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 Sound Souls: Death City

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PostSubject: Sound Souls: Death City   Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:17 pm

Death City is a central and key area in the Soul Eater universe. Located in Nevada, United States, it houses a large city as well as the DWMA. There are many weapons and meisters within its midst as well as civilians.


"Is it really wise to be skipping class so suddenly without an excuse or anything? You guys are going to end up in remedial classes if you keep this up, and Miaki, that's quite lackluster when a meister slacks off more than a weapon," Keizer sighed, trying to reason with his two companions. Like most things he did, it was over-exaggerated and showy. Miaki rolled her eyes and didn't change her pace, moving farther away from their school.

"There was class?" Emil asked, not too regretful of the fact. "I guess Miaki would have slept through it anyway, and I don't care. Why are you out, it's not like we're all glued at the hips?"

"A warrior must always be at his lady's side~" now Miaki gave an uncomfortable cough, causing Emil to chuckle.

"It's too beautiful of a day to waste in class. At least I'm not asleep in it. Teach would be proud, he keeps telling me not to." Miaki hummed, "Besides, I saw a coffee shop that's buy one get one free and I'm thirsty. Keizer, a warrior like you shouldn't mind being on his lady's wallet's side either, right?" The small group, two weapons and a meister, continued on their trek chatting idly, heading to one of the many shops within Death City.
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PostSubject: Re: Sound Souls: Death City   Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:40 pm

Jeff sat on the ledge of a little wall in the entrance area of DWMA, he stared into the city, looking at all the buildings and peoples. "Man... this is one heck of a sight" he says with a smile upon his face. He got off of the ledge and walked down the many flights of step until he eventually reached the bottom. He sighed and looked around "where am I going to go to eat..."
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PostSubject: Re: Sound Souls: Death City   Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:14 am

Rage was in a court yard far off in the distance practicing. side swipe x-cut kick, slash ram." he kept saying to himself. he would change the weapon forms of his hands to fit each strike he wasn't toughest but he was a tough opponent whether he's by himself or with a temporary mister. "I keep telling that old bag of bones I dont need any a mister they only cause trouble and they get in the way." he grumbled.
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PostSubject: Re: Sound Souls: Death City   Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:40 am

Cole and Hannah were walking down one of the many streets in the death city searching for Ella "now where could she have disappeared to" Cole said to Hannah as they walked down the street.

"knowing her she's probably watching some sort of animal right now" Hannah answered smiling currently reading a book about the African elephant.

"your probably right" Cole said smiling as well "we should probably look at the park then right" Cole suggested.

"sounds like a plan" Hannah said turning a page in her book as they continued down the street.

Ella sat on a bench in the park starring at a chipmunk that was in a nearby tree "it's so cute I wish I could pet it" she said to herself smiling as she starred at the cute fuzzy creature.
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PostSubject: Re: Sound Souls: Death City   Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:41 pm

Cher sat alone on a bench that laid just outside of the DWMA. Cross legged and nose stuck in a book the world around her has all but come to a stop as she continued on with the story that was unfolding itself in her mind. As Cher flipped the page she noticed the embroidered number nine floating on top of the next page, the chapter marker sitting atop a throne of words as if it was king of the book. Just as the girl was about to delve into the next segment of the story something shook her back into the reality that was stirring around her. With a yawn Cher raised her eyes up to the clock that hung above one of the many buildings of Death City. It seemed class had already started. Cher rolled her eyes, forgetting once again that time stops for no story. She turned her head back towards the book in her hand, allowing herself once again to become ignorant of the world around her and focus solely on story in her hands.
"I Already missed class, no point for me to go in late."
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PostSubject: Re: Sound Souls: Death City   

Sound Souls: Death City
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