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 NPC - Mako Hamasaki - Miku Hamasaki

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PostSubject: NPC - Mako Hamasaki - Miku Hamasaki   Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:53 am

General Info

Name: Mako Hamasaki
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Mako appears to be very much like his sister in many ways. He is a few inches taller, standing at an even 5' with the same sleek black hair. Even their eyes are the same cool blue, though Mako's often appear to be more mysterious and mischievous than Miku's sad eyes. All in all aside from the height difference, you might think the two were identical twin sisters, as Mako even keeps his hair longer.

Oh, and did I mention he's a cross dresser? That's right, Miku's twin brother is a cross dresser, and quite a flamboyant one. He often wears much more girly and flashy outfits than Miku would, his favorite being a frilly purple kimono (far from traditional, though). Similar to Miku, Mako is skilled in the arts of the blade, though would rather carry around twin daggers than a long sword, which he keeps tucked away for emergency. He makes quite the cute girl, and hides his gender well as thus.

Background Check

Main OC: Miku Hamasaki
Relation: Mako Hamasaki is the twin brother of Miku Hamasaki. Their relationship was always a close one up until about a year ago, when Mako will tell you that things got "rocky" between them.

Personality: Mako was once a shy and reclusive boy, who only ever wanted to play with his sister, Miku. However, due to life events he has since become a rather dark individual, not that the world would see him this way. To the world he is a lovely young girl who loves her sister dearly, and would do anything for her. In a way, this is true. Mako does love his sister to death. He would literally do anything for 'her own good' even if she didn't want it. 

See, Mako has convinced himself that he is a hero of sorts though the truth is very different. He could be classified as a sociopath of sorts, able to manipulate the public into believing what he wants and keeping his true intentions hidden. So much so that he himself doesn't even truly see his 'true intentions'.

Publicly Mako is flamboyant and flirtatious. He will flirt with either gender freely, especially if it benefits him. Rarely does he grow truly fond of these endeavors, though. He seems friendly enough, much the opposite of his sister, whom he encourages to be more like him at every opportunity.

History: History: Mako was born to a small family who live on the outskirts of Cerulean City, along with his Twin sister, Miku. They were the only children to their parents, and living at the outskirts of the city grew up with only each other. Even as children in school, the two seemed to be disinterested in socializing with the others. Growing up in such a manner, they never felt the need to branch out and make friends. They were all each other needed.

At the age of 12, the two were given the opportunity to choose a starter Pokemon or take a pokeball to find one on their own accord. By this time in life, the twins had spent much time at the edge of the water nearby. They found being among the Pokemon to play quite enjoyable, and so chose the latter option. Aside from their after school activities and homework, there seemed to be less and less time to pursue their potential future partners.

Soon, their mother fell ill and the twins had to spend most of their free time watching after her. They would take shifts so that the other could go out in search of their partner at times. However, this caused the two to grow apart. It seemed that neither one knew how to grieve properly, and caused trauma to their already fractured personas. Miku became more withdrawn to her thoughts, finding console only in nature and the waterside Pokemon. Specifically, a Slowpoke she'd befriended. Mako, however seemed to lose himself and turned dark and pessimistic. 

He couldn't seem to handle both his mother's dwindling health, and something inside him shattered. On a trip to Celadon City to pick up some of their mother's medicine, Mako wandered off onto route 7 to explore. Being outside and away from his mother was his only recluse. This was where he met Growly, a young Growlithe who was being 'repressed' for setting several fires. Seeing it as opportunity, Mako befriended the Pokémon and captured it as his first.

After training Growly, Mako used his...talent, let's say, to 'liberate' both Miku and himself from their mother. When Miku responded negatively to his actions, Mako was heartbroken. He decided to leave her be, and hope to one day show her that what he did was for both their benefits.


Pokémon: Growlithe
Nickname: Growly
Gender: Male
Level: 19
Ability: Flash Fire - This Pokémon absorbs fire type attacks and increases the power of its own fire type attacks.
Personality: Growly seems to have quite the superiority complex, and walks around as though strutting 'something you'll never have'. As such, he can be very violent and shows off his power if he feels threatened in any way (including just feeling like less than at the top). Mako allows him to show off his moves relentlessly, and so they make great partners.

Pokémon: Vulpix
Nickname: Aditya
Gender: Male
Level: 14
Ability: Flash Fire - This Pokemon absorbs fire type attacks in order to boost its own fire power.
Personality: Aditya is just about as flamboyant as his master, always preening his fur to make sure he is as beautiful as possible. It is exactly this that led the two into joining up, Mako's feminine ways and obsession with beauty proved worthy to the fire fox. He is quite stuck up, though, and definitely sees himself as above all others...well, all but one.

Pokémon: Eevee
Nickname: Vui
Gender: Female
Level: 14
Ability: Adaptability - Eevee's Normal type attacks get an extra bonus to their STAB!
Personality: Vui is an adorable little bugger, and she knows it. She always looks and acts innocent around people to fool them, but in reality she is about as mischievous as they come. Mako met her in a city, doing tricks for a con man. To say the least, Mako managed to swindle the swindler, and has kept Vui close since. Vui is the one Pokemon Aditya will yield too, having fallen for her false charms.

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PostSubject: Re: NPC - Mako Hamasaki - Miku Hamasaki   Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:35 am

Looks like it's in all in order. Approved. :3
NPC - Mako Hamasaki - Miku Hamasaki
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