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 Chaos Collision

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PostSubject: Chaos Collision   Fri Jul 04, 2014 10:26 pm

Before this story begins I would like to say this goes along with a series of stories I made a while back for myself. 200 years after the first series, and 190 after the second, twelve new heroes must step up to the challenge of defending their world from the strongest evil in the universe, who also has possession of the strongest force in the universe. This story has not yet been finished, so you may see here ahead of where my own computer's documents have saved! Also, some chapters are named after songs or lines or phrases from songs. Now, on with the story!

Chapter 1
200 Years After the Fact

Alright, so before this gets started, I want to explain a bit to ya'. About 200 years ago, there was this big clash! Seven great warriors fought against a villain named Finale, the element of darkness with a physical body. But Finale didn't want to give up, so he pulled out all the power he could, before Xero, the laeader of the seven and my great-great-great grandfather, gave up the one power that brought together the seven heroes. The power was known simply as "the Gift", and was possessed by five warriors pure of heart. Ten years later, there was something not many people remembered. A child found the Gift and accidentally scattered the five shards once more, one having gone into him. He met up with a girl his age who was able to use magic objects known as "seals", near-un breakable physical wall-like circles with colors and symbols based on what they were used for. These two searched for almost a year before finally having assembled a team of five heroes, all with a shard of the Gift, to find and destroy whatever brought them together. Again, Finale wanted all worlds. But the new team didn't give up, and Xero was there to assist in the final battle. Finale was defeated, or so they had thought. 33 years later Finale returned, this time alone, to claim the most powerful source of energy and power in the world...a force known simply as "The Chaos Force". Only those either 100% pure-hearted or 100% corrupted could use its power. Finale had every intention to use it to rule all worlds. Xero, Ri, Connor, Damon, Kiri, Seriah, and The Claw came to fight, none of which escaping unharmed. In the end they surrendered the Chaos Force to Finale, which caused the Gift a need to return again. However, while having expanded Xero's lifespan, he did die two months ago. But there is a legend. A legend of a force even more powerful than the Chaos Force. Instead of five shard like the Gift, it has twelve shards. With Xero and the Gift gone, we'd better hope the legends are true if Finale ever returns...

Alright, short first chapter is short! BUT I think recapping the entire series was a great way to start the story off, and if people enjoy reading this, I'll post more when I have a chance! Oh, and if a finished chapter five comes out, we're officially ahead of my document.
Chaos Collision
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