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PostSubject: THE SUPER-MONS   Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:35 pm

Yeah I just did that. So I will now write you a story... of pokemon getting super powers. cause they totally don't have those already... yeah dumb idea right? WELL I LIED! XD
These will be about HUMANS getting POKEMON powers!~

Plots are overrated (I will try and make these make just a little sense, okay? *cough* not)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have super powers? Being able to fly or turn invisible, being able to do whatever you want? Well... I have. However I never thought my friends would change so much... or that it had so much... pressure. Well... I better start from the beginning.

It all started ten years go-
Too early. You don't need to tell 'em your life story
*sigh* Okay then. A month ago.
Me and my friends Jack, Susie, Rose and Franklin (Or Frankie as we call him) were out playing in a forest. You see we all love Pokemon, and often play the games at my house. But... they are not real, we all knew that... or... so we thought.

"COME ON FRANKIE! YOU’RE SO SLOW!" Jack shouted into the wind, him and the other kids were standing on the top of a hill, it were high enough for them to see the top of most trees in the little forest. Frankie were not fat, just a bookworm, so he were not very fit.
“I’m running as fast I can” the reply came; Jack grinned at the answer and looked at me, Tyler. “Hey T, how
‘Bout we help the nerd?” he asked grinning wider “Oh Jack please just let him run up here” Susie said removing a long hair from her face. Rose nodded in agreement, “I agree Jack, no need to bully Frankie” I replied, not wanting to anger the girls (Damn they had TEMPER).
“Why do I hang with you all, you’re all so boring sometimes”
“I’m here…” A panting voice said, and Frankie’s pale face showed, his black hair sticking to his face. “You actually tried running up here?” Jack asked, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah…” the answer sounded. “Can we just play already? Frankie you said you found a cheat to get Mew right?” I heard myself ask, sitting down to unpack my bag with our games and consoles were in.
“Yeah, just follow my steps okay?” Frankie replied reaching out for his red Gameboy Color, a perfectly new version of Pokemon Silver were in it, he had gotten it for his birthday this year. I took my own blue Gameboy with Pokemon Red in it (My parents had refused to buy me any game newer) the others got their own copies. Jack bragged –as normally- about his Pokemon Crystal game, and how his Pikachu Gameboy were so much better than ours. The girls got their Pokemon Yellow games, and talked about how cute it were when pikachu followed you.
We played outside for what seemed hours until it got darker and darker. No one of us really noticed, until a light glimpse scorched in the sky. Rose shouted thinking it were a lightning bolt, Susie fell to the ground covering her head, Jack stood staring alongside me and Frankie pinned himself onto the ground. The light faded and a giant rock seemed to come toward us. “A METEOR!” Jack shouted, I felt my legs trying to move, but my mind did not react. The rock just came closer and closer, and suddenly the crying and shouting voices from my friends were gone.

