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 System ~ Battles, Training, Levels

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PostSubject: System ~ Battles, Training, Levels   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:42 pm

*NPC : Non-playable character
*SC : Support character

1. Battles are done via posting
-- Typical posting order is the user then the moderator
-- This order may be different for more people in 1 topic

2. You must post as your character and pokemon
-- This includes any dialogue, as well as action
-- You CANNOT leave out one or the other in your post

3. Your posts must be open-ended
-- You may NOT directly state your attack hits or not
-- DON'T pin your opponent's pokemon so your attack will hit
----- Basically, give them a chance to actually dodge and counter

4. When posting...
-- Refrain from long move chains. Using 1-2 is enough
-- Use logic, reasoning, and fairness during the battle

5. Moderator role:
-- Moderators choose which, when, and where wild pokemon appear
-- Moderators control any and ALL NPC / SC
----- This includes wild pokemon, trainers, gym leaders, etc
----- A moderator may allow you TEMPORARY control of NPCs / SCs
-- Moderators GUIDE your topic
----- Feel free to discuss an issue if you feel there is one
----- Do NOT argue with your moderator. Their reason is usually fair

6. Neither party may exit a battle unless consent has been found
-- For NPCs / SCs, this means consent from user and moderator
-- For multi-user battle, consent comes from all participating users
-- When you EXIT a battle willingly...
----- You forfeit all money you would gain by winning
----- You forfeit all experience from un-fainted pokemon

7. Upon defeating a pokemon, you will gain experience for pokemon
-- The experience is equivalent to the defeated pokemon's level
-- Experience is gained ONLY when the pokemon faints, not before
-- Experience is NOT gained if you capture a wild pokemon

Battle Process:
1. Upon encountering a battle...
-- The moderator must post the pokemon you encounter
-- The level and gender must also be stated

2. The usual process...
-- The moderator will post in introduction topic of battle
-- The user will post what moves and pokemon they use
-- The moderator posts...
----- If the user's attack(s) hit the pokemon
----- The wild pokemon's reaction
----- If a trainer uses an item, etc
-- The user reciprocates response
-- The above loop until either party goes down

Important Note:
When you're battling a wild pokemon, you only get three outcomes; you win, you capture it, or you lose the battle altogether. If you win the battle (as in you faint the pokemon), you will get experience, but will not have an attempt to capture it. If you capture the wild pokemon, you will not gain battle experience for the capture. If you lose the battle altogether... Well, sorry to hear you lost; it happens.

Consequence for Battle System:
If, at any point, you are not following the system, the moderator:
* May damage your pokemon either a little or badly
* May faint your pokemon with an incredible damage increment
* May negate your attack and continue the process

Leveling up:
1. Pokemon gain levels when their EXP is equivalent to their level
-- For example, a level 10 needs 10 experience to reach level 11
-- For example, a level 20 needs 20 experience to reach level 21

2. Upon gaining a level, the pokemon's information will update
-- Their experience value will be reset to zero (or excess exp)
-- Their level will increment by 1 per level gained
-- Their move list will be updated when appropriate

3. At certain levels, pokemon evolve into stronger forms
-- A majority of the time, the moderator will post saying it is
-- You may choose to evolve or hold your pokemon back from evolution

Training Topics:
A training topic is a topic in which you write about training your pokemon. This training can include actions and dialogue from a character and the pokemon in which they are training. A trainer may be included in the training session (such as running with their pokemon).

1. "Fluff" guidelines
-- A bit of fluff is allowed, if relevant to training
-- Anything not considered training or "fluff" will not be counted
----- Example: Using 30 "very" in one sentence will not count
----- Example: 30 words describing a leaf will not count
----- Example: Excessive dialogue or random topics will not count

2. Experience
-- For every 10 words, you will gain 1 experience to a total
-- If you train one pokemon, it will recieve all the experience
-- If you train multiple pokemon, the experience is divided evenly
----- You may escape this by having different sections
----- Usually these sections are depicted with "Training: <pokemon>"

3. Training topics and battling
-- You can battle a wild pokemon for experience
----- The level of that wild pokemon cannot be stated
----- If a level is given, then it will NOT be used for experience
----- Actions of the wild pokemon will NOT count towards exp
----- Training guidelines will be stricter in this instance
-- You cannot have another user show up and fight you
-- You cannot have an SC / NPC show up to fight you

4. A moderator will respond to your topic
-- Their post MUST detail the amount of experience gained
-- The moderator must post how the experience is divided

A good strategy in regards to training topics is to practice new battle methods, such as enhancing a pokemon's abilities or experimenting with new move combinations; however, you MUST follow LOGIC and FAIRNESS in training.

- - - - -

Example Battle Posts:
Participant A:
Alex decided he was ready to step up a notch, as the battle didn't seem to be going in his favor. He watched the foe Pidgeotto knock his Furret down with her Quick Attack. "Quick Furret, get back up! Try to counter with your own quick attack!" The trainer ordered. His furret climbed to its feet, looking around for the opponent. Once he saw the bird in sight, he dashed at an amazing speed, aiming to hit it with his own attack.

Participant B:
Jenny smiled, jumping a bit as she watched the Furret tumble. "Yeah, nice hit Pidgeotto!" she encouraged. However, the lanky Pokemon was quick to get back up, dashing at her bird. "Watch out, dodge it!" she called, to which Pidgeotto turned just in time to see. She flapped her wings hard, lifting out of the way with just enough time to feel the enemy brush against her feathers. "Yeah good, now use gust!" Pidgeotto began to flap her wings heavily, whipping up a gust of wind and causing a mini twister sent at the Furret.

Example Training Post:
Training Post:

System ~ Battles, Training, Levels
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