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 Update-ables : June 18

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Dragon Kurai
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PostSubject: Update-ables : June 18   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:47 pm

Looky-looky, update on my birthday. Yipee~ ???

Alright, so just a few moments ago I pasted up four topics in the Rules and Information forum. About half of the main rules of the forum were re-written and reviewed by staff. They were overviewed and revised a second time, and are now available to the public as the guidelines of the forum. MOST of the rules were revised; however, others are still in reconstruction or being discussed.

Custom Pokemon are still not available due to the light procrastination of communication between Avaritia and I (I've been giving her updates and my thoughts about it and she has been responding, hence why I haven't done much with it as of this moment). I plan to begin working on them soon.

Like spoken earlier the custom pokemon and trainer templates were BOTH revised for the sake of organization or improvement. The templates shouldn't be TOO different to make an impact on the forum other than how they pretty much just overall look.

Also, it seems dear Edfilaen decided to be just a moderator and give up the quiz. We all wish Ed a good experience as moderator as per his request D:
Update-ables : June 18
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