I remember a lot of darkness, and a voice faintly trying to reach for me. I then opened my eyes, looking around. Rose sighed, she were bowed over me, her red curly hair covering her face. “Your awake…” she said moving away so I could sit up. My head had hurt terribly, and I felt like throwing up. I tried remembering what had happened, and realized I no longer were on a hill in a tiny forest where me and my friends so often played Pokemon together. I were in a gigantic forest, the sky barely could be seen, a critter could be heard singing somewhere, a bird as well. “Where are we…?” I mumbled, then remembering my friends.
Jack were lying unconscious on the ground, his clothes torn and some of his face seemed… burned.
Franklin were awake, sitting away from everyone crying… his pale skin seemingly icy… almost blue.
Susie were trying to wake up Jack, her long blonde hair were messy.
“I got no idea” It took me a while to realize Rose had replied my question. “Are everyone okay…?” I asked trying to figure why my head kept on hurting so much.
“Well… Jack were awake… but suddenly set on fire… then he fainted” Rose replied looking away.
I stood up faster than I remember moving before, first now I noticed some of the grass around Jack were scorched from fire, the burn marks on his face, and the thorn clothes were because he had SET ON FIRE?!
“Are you pulling a trick on me?!” My throat hurt a bit from shouting.
“No, he actually set on fire…” Rose seemed hurt my mouth did not care about her.
“…How should I know…?”
“Stop…. Stop… STOP…” Franklin’s voice said, I turned to him ready to punch his face, and then realized just what I just had thought of doing. His dark blue eyes sparkled from anger, and fear. “Just shut up Tyler,” he continued raising “He set on fire, just like I froze a pokemon”.
“What? You froze a pokemon. But Pokemon are NOT real Franklin!” I said walking toward him, “I froze a Caterpie, it just came by and I accidently froze it”, Frankie replied.
“Stop fighting please…” Susie said softly, I overheard her. “Prove it nerd, where is said Caterpie?”
“I don’t know, it just disappeared”
“Quit lying”
I lifted a hand ready to punch the nerd, but then an ice-cold blast hit my stomach sending me feet backwards right into a tree. I opened my eyes, groaning in pain. I were frozen stuck onto the tree, Frankie were standing back there, looking angry, and snowflakes were around his hands, now his skin were literary icy blue. “Stay. Back. Tyler” He turned around running off, I felt like shouting after him, but the cold had cooled my mind a little, I got control over myself, luckily.
Rose ran over to me, trying to remove the ice with her bare hands. “Are you okay?” She mumbled continuing to punch the ice “Yeah… did you just see that…?” she nodded slight at my question, her eyes seemingly saying; ‘You asked for it.’ And I had, what had happened?
Jack were awake now “Wow… you look chill T” he mumbled walking over to me, not even noticing Susie. (Who just followed him)
“Seems like our little nerd got superpowers eh?” He continued grinning a bit, “Well I shouldn't say that, considering I set on fire in the middle of nowhere”
“Shut it please” I mumbled, suddenly I felt something, sparks… Wait… Sparks? I looked at my hands, there were indeed sparks around them “Stay back Rose” I mumbled, she stepped back at command. Electricity flew through me; I could feel the power of it. Suddenly bright light from lightning flew from me, destroying the ice. I fell right down on my butt, groaning a bit. “Well T got powers too, electricity eh? So we got Ice, Fire and Electricity, we can like… play superheroes”
I had a difficult time not hitting Jack’s face.
“So… how about you girls?” I said instead, Rose flinched slight then said very softly “Well… Susie got Telekinesis, psychic powers…” I caught the tone and looked at Susie, “Is it true Susie?” she just nodded.
“So… We’re like Pokemon! Fire, Electric, Ice and Psychic types, come on Rosie tell us your power!” Jack pushed laying an arm around the redhead.
“I don’t think I have any…” Rose replied, and then it hit me. She indeed did have a power. “You do have one… look at your knuckles Rose,” I said staring at her hands. She raises her hands looking at them “What’s with them Tyler?” she asked tilting her head, “Their not damaged after you punched rough ice with your bare hands, see?” I took her hand turning it upside down, showing the back of her hand. “No bruises, no scars, no blood, no nothing!” I said, “You got to be a Fighting type! Or maybe Steel!” I said with a tone filled with happiness, my favorite type had always been Steel, ever since I learned it existed that is, due to its awesome defenses. “This is so cool; I don’t think your skin can be hurt at all!” I continued letting go of her hand.
“So… what now” Susie asked as to interrupt the conversation.
“We should find the nerd, he can’t have gone far” Jack replied.
“His name is Franklin, you shouldn’t call him ‘the nerd’ Jack” Rose said.
“Can we just go find him?” Jack answered glaring at Rose a little.

So yeah, might as well tell you 'bout the people.
Tyler is our main character; He controls Electricity. His main pokemon is not yet revealed. His temper can control him due the wildness of the lightning, he can run faster than anyone and controls the power of all kind of electricity.
He got hazel brown eyes, with a tint of olive and deep brown short hair.
He's ten and a half years old.

Jack is kinda a bully, due to being the oldest, he bullies Franklin