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 Training Treecko

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PostSubject: Training Treecko   Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:55 am

Sora and treecko have decided to train seriously . So, being in Oreburgh City, where is a perfect training point. Sora gives orders to attack with Quick Attack a rock . Treecko begins to get tired of so many hits, but he wants to become stronger. The fight is between the rock and Treecko . It tries by all means to destroy the stone. After a long period of attacks, Treecko manages to destroy the stone.

Now, is time for speed training. This time, Sora is training with Treecko, being to run few miles. They are more racing that training. After the "maraton", they are starting to up and down stairs, a perfect stamina training. Now, both tired, they are go to sleep.

(I have 123 words, that means 12 exp point, right?)
Training Treecko
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