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 Site Update: June 26th

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PostSubject: Site Update: June 26th   Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:02 pm

Firstly, I'd like to point everyone to the Rules and Information section of the board. We now have an official Held Item system in place! In addition, EXP Share and Lucky Egg systems are bundled in. Please don't complain about EXP Share or Lucky Egg rules, they were made so that they aren't game-breaking items.

Next off, I'd like to point everyone to that ever-handy "staff" widget on the left hand side of the site. A few things you'll notice. First off the colors were changed to be more aesthetically pleasing and less straining. Next, that Region Moderators and Global Moderators are now just "Moderators".

Lastly, you'll notice a few shuffles. Edfilaen is now a moderator, and I (Slowpoke) am now an administrator. In addition, Mord-Sith was moved from Trial-Mod to full-time mod. At the same time, three moderators were removed from staff for various reasons.

As such, we are now taking applications for trial moderators! Visit HERE if you are interested in applying, or know someone you'd like to recommend.

That's all for now! Keep tuned for your local weather~
Site Update: June 26th
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