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 Diamond Nuzlocke Plot

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PostSubject: Diamond Nuzlocke Plot   Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:42 pm

So...yeah, I know I've been gone for a while I'm sorry guys. Life got super busy, but I'm going to REALLY try to be more active I swear! To start off my reactive-ness I wanted to get an opinion from all my friends on the plot I built for my Diamond nuzlocke.

WARNING! This plot includes:
* Extreme violence
* Death
Viewer discretion is advised

The Unova region is under a new terror, the few remaining members of team Plasma that have slipped through the League's custody have staged a massive attack on all eight gyms. Joan spear heads the attack, and holds Drayden at gun point. In an unexpected turn the young Iris rushes in, devoted to save her grandfather figure, wielding only a wooden board. With the simple slip of a finger her life is taken away, and swept up in grief Joan slips away. After days of trekking through the wild she slips aboard a cargo plane bound for the Sinnoh region.
Wanted all across the world for murder of Opelucid City's second gym leader, she little to no choice but to hide in the woods to await being found.

In her sleep a vision comes to her, a world where reason makes no sense, gravity no longer applies as waterfalls go upward instead of down. A massive shadow flies past her, hiding in the darkness. It reveals itself, Griatina's eyes filled with malice as it glowers down at her. It lurched forward, maw open to devour the young woman. Hands thrown up over her head in false defense, she waited...and waited...and waited. Slowly her eyes opened, the strange realm was gone, only a purple aura all around her.

She stood on some intangible ground, and a shadow slowly forms from the purple mist all around. Darkrai reveals himself before her, and tells of grave news: her soul had been condemned by Arceus himself. With fear in her heart she tries to plea for her life, but is stopped by the being of nightmares. He continues, telling how Arceus senses the regret in her heart for taking the life of the innocent and taking the precious Pokémon of those around her. Therefore, Arceus presents her a challenge.

Become a trainer, really understand how these creatures think and feel. But as the price for taking a life, instead of fainting in battle the lives of her Pokémon will be lost. She will feel their pain, her entire body will be consumed with pain each time she loses a party member. If all six of her members faint she is condemned to death, having failed in her mission. With her life on the line she accepts, and with aide from the being of knowledge Uxie - having used its power to erase all knowledge of Joan's crimes from the world - and the being of Emotion Mesprit - using its power to having her commune with the creators of the world, strengthening the bond with her team mates - they send Joan back to the world of the living.

Darkrai returns to his master with the grand news, and all but one of the legends is thrilled to know she is willing to take this chance to change. Dialga, master of time, is livid with his master Arceus' choices. He gazed back into her past, and saw no chance of change in the weak human's heart. He takes it upon himself, against Arceus' command, to rid the world of her whatever it may take. Joan is in a struggle for her very life, and must go against her Plasma teachings in order to survive. This is her story, this is her struggle, this is her journey.

Comments and critique are most appreciated! Thank you for reading!
Diamond Nuzlocke Plot
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