has little care for how people view him, so his appearance rarely changes.

~*Main OC*~
Amber Primrose


If described in one word, Eren would most likely declare himself lazy, and many of the people that have the experience of meeting him would have to agree. He seems to always be in a sleepy mood above any other emotion he has, while other moods tend to vary with the situation. Overall, besides lazy, he typically remains laid-back and easygoing, rarely bouncing around between emotions at any given time like some people do. He can feel a wide range of emotion, from happiness to loathing, and he has no quarrel with expressing whichever one he is currently feeling. He caries a tired and non-descriptive attitude with him, instead of stating a glass half empty or half full, he'll simply say that it has water in it and that it's not his job to define how much. So long as he's content with his sleep, it's quite difficult to alter his calm mood. However, if you deprive him of sleep or he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak, he can easily become angry or irritated while not having any regard for a mental filter for his usually blunt and honest words. He expresses emotion in very subtle ways, whether it be a half smile or the arching of his eyebrow, sometimes making it difficult to determine what he's actually feeling. Everyone has their breaking point, however, and if he is in a more angry mood, he will tend to snap harshly at anyone who dare speak to him. With major emotional trauma, he may even become blinded by violence and a need to get revenge for whatever pushed him beyond the edge. He has a habit of ease-dropping on any conversation that happens to be nearby as well as inserting himself into other people's lives if he feels he should be in them, regardless of how the other parties feel about it, and he carries himself with an air of confidence and an easily summoned bravado. His personal philosophy is a little hard to describe. Somewhat of a darker outlook on life, he believes that all human beings are to their nature, only looking out for their self interest when it comes down to life and death, even himself. He believes there is good in the world, and if fear of death and evil disappeared, then people may one day become wholly good and look out for one another. Although this is how he sees an ideal world, he believes it can never actually be achieved.

When interacting with people, Eren typically speaks with a blunt and straightforward word. He does, when in the right mood, try to keep his more touchy opinions to himself, but he will never stoop to lying or withholding information in order to make something more easy to deal with or less harsh. This, to some, may make him come off as rude or uncaring, but that is not his intention. He treats others as he believes he should be treated, and doesn't seem to have any issue with someone having an honest opinion about him, so long as that opinion has reasons behind it and doesn't stem from some childish hatred. He doesn't take many words said by strangers to heart, but does seem to have a keen interest in what his few friends seem to think of him. His blunt manner of words and ease of telling the truth usually drives people away, and he has little people to call his friends. With Pokemon, he acts with compassion and respect. He views them as creatures equal to humans with varying personalities and much greater power than he possesses, and he sees them all as "cute", making them something he can rarely get angry at. He gravitates toward Pokemon that weren't naturally created and, rather, man-made in some manner, as he sees himself in a parallel with them. He has deep set morals, believing that a story shouldn't be recounted by the winner, but rather both sides. He doesn't see "right and wrong" as concrete concepts, as there is almost always pretenses of actions often obscured by opinion. Of course, once he forms his own opinion, he's not afraid to declare something relatively good or evil, but he understands that others may not agree with his own viewpoint. He has a dry sense of humor, leading him to often find his own sarcasm or ironic situations that are of concern rather amusing and his own jokes almost indistinguishable from his usual dialogue. It's hard to tell when he's serious and when he's joking, but since it's not often that he takes things seriously or personally, it's usually safe to assume the latter. He has a varying set of pet peeves, but the two most common are people that can't take a joke about themselves, and people that seem to always be awake and focused. He also easily gets irritated toward those that are condescending and create double standards and talk down toward him. He has a soft spot for Pokemon as well as taller women with darker colored eyes. He tends to avoid acting with proper etiquette toward people, believing that they must earn his respect before he stoops to acting with respect to them. Because of this, he rarely does things like holding doors open for others or waiting to eat his food until everyone is ready, and doesn't expect others to do so for him. He's a hard worker, and believes in getting the job done the first time around, giving it his best effort so he doesn't have to go back and do it again- since it's taking away from his nap time.

Eren has a great memory when it comes to information, places, and educational content, but is rather lacking in the face and name department. Usually, if someone introduces them self to him, their name will be in his head for about five seconds before it disappears forever. It takes several meetings in order for him to remember a face, and he has accidentally called someone he recognized by face a wrong name on more than one occasion. He has a severe phobia of tight spaces as well as death. He'll lose his usual calm demeanor if met with an awkward tight space or a life-or-death scenario and rely more on instinct than his own usual beliefs when met by these great fears. As odd quirks, when around paper, he often fidgets with and folds it into a variety of things; he's become quite good at it. He also tends to chew on the erasers of pencils if he finds himself holding one, no matter if he's the owner or not, and he enjoys the smell of gasoline immensely. He doesn't seem to have many motivations in life, as he doesn't hold money or fame in high esteem. He finds them trivial and those that possess them to be easily corrupted in order to hang onto them longer. Instead, his motivation is the thought of helping the world take a step toward a better direction the its currently heading. The though of achieving that is what keeps him going. He puts Pokemon before all else, and often views health and safety as the most important short-term things each day of his journey. He's not a superstitious man, and couldn't care less if he broke a mirror or stepped on a crack. Sometimes, just to amuse himself, he will through salt over his right shoulder if he spills it. He doesn't believe in fate, but rather that people should take life into their own hands instead of waiting for guidance or blaming a higher power for their misfortune. In fact, he's long lost hope in the thought of a higher power looking out for and guiding him. The season he enjoys most is fall, since it has a wide array of weather, and it's usually just the right temperature for his hoodie and sweat pants. He dislikes bitter foods and lasting exercise, as well as bullies.

