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 Info ~ Pokemon Information

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PostSubject: Info ~ Pokemon Information   Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:06 pm

Pokemon is a unique universe started by the gaming company Nintendo. Games are released in "generations" every once in a while, and the game is a major hit... Anyway, pokemon are creatures that you use to battle, and pokemon have a vast variety of moves and typings. Some are stronger than others, but all can be trained to overpower even the toughest of foes (not excuse for god-moderation). Most who have pokemon are trainers, fighting to become the brightest while others have pokemon for their own agenda...

Pokemon Types:
1. Different kinds of pokemon exist in the pokemon universe
2. Some kinds are more uncommon than others

Wild Pokemon:
1. Normal wild pokemon
-- These pokemon are nothing special
-- These are the most common types of pokemon
-- Usually these pokemon are 100% normal

2. Shiny pokemon
-- These pokemon are rarer than normal wild pokemon
-- Shiny pokemon are different in genetic structure
----- Example: Light modifications such as eye color
----- Example: Major modifications such as pallette swap
-- Shiny pokemon are often coveted by collectors
-- Chances of a shiny encounter are very small

3. Dark pokemon
-- These pokemon are very rare
-- Usually these kinds of pokemon are darker in color
-- These pokemon are mostly dark-types, though others exist
----- These others are usually more coveted
-- Radiate a dark energy / aura

4. Marked pokemon
-- These pokemon are a bit more common than shiny pokemon
-- Their coats vary in color and pattern
-- Usually marked pokemon arise in breeding
-- Some marks are more valued than others
-- Marked pokemon may sell for a higher-price than others

5. Ghost pokemon
-- These pokemon are usually deceased
-- These pokemon cannot be captured by any means
-- Usually these pokemon react when their resting place is disturbed

6. Legendary pokemon
-- Legendary pokemon are stronger than other pokemon
-- Legendaries make up a very small fraction of the world
-- Legendaries are rarer than shiny pokemon
-- Legendaries are highly-coveted by any trainer
-- Legendaries cannot breed with other pokemon
----- Exception: Manaphy
----- Even then, only Phione is bred

Other Pokemon
1. Trainer pokemon
-- These pokemon are held by trainers or other NPCs
-- These pokemon may NOT be captured by any means
----- You can trade for an NPC pokemon
----- You may also borrow their pokemon temporarily (for a plot task, for example)
-- Moderators usually control these pokemon

2. Custom pokemon
-- User-created pokemon
-- These pokemon can be spawned alongside normal pokemon
-- Usually custom pokemon are rarer than normal pokemon
-- Custom pokemon are no different than normal pokemon
Info ~ Pokemon Information
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