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 My Purrfect Summer

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PostSubject: My Purrfect Summer   Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:30 am

My Purrfect summer
“Hello the names Lunar I’m a White tiger, Anthro of course, and I wasn’t to tell you of my perfect summer.” Lunar said. The summer just ended and the first English assignment was to write about our summer. “My story starts two months ago, I would say three but I spent the first month learning Italian, I was sitting drinking a coffee. It was a hot summer day in Venice. Lunar was enjoying a cold ice coffee when, he heard a call for help. The call sounded close but with the buildings so close it’s hard to tell. He picked up his coffee and carefully walked to the ally next to the coffee shop. It was a dead end to his surprise, a tall male; the cheetah was cornered by two big germen Sheppard. They wore uniforms that read polizia but, the way they looked and acted told a different story. He was scared to the bone he backed up his claws dragging against the wooden deck of a sidewalk. One of them turned around. His face tore apart with the awful sound of metal scraping on metal. It charged at him. In a panic he threw his coffee at it. It buzzed then fell to the ground. “That’s it you got it.” The cheetah yelled. The other ran faster with a Taser drawn at first Lunar’s instincts told him to run but he stayed there backing up till he was at the edge of the side walk. At the last moment He jumped up and over it. It crashed through the hand rails and landed in the canal. Lunar walked to the cheetah. He helped him up and brushed the dirt off. “I’m Lunar” he said grabbing a suit case it said Government Property and handed it to him. He smiled sweetly. “I’m Special Agent Cody Banks of the teen spy program.” He said opening a metal door he waved Lunar in. He was cautious at first he had just met the kid but he felt strangely like he was in love. Cody had turned the light on placed the suitcase in a high security vault. “Well my mission is done” he said smiling. He changed into some more normal clothes. “Anyways I owe you a coffee…cutie.” He said winking at him. Lunar blushed. “Th…thanks and, you don’t have to its ok” he said. He felt Cody hand grab his and blushed a bit harder. “Aw, you’re even cuter when you blush.” He said. “You know I’ve seen you around for a bit and I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to talk to you let alone ask you out.” He said laying his head on Lunar’s shoulder. Lunar turned the light off then walked out dragging Cody with him. “So we just met for the first time. We know nothing about each other and you want to go out” he said trying to be as clear as he could. Cody nodded vigorously. Lunar thought for a few moments then let out a sigh. “We can give it a try.” He said. Cody sprang up and dragged Lunar to the center of the maze of floating buildings. He came to a stop in front of a mansion. “That’s Foxworth mansion there’s a legend that once a year on a gondola they steal a tourist and sell them into slavery.” He said then dashed to a church. “This is the church many people attend it’s the Basilica of St. Mark.” He said. He then whipped around and sat on a bench. “So when do you leave?” he said in a small sad voice. “In about two months I have school to get to afterwards.” He said rubbing Cody’s head. Cody smiled “Then I’ll make it your best summer and maybe we’ll see each other again when I visit America.” He said in a happy tone. They spent every moment possible together. They did things like attend move, ride in gondolas, sleep at the hotel, meet up for coffee, at dinner, and on the last night they went to the major party of the year and spent the night drinking punch and dancing. Lunar grabbed his suit case of clothes and pulled up next to the side of the wooden side walk. A moment later Cody appeared when Lunar called a gondola driver over Cody paid the fair to the dock that would put him on a ferry to the main land. The gondola driver was a fox in the stereotypical gondola driving uniform. When he was out of sight of Cody he turned sharply. A few long confusing moments later they were behind the Foxworth Mansion. He felt a paw on the back of his head as a rag was shoved in his face. He drifted in and out of sleep for a moment, and then he finely drifted into the cold darkness of unconsciousness. When he woke up he was in a room only a bed a glass of water and some food. There was no window and the air was stale. He went to the only way to enter and exit the room and tried to open the door. It was locked there was a loud bang on the door and he stumbled back a few moments later some on entered. He was kind of shady at first he then lit a match and some more candles kind of like the ones that lit the room but it was in a holder. It was a lizard. “I’m here to make sure you wear the cottons and leather suspenders over there by orders of the master.” He said. Lunar changed his clothes in the darkest corner he could find. He then walked out. The lizard smiled. “Well you’re more eager than the last one I had to dress him myself.” He said as he opened the door after he bound Lunar’s hands with some rope then tied a long piece of the same rope to it and led him to a large room. The people in here wore mask hiding their faces which wouldn’t have mattered to him since he knew no one in Venice. At first bidding was slow then it got quick and rapid. When no one else would bid one in particular client wiggled in his seat happily. There was a small knock then a loud bang as the room filled with polizia. Cody ran up to him and wrapped his arm’s around him. “I thought we were to late I saw that gondola driver and your suit case I thought you might of left it but he said that you never reached your destination at first I thought you would come find me so I went to the St. Mark church and when you didn’t come for a day I feared the worst luckily I figured that the legend might be true and told them where to look.” He said almost crying. At first Lunar didn’t say anything do to the shock he was about to be sold into slavery and to be used in any way the highest bidder chose and that he was out for a day. “I’m so glad you saved me now does this mean were even?” He said nuzzling his neck. When he was debriefed and the information was noted and the doctors cleared him he was escorted by Cody and a squad of polizia to the airport. “The reason this is my perfect summer is because I went to Venice the place I always wanted to go I helped a agent solved a case and found new love. Sadly he wasn’t able to come with me but we skype and text each other.” He said. There was a knock at the class room door when the teacher opened it a Cheetah walked in. “Class this is our newest student…” the teacher stopped then gulped hard in disbelieving what she was about to say. “Cody Banks.” The teacher finished. Lunar jumped a bit in surprise dropped his report on his desk and ran and hugged Cody. “I guess I missed your perfect summer report.” He said chuckling.
My Purrfect Summer
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