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 Private Naruto RP

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PostSubject: Private Naruto RP   Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:11 pm


''Ninjutsu Template'':

''Chakra shinobi ranks'':

Chakra jutsu rank:

''Clan Template'':

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PostSubject: Re: Private Naruto RP   Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:15 pm


Name: Ian Hotegeki
Nickname: Ninja of flowers
Age: 16
Clan: Hotegeki (custom, its not really a clan, but I needed one for the jutsu I am giving him)
Rank: Genin
Element: Fire
Town: Kirigakure
Practicing Ninjutsu
Sexuality: Gay


Name: Flower Shuriken: Falling Blossoms and Scattering Leaves
Rank: D
Description:This technique will make flowers hover in the air before hardening and spinning at high-speeds. The flowers will then be launched at the target. Their hardened state will allow them to cut targets as effectively as metal shuriken.
Chakracost: 50
Cooldown:2 posts

Name: Flower Ninja Art: Many Blooming Flowers
Rank: D
Description: This technique turns flowers into bombs that can be detonated like explosive tags
Chakracost: 50
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Genjutsu: Flower petal escape
Rank: D
When trapped inside of a genjutsu or wishing to appear trapped, Kurenai uses this technique to dissolve her body into lots of flower petals which then consume her enemy's body.
Chakracost: 50
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Hotegeki
Special looks: All the members carry a small bag at their side, customized by their own choice however the bag is allways brown with on it a red ruby. This bag is too get flowers into infused with a bit of chakra so they dont wither. This is if the person needs to fight in a place without flowers.
Clan jutsu's:
- Flower Ninja Art: Many Releasing Flowers
- Flower Ninja Art: Many Blooming Flowers
- Flower Ninja Art: Mirror Flower Water
Clan Symbol: A sun flower with a ruby in the brown core
Kekkai genkai:
The kekkai genkai has more then one stage which can be achieved by hard training and gaining of experience.
1: Flower sprout: This one isn't very well noticeable. The only thing that will be noticeable is that the colour of the eyes change a bit to give a pinkish look to the person. However the person will be able to easier concentrate chakra. This one is very easy to aquire and can be gained since all the members got it without knowing when.
2: Flower bulb: This can only be gained by a lot of training and meditation, mixed with a bowl of patience. This makes the person be able to make the body lighter and move faster. For a small amount of time the speed and pyshical power of the person will be increased. This can only be used when the user has aquired the flower sprout stage. The pink in the eyes of the user will become brighter and a few veins in arms and legs will come up to see, and turn pink as like the blood has turned colour. When the stage is over, the veins will return to normal.

3: Blooming flower: This is very dangerous and is put as Forbidden by the clan. This one is also hard to manage and to aquire. The person must have a lot of discipline, mental strenght and Guts. When the user uses this, there veins will pump, as they are creating a lot of chakra in their body and keeping it stored. Then they put their hands in the bag being able to put a lot of chakra in those flowers making them glow. The flowers become weapons, which can be able to suck chakra out of living things and even be used by the person using this stage to make a shield which is as strong as titanium.
However the conciquenses of this technique are very dire as the next stage following is a terrible one which is allwaysfollowed after the use of blooming flower.

Withering flower: This technique allways comes after the Blooming flower. Due to all the pressure that has been put on the body it will keep letting sap huge amounts of chakra. If the person doesn't have a medical ninja at their side, who is pumping chakra in the body it is possible that the person will die due to a lack of chakra in the body. Should the person survive he will be unable to do anything for at least a week which goes wth massive weight loss since the person wont be able to eat anything as the body needs to heal to make sure the lacking of chakra is stopped. This can also cost lasting damage to the body, like stop the bloodstream (lack of chakra which makes blood flow) for a moment and can hereby damage veins. The appearance of the person will be like a withered flower. Ghost and sickly white.
Extra info:
- Not original from the village
- Not really since they are considered very weak and are ridecueled.
- Normal
- 3 families
(character is WIP)

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PostSubject: Re: Private Naruto RP   

Private Naruto RP
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