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 Pokémon Oddity

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PostSubject: Pokémon Oddity   Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:15 am

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We would like to advertise our newly created and opened forum! Pokémon Oddity (PKMNO) is a Pokémon forum RPG, which has no plot or storyline and simply focuses on Pokémon role-play.  However, only the Kanto region is playable because we are still working on the other regions.

What is odd about Pokémon Oddity, you ask?

Unlike most Pokémon Forum RPGs, Pokémon Oddity does not and will never have a story plot. This is a forum that simply focuses on the original design of taking the role of your fictional character, choosing a starter, capturing wild Pokémon, collecting gym badges, trading Pokémon, defeating the Elite 4, and lastly, becoming the Champion. While we do have a staff team, a private sub-forum where staff discusses things does not exist. Perhaps you could say that we are more of a community and that Pokémon Oddity is a forum that develops with the help of all its members, like teamwork. This may seem confusing, but this does not mean that any member can do the job of a Moderator. We have Moderators to moderate and Administrators to manage and enforce things. Think of it as if we all are the mouths and brains, while the staff is the hands.

You can find our rules and information things on our FAQ.
Pokémon Oddity
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