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 Rules ~ Held Items, Experience Share, Lucky Egg

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PostSubject: Rules ~ Held Items, Experience Share, Lucky Egg   Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:49 pm

Held Items:
1. You must own the item you want your pokemon to hold
2. Your item must be on profile before your encounter
3. To use an item, you must list it
--- List any items and pokemon associations
--- List them at the START of battle
--- Any items unlisted will not effect your pokemon
4. Don't EDIT your posts if you forget an item
--- Detecting post edits is not difficult
--- If you truly made a mistake, contact your mod
5. Moderators are not required to immediately list held items in regards to NPC pokemon
--- Moderators should list any items when they start effecting their pokemon, or
--- Moderators should list any items when the NPC pokemon is frisked by an ability / move

Experience Share (Exp Share):
* ES: Experience Share

1. State at the beginning of a battle if ES is active
--- If you do not state this, ES will be assumed as inactive
--- Post a simple "Exp Share: Yes" or "Exp Share: No"
2. ES gives all party pokemon 50% of the total experience
--- This effect is performed regardless of participation
--- The effect only effects pokemon still alive in-party
--- This effect does NOT take effect during training topics
--- This effect takes place during battles ONLY

Lucky Egg:
1. State at the beginning of a battle if the item is active
2. Lucky eggs give the wielder 150% of experience
--- This effect is for battles ONLY
--- This means the effect will never occur in training topics
--- If a decimal is present after boosting, the amount of experience will be rounded
--- Example
------ A pokemon would gain 4 experience
------ Multiplied by 150%, (4 * 1.5 = 6)
------ The pokemon would really gain 6 experience

Example Post wrote:
Ash was excited and boisterous, a confident air about him. He was more than ready when his opponent challenged him, looking to his trusty Pikachu to help him win the battle. The Pokémon strut forward in a cute bounding fashion before taking an offensive stance. His cheeks sparked wildly, a twinkle in his eye for the battle to commence. "Alright, let's get this thing started!" Ash called out excitedly, pumping a fist into the air.

EXP Share: ON
Held Items:
Pikachu - Light Ball
Bulbasaur - Lucky Egg

Make a note that in this example, there are multiple pokemon, yet only two are currently holding items for this battle. Should the user state later another item is active, it will not be taken into consideration since this post is the start of battle.
Rules ~ Held Items, Experience Share, Lucky Egg
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