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 Rules ~ Move Tutor

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PostSubject: Rules ~ Move Tutor   Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:06 pm

What is a Move Tutor:
A move tutor is a non-playable character in the Pokemon universe which can teach your pokemon moves based on the most recent move set. This is usually paid for in the Pokemon games, and we will enforce the same here. In addition to paying a price (that may be larger for more threatening moves), your pokemon must also train.

What price can be paid?
The move tutor can ask you for pokedollars, pokeballs, other fanciful items, or even ask you to complete a small task for them before your pokemon is taught its move. The more difficult the move is (higher damage or status ailing), the higher your price. The ONLY item that cannot be asked for is player points, as these are a user's currency and not a trainer's.

This does NOT mean that some moves can't be learned for free; this (no price) typically applies to weaker moves!

1. Move tutors must be located in their proper locations
2. You must train to learn a move
3. If you are seeking the tutor, post you are
-- Usually posting in the proper location will suffice
-- If you don't want to post it, contact your moderator

Training Moves:
1. Training must be completed for pokemon to learn moves
2. This training must involve some sort of failure
-- This shows the pokemon is learning the move
-- This gives a boost in role-play experience
3. Basic god-moderation rules and other guides must be followed in regards to learning a new move
4. You can train moves in the following methods
-- NPC post responses teaching the move piece-by-piece
-- Training topics in which the move is learned
----- Usually the move tutor will be present
----- Normal training guidelines do not apply
-- A battle with wild pokemon or the move tutor NPC
----- Normal battle guidelines do not apply
----- Experience is NOT earned in this training

When have I learned the move?
1. Training posts
-- After you post your training, a mod will overview it
-- If they feel you trained enough, you succeed
----- The move will be added to your pokemon's moveset
----- NO experience will be gained from training
-- If the mod says you need more training, simply post another topic

* If you're told to train further, do NOT re-post your first post either partially or in whole. It is alright to use the same methods, but strive for a new approach to the move or follow what your mdoerator suggests (if available) to best learn the move

2. NPC training
-- The moderator posts as the move tutor, giving instruction
-- You respond how your character and pokemon react
-- Use logical reasoning; no one is perfect
----- Do not 100% succeed in what the NPC instructs
----- Do not god-moderate (follow guidelines)
-- When your moderator feels the teaching is over, you succeed
----- You may petition for an earlier deadline
----- This is usually done if training persists a -long- string of posts

3. NPC battle
-- You will NOT gain experience from these battles
-- You will either face a weak wild pokemon or the move tutor
-- You succeed when the battle concludes or your moderator feels that the pokemon has enough knowledge the learn the move

* Just because you're battling the move tutor does not mean you can skip out on the actual training portion of learning the given move. You should strive to write different styles of using the move to show the pokemon is thoroughly learning

If, for logical reason, your moderator feels that the pokemon is just incapable of learning the move you wish to teach or that they are unable to learn the move due to fault on either end, they may stop the tutoring session. No penalties will occur on either side
Rules ~ Move Tutor
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