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 Hello All!!!!

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PostSubject: Hello All!!!!   Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:04 am

As stated in the title, Hello Everyone! Just wanted to make a proper introduction on the site to anyone and everyone who wants to say hello. Though I have already put my foot in the door in Violet City with a introduction and a certified character sheet with Alixandria my main character on the site, still wanted to put this out there.

A little about me, I have been rping on and off since I was 11 which would have been in 98' or 99'. I very much grew up on pokemon and all things anime. Though I never truly fell in love with the anime or the card game I did the games and the world created. I have always had a fascination with creating my own characters and stories within a world. Seeing as most games have a linear story I would always come up with and try to write my own. It was always a fun little escape as well from the crappy real world. Though I never really wrote pokemon, I did lots of other type of rps. Anyway, that is a tad bit about me......

Oh...and I am a he.....writing a female character....deal with it. lol
Hello All!!!!
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