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 Staff ~ Still Alive [Recollective Update]

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PostSubject: Staff ~ Still Alive [Recollective Update]   Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:53 pm

Held Items, Experience Share, Lucky Eggs
Rules on Creation / Support Characters
Rules on Breeding and Hatching
Rules on Training and Battles
Rules about General Roleplay
New Template ~ Trainers
New Template ~ Custom Pokemon

Update ~ June 26th
Update ~ June 18th
Update ~ Trainer Template
Update ~ Custom Pokemon

Staff are still alive, believe it or not... Quite busy, staying out of chat sometimes, but still alive. Staff work behind the scenes trying to make your forum experience the best it can be. As such, a major, recollective, update needs to be written up, and that's what this topic is for.

Quite a few rules have been rewritten and pasted in their appropriate locations. These rules are mostly from the Rules and Information forum, but a couple of the templates have also been updated. A new system was also set into place in regards to held items and experience shares, but you can get to that from the above hyperlinks.

A grand majority (of staff) believed in the removal of further custom creation in regards to items and moves, and as such, these abilities have been removed. Custom moves can still be created, but this limit applies to 1 move per legendary custom! All currently existing items and moves will be kept for the sake of safety should a member have one.

Custom pokemon have been halted and the template for their creation updated alongside rules and information regarding their posting. Custom pokemon are to be held off until all current ones have been revised, and I'm a 1-person party working on them. Not every old custom pokemon will make it to the new list, and as such, when they are all fixed into their new destinations, you will be responsible for ensuring that you have one that is appropriately created. If, in the end, you have one that isn't approved anymore, you may request a slight reparation from a staff member (preferably an administrator).

Global moderators and regional moderators were merged into the same moderation group. Their abilities were far too similar as opposed to their differences, and as such, all moderators can handle character creation, role-play, and shops. In regards to the creation of custom pokemon, not all staff members can make the cut to have such an ability; it has been determined that I, myself, will be choosing moderators / administrators that are capable of thorough analysis and approval of customs that won't utterly destroy the forum (partial joke in there somewhere).

Ed, a previous administrator, was demoted to a moderator role upon his request. To take his place, Slowpoke, a moderator, was promoted to administrator. Mord-Sith was promoted to a full-time moderator from her trial status, and Ryuji was promoted onto the staff. In addition to such, a few other staff members were removed for various reasons, none of which will be revealed here.

- - - - -

To give an idea of what staff is discussing, look at the below list...

1. Contest system rewrite (rules and information)
2. Pokemon information and move tutor rewrite (rules and information)
3. A petition for the latest topic widget back
4. Trainer class rewrite + a possible benefit for all classes (rules / info)
5. An adoption center updating guide for those who don't know how to
6. Further work on held items and experience shares
7. Mega evolutions (a long, ongoing discussion), how to achieve them and such
8. A new method of handling the adoption center
9. A possible, new quest system for the forum (for gaining items and such)

- - - - -

Other than that, a staff member or two is digging through the suggestions and ideas forum. This is to find any potential ideas that could be suggested and worked on. If you have any ideas or suggestions of your own, we, as staff, would like to remind you that you have a couple of possibilities for getting your ideas out into the open. If one option doesn't work, please try another, and if you're having problems involving a staff member or other users, please remember that you can contact us via a private message!

Thank you,
Staff ~ Still Alive [Recollective Update]
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