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 Trainer Classes 2.0

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PostSubject: Trainer Classes 2.0   Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:16 am

Important Note:
Just because each class has a specific purpose, you don't have to follow that purpose for your character in development. That's the fun of role-play; you have freedom in your character's creation.

Class Hierarchy:
-- Trainer
----- [Type] Trainer
-- Aura Trainer
-- Coordinator
-- Breeder
-- Adventurer
----- Photographer
----- Swimmer
----- Legendary Hunter
----- Researcher / Scientist
----- Ranger
----- Etc

General for All Classes:
-- Obtain money via Pokémon trainer battles
-- Can capture wild Pokémon to use for any purpose
-- Can randomly find items around
-- Can breed Pokémon or participate in competitions
-- Can challenge the Elite Four / Champion
----- Elite Four must be challenged first
----- User MUST have 8 badges from the E4 region

Main-A. Pokémon Trainer:
Sub-A. Pokémon Trainer
A. Purpose
-- Battle other trainers
-- Battle all gym leaders to obtain badges
-- Challenge the Elite Four and Champion
-- Capture many Pokémon
-- Be the best trainer "there ever was"

B. Benefits
-- Gain a 10% boost in experience from trainer battles
-- Can purchase pokeballs at a 5% discounted rate
-- Have a 5% increased chance at capturing Pokémon

C. Downside
-- May not do as well in contests
-- May not do as well breeding Pokémon

~ - - - - - ~

Sub-B. [Type] Tamer
A. Purpose
-- Breed and train [type]-type Pokémon
-- Battle other trainers to prove their strength
-- Maintain a purposeful connection with [type]-types
-- Search for origins of [type]-type Pokémon

B. Benefits
-- Gain a partial strength enhancement around [type]-types
-- Have a higher chance at capturing [type]-types [10%]
-- Can potentially communicate with [type]-types they capture

C. Downside
-- Strength enhancement has a cap
-- When not around [type]-types, a sense of weakness can occur

Main-B. Aura Trainers
A. Purpose
-- Work towards training aura mastery
-- Seek to help and train others of their kindred
-- Meditate and train to understand aura

B. Benefits
-- Can sense the aura of other creatures
----- This is limited to a single target at a time
----- This is limited to a distance of a few yards
----- Sensing more targets or farther drains more energy
-- Can materialize a weapon to use in defense
----- Materialization is typically short-lived
----- Weapon color is typically associated with aura type
----- Weapon is generally an Aura Sphere
-- Can potentially heal wounds
----- Healing is dangerous, and drains the user
----- Potentially fatal the more severe the wound

C. Downside
--- Strenuous activities can drain the trainer
------ Example: Large-scale activity in a short timeframe
------ Example: Constant repetition of single event
--- Using aura is draining. The larger the task, the more draining it is.

Main-C. Coordinator
A. Purpose
-- Raise Pokémon with optimal contest moves
-- Show style whenever battling or competing
-- Compete to obtain ribbons via competition

B. Benefits
-- Typically do better in competitions than others
-- Gain a slight discount upon purchasing TM/HM [10%]

C. Downside
-- Typically show a slight disdain towards battling
-- Typically are not the best at breeding

Main-D. Breeder
A. Purpose
-- Groom and train Pokémon
-- Compete using bred Pokémon
----- Coordinator competitions
----- Battling competitions
----- Pokémon show competition (like dog shows)
-- Breed special Pokémon for sale

B. Benefits
-- Can make pokechow unlike other kinds available
-- Friendliness with pokemon raises faster
-- Typically make higher amounts of money selling Pokémon
----- This is higher for Pokémon bred personally

C. Downside
-- Typically do less battling as opposed to breeding
-- Typically sell Pokémon as opposed to competing

Main-E. Adventurer
*Dependent on the purpose, downsides can vary

A. Purpose(s)
-- Adventure around different regions
-- Want to capture a variety of Pokémon
-- Photograph beautiful scenery, such as mountains
-- Compete in contests around the world
-- Discover different legendaries and myths related to them
-- Etc

B. Benefits
-- Slight increase in encounter of shiny Pokémon [5%]
-- Slight discount on pokeballs and moves [5%]

C. Downside
-- Typically focus on one purpose alone
-- May find difficulty in breeding Pokémon
Trainer Classes 2.0
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