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 Kaptain Ava's Birthday Present!

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PostSubject: Kaptain Ava's Birthday Present!   Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:57 pm

(This is only beginning of an adventure, but if you want, you can always edit and finish the story :3)

One day, the was a meeting of a girl, and her pokemon, Zoroark, Nidorina, Quilava and Absol. The five sat around a campfire to keep warm in the snowy winter, but they continued to discuss their plan to go against the Champion, Lilly, who was actually quite young, but quite experienced. Their plan was to earn a two more members that would help out, but the other plan was a big strategy! Although the strategy was incomplete, the four pokemon and the girl set the plan into their brains.

This girl of the four pokemon was strategic, agile, and quite smart, some even wondered if she was actually a scientist! This girl is named Avaritia, but she wasn't alone, not only was there her pokemon, but also a mysterious being hiding upon the shadows.

Ava returned her pokemon and stood up, the plan is almost complete, but the problem is the two missing pokemon. She looked around for a pokemon to keep, or battle against, soon, a randomly strolling Sylveon was strolling by. "Perfect, Nidorina! Let's battle!" Nidorina jumped out of its pokeball and ran at the Sylveon "it's a fairy type, so use poison jab!" the nidorina collided her horn against the sylveon, super effective hit! Sylveon laid on the ground for a second, it stood up again and unleashed a psyshock at the Nidorina, "attack again" she said as she grabbed out a pokeball Nidorina poison jabbed Sylveon again, this time getting poison. The sylveon took damage from the poison and Ava threw a pokeball.

The pokeball flashed showing the capture, but also, a girl younger than Ava walked out of the shadows clapping "Good job" she says "that was such a good battle, I bet you are in hopes of battling me one day, well, you'll have to continue training, but sooner or later, our battle will begin, and no promises of me going easy! Bye! See you at the elite four!" The girl then skips away, and with that, Ava's lust of going to beat the Champion, Lilly, and the real beginning of her adventure.
Kaptain Ava's Birthday Present!
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