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 System ~ Breeding, Hatching

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Dragon Kurai
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PostSubject: System ~ Breeding, Hatching   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:42 pm

1. To breed...
-- You must have a male and female pokemon of compatible egg group
-- You must be in a secluded area the pokemon can be left alone
----- You may also leave your pokemon in the daycare of the region
-- Each pokemon must have not bred for 48 hours

2. Breeding typically lasts 1-2 roleplay pages
-- A moderator will notify you of the breeding being successful
-- A mark will be set on your pokemon after breeding is completed
-- Example: March 20, 2014

3. If breeding succeeds...
-- "Egg" plus the parents' names will be added to your character
-- For example: Egg - Lucario, Arcanine

4. Hatch your eggs...
-- You must go 1-2 roleplay pages before requesting the hatch
-- The egg has a 50-50 chance of being either parent
----- Exception: Ditto will not yield a ditto as a child
----- Exception: Manaphy will always yield a phione
----- Exception: Event egg or egg purchased from marketplace
-------- A marketplace egg will yield a pokemon of the given type
-------- The pokemon can be a dual-type or mono-type
-------- An event egg will spawn whatever pokemon is specified

5. Upon hatching...
-- The newly-born pokemon's information is added to your character
-- The newly-born pokemon is ALWAYS level 1 upon hatching
-- The newly-born pokemon MAY have an egg move
----- The pokemon may obtain one from one parent, OR
----- The pokemon may obtain one from BOTH parents

Example Breeding Posts:
User: Mark put his two lucario together in the day care. He was hoping that they woudl hold offspring that woudl be strong, leaving them be so that the two could be alone; he wasn't about to stay and make them embarrassed.

Moderator: The two lucario ended up with an egg.
"Egg - Lucario, Lucario" has been added to [trainer]!

Example Hatched Pokemon:
Pokemon: Riolu
Nickname: ---
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Experience: 0
EGG : move
Lv## : move
Ability: ability here
Personality: Riolu is a fighter, sticking at its trainer's side.
System ~ Breeding, Hatching
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