Eren doesn't seem to have a grip on what he truly wants out of life. Whether he notices or not, he does seem to be growing toward wanting to make more friends and perhaps even a female companion to grow closer to. He wants to make a happier life for his Pokemon and watch them to grow powerful one day. As a lasting goal, he wants to help influence the world to become a better place, and, if he so dared, alter the dark depths of human nature. He wants to see a world that isn't ruled by the idea of kill or be killed and where everyone can be happy with one another and doors no longer need to be locked at night. He'd like to see the wicked in the world get what they deserve and for people to step above things like stereotypes and automatic judgement, where people would be judged by their actions and reasons behind them rather than how they look or what a different person has said about them. Seeing a world such as this, or even having an influence enough to tilt the world toward this direction would be enough to make his life fulfilled. He fears an early and unnatural death and that his darker past will finally catch up to him and hurt those around him because of it. He also fears someone finding out about the blood on his hands, and his biggest regret is the fact that he has taken someone's life. Ended it prematurely in order to stop his own untimely demise. He doesn't want anyone to ever have to repeat what he has done. As strengths, he has a strong will and will never give up on his goals. He treats Pokemon as equals and cares deeply for them. The opinions and words of others in regards to him don't effect him, and he's typically calm no matter the situation. As weaknesses, if pushed to an absolute breaking point, he may lash out and even become violent. His blunt attitude and sometimes harsh word makes it hard for him to get close to others, and he carries an immense emotional pain due to his past actions. He has some looming secrets he carries tucked deeply away, but if someone looks deep enough, they may find them. Doing this, however, may cause him to fall beyond the breaking point once more...

Eren was born into the world as a middle child. He had two brothers, one older and one younger, and a loving pair of parents. They were middle class and got by in the world well, able to afford a decent home and small luxuries each month, but they weren't a family of Pokemon Trainers by any means. His father was a construction worker who owned a handful of Fighting types to help with his work while his mother was a groomer, hired out to Coordinators that need extra help before Contests rolled around in his quaint home of Hearthome. Just like many male siblings close in age, he and his brothers often fought, though they were usually close when not trying to punch one another into submission. His was an average family, nothing too special about them.

After attending some higher schooling and graduating with above average grades (not perfect by any means, he was a habit procrastinator and sometimes dozed during lessons), Eren was left with a choice: follow his parents in doing a remedial job with a good pay but boring life, or be the first in his family to do something. To be something great, to go on an adventure, Pokemon in hand, and not let anything stop him! Though lazy, he was idealistic, and on the dawn of his 15th Birthday, he decided to register himself as a Pokemon trainer. Though there was a registering office in his hometown, he had been studying and living in the city of Jubilife as he finished his education. It was usually a tradition to start off and register in the place you were raised, so he decided to visit his family and make the trek to Hearthome before officially setting out on his journey. He set out on a clear, sunny Monday, excited to get home and finally become a trainer. He would be the first Trainer in his family! His eldest brother decided to go into construction with their father and inherit the business when he was older, and his youngest was still attending a small, basic schooling in one of the back rooms of the Hearthome contest hall, as one of the attendants also worked as a teacher before she took a desk job and retired.

He had decided to go on foot, willing to sacrifice time for being able to condition himself for the amount of exercise his career plan would make him have to take. His school buddies had all decided to other things with their life, Trainers usually registered and departed at the ripe age of 10, after all. If you decided to move onto a higher education beyond that, then you probably wanted to do something more fulfilling than ambushing any other trainer that may cross your path. Very few Trainers actually made something of themselves, and it had been a running gag between he and his friends that Eren hadn't left at 10 because he procrastinated registration until he realized that he had done so for five years. Well, it was kind of true, though he wouldn't have admitted it. Eren hadn't known what to do with his life, and decided an education might have found his answers. It turned out to be more work that he wanted to do, and that's what most careers seemed to be to him: work. So, like any good lazy soul, he finally decided on a job that any 10 year old could do. He would be less experienced with his late start, but at least he was educated...

Halfway through his travels, Eren found himself staying at the Eterna Pokemon Center, resting after a long day's walk. He had been having a bad day, after getting jumped by both wild Pokemon and trainers eager to battle the lone traveler, only to have to either defend himself with a stick or having to explain over and over again that he didn't have a Pokemon to battle with, he was eager to finally crash in a bed and take a long needed nap.Just as he leaned against the reception desk, renting out a room and key, a strange clicking noise echoed through the room. It wasn't something he was familiar with, but within moments, the first scream pierced the air. Though Eren was turned away from whatever it was, his pulse quickened when he saw the desk clerk's eyes widen and his hands shake, and Eren spotted the reflection of something he'd only seen in pictures... a gun. But, weren't they illegal? And in a Pokemon Center? As he tried to wrap his mind around what was happening, footsteps grew louder behind him, and a cold voice told him to get on the ground at the side of the desk. Eren, terrified, did what the masked man said. As he sat, shaking he watched in horror as the man, with an Arbok at his side, proceeded to demand that the attendant hand over any Pokemon currently resting within the Center, shakily, he had no choice but to put two fistfuls of other's Pokeballs into a bag and hand them over to the man. Instead of leaving then, however, he turned his attention to all of the Trainers in the Center... including Eren.

The man soon stood over Eren, pointing his weapon right at his face. "Hand them over," he said, emotionless, "your Pokemon. You just arrived, I know they aren't in the bag. Eren felt a cold chill go down his spine, and he tried to explain that he was just there for a room, that he didn't have any Pokemon. The man swung the metal weapon, striking Eren in the face. The pain was instant, and he fell to his hands and knees, feeling blood rush to the spot and trickle down his cheek from where it had dug a jagged wound into his flesh. "I won't ask again, don't lie. Where are they?" What could he do now, the man thought he was lying? He didn't want to die, but what could he say? He didn't have any Pokemon.

The man sneered at the petrified and defeated Eren, misunderstanding his silence for defiance. Rearing one leg back, he kicked the youth in the stomach and proceeded to continue to beat him. At that point, through all of the pain, something snapped. Eren had never been a violent person, had never thought that he'd hurt anyone... but something had changed in that instant. He became numb and the world grew quiet. The masked man had said something, pointing his gun toward Eren, but he could no longer her him. All he felt was a surge of energy, the fact that if he did not act, he would be dead, his life would be worthless. Equate to nothing. He wanted to be something, he couldn't sit back and let it end like this. It wouldn't be him who bleeds... it couldn't be him. Without hesitation, Eren suddenly sprung up and grabbed for the gun. He had caught the man by surprise and his adrenaline made it easy work to wrestle the gun out of his hand. A grin spread across his face as his now cold and deadened eyes saw a spark of fear in the other man's. The man's Pokemon tried to intervene, but with two shots, it was no longer any help to the robber. The man's begs for mercy fell on deaf ears. Eren pulled the trigger, what else could he do? As the man fell, the realization of what he had done finally flooded his mind and the gun fell with a horrifying clatter to the ground and Eren fell to his knees. His once emotionless eyes flooded with tears. I... just killed someone... His hands, hands that killed, were shaking and horror was clear on his face as he looked at the body, now sitting in a puddle of crimson blood, commingled blood of man and Pokemon. Sirens suddenly pierced the quiet air and whispers of the Trainers that had watched the scene... the police had arrived.

After taking countless statements and talking with detectives, Eren was eventually found not guilty for the murder he committed, and he was free to go on with his life. He had no doubt that his parents had been contacted about the incident, and he couldn't stand up to them. He was a killer now, how could they possibly want to see that? The people in the Pokemon Center had called him a hero, but he felt anything but. Instead of making the rest of his travels to Hearthome, he instead filled his registration out in Eterna and took the next bus down to the coast. He couldn't stand to be in Sinnoh any longer, not for a while anyway. He felt as if he didn't belong anywhere, and he bought a ship ticket to the next boat traveling to a new region: Kanto.

Once he arrived in his new home, he came across a man who seemed to be selling a Pokemon for only $100, wanting to, in his words, "get rid of the thing". Eren didn't hesitate to buy it, they both could be burdens. The Pokemon ended up being a Porygon, something created by the actions of humans, just as Eren had been forced to change by the actions of one man. As the two traveled, the new trainer spent the next two years in search of Pokemon that weren't meant to exist in the natural world. They were lost, just as he was, born from the strange depths and desires of human nature. Time had let him return to his old self, but he couldn't quite shake his past actions off entirely. A lazy, unmotivated trainer now wandering for the sake of wandering's sake. He hasn't found a purpose for himself yet, but that can't last forever...






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PostSubject: Re: SC - Amber Primrose - Eren Blake   Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:52 pm

I think I shouldn't even read this x3 Approved of course without a doubt
SC - Amber Primrose - Eren Blake
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