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 Rules ~ Creation and Support Characters

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PostSubject: Rules ~ Creation and Support Characters   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:43 pm

Creation Guidelines:
1. When creating a character, adhere to all guidelines
-- This means following the template given to you
-- Do not over-power your characters
----- Power-played History: Character's history is beyond logic
----- Power-play Ability: Character's abilities are beyond logic

2. You may modify the template if you so choose
-- If you modify, you MUST include all information in the template
-- Modifications to the template must be reasonable
-- Asking staff to view your modifications is recommended

3. Fill in the template thoroughly
-- State any and all moves a pokemon learns to its level
-- Do not leave out vital character information
-- Try to hit all the nooks and cracks of your character. For example, don't write of an event in the personality and leave that out in the history

4. Place any and all large images in spoilers. This prevents lag

5. Do not create a junk character
-- Junk characters are typically used for items, money, etc
-- Junk characters have very short histories, etc

6. You may not create a new character until 1 week has passed AFTER your most recent character posted in the creation forum

7. You may have only 4 characters active at any point in time. If you create more than four, one or more of your characters must be put in inactivity to meet this limit

Non-playable / Support Characters:
* NPC : Non-playable character
* SC : Support character
* MC : Main character

1. General information
-- NPCs and SCs may ONLY exist in topics for their main characters
-- A total of 2 SC may be created for each character
-- NPCs and SCs may be a help or hinderance to their main characters

2. Any SC begins with a single pokemon
-- This pokemon cannot EXCEED the character's highest level
-- Pokemon after the first cannot EXCEED the 2nd weakest pokemon's level on the main character's team

3. Support characters may gain pokemon
-- These pokemon are non-legendary
-- A new pokemon is attained AFTER 2 pokemon are captured by the MC
-- If 6 pokemon are present in the SC's party, no more can be gained
-- SCs may dismiss their pokemon for others after the first six

4. You may request an update to your SC
-- Requests are available after the MC's team gains 10 levels
-- You must include which fields are going to be changed
----- For example, the history, pokemon, and personality
-- If you request a history change, you MUST include revised information

Moderators (and administrators) reserve the ability to deny your character's application for a reasonable purpose, such as illogical content. You must work with the staff to have your application approved.
Rules ~ Creation and Support Characters
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