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 Rules ~ General Roleplay

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PostSubject: Rules ~ General Roleplay   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:41 pm

Following Logic ~ Important Note:
We understand that there are things that can be accomplished logically through role-play. However, this does not mean that EVERYTHING in the world is possible. If you are in doubt about some event you have in mind being impossible, please immediately contact an appropriate staff member and discuss it with them. They have useful suggestions that they can make to help refine your idea or otherwise navigate you to make it capable of following the below guidelines!

General Role-play Rules:
1. Be courteous to other members
-- This rule applies to the chatbox and topics, as well as private messages
-- Being courteous means to not insult other members or flame them
-- This rule applies in regards to both members and staff

2. Respect tags on topics: "Open," "Closed," and "Invite-Only" for example
-- If there is no tag, you may assume it is automatically open
-- Often tags involve the above three words or usernames

3. Use common sense and logic
-- Laws of physics apply; no one-hitting pokemon to the moon!
-- Common sense dictates that a superiorly strong pokemon outdoes a weak one
-- If a status ailment is inflicted, this impacts a pokemon

4. Do not god-moderate, bunny, etc
-- Auto-hitting: Forcing your attacks to land on an opponent automatically
-- Evasion: Evading a majority, or all, attacks thrown at you
-- Control: Controlling a character or pokemon not in your possession
-- Superman: Inhumane abilities or lengthy move strings [5-10 moves, etc]
----- Inhumane abilities consist of super-high jumping, sonic-speed, etc
----- This also applies to dodging that is illogical
-- Other forms do exist. Following logic and common sense typically evades this

5. Use speech that is understandable / legible
-- Do not use "text-speech," such as "lol," "roflol," etc
-- When making an out-of-character note, use "[OOC]" or another indicator
----- A good indicator could be (), [], or <>
----- Using formatting different from your post is also recommended

6. Do not double-post in topics
-- This rule includes role-playing and the marketplace
-- You may double-post ONLY when you are bumping
-- A bump typically occurs 48 hours AFTER originally posting

7. There is a chance you encounter multiple pokemon
-- You may choose to fight one or all the pokemon at once
-- You must adhere to the guidelines of this forum
-- This is NOT to say a little lenience isn't possible (since you're fighting multiple pokemon)

8. Upon successful victory, you should recieve money as a prize
-- This is ONLY for trainer encounters, gym battles, or elite four
-- Items can also be a prize, but that is rare outside of gyms
-- Do NOT bribe the moderator to obtain more money

9. For best encounter results, write you're looking for something
-- Likely a completely random pokemon will generate otherwise
-- If you want a specific pokemon set (such as region-only pokemon), alert your moderator to this note so they may provide you an optimal set of pokemon to battle
-- Region-specific pokemon may be ignored in trainers, gyms, etc

10. Write posts that are more than one line in length
-- Details can be key in some instances
-- If in doubt, try to put in character thoughts and dialogue
-- Express actions and emotion!
-- This does NOT mean to overbake posts in length

Moderators (and administrators) reserve the ability to either damage or take-out your pokemon if you are suspected of god-moderation or being beyond a reasonable power limit during battles. If, for reasonable plot purpose, a threat of damage to your pokemon could be used/needed, the moderator may also cause such an event to occur (for example, a cave collapsing in if too much damage to the structure occurs) among other possibilities.
Rules ~ General Roleplay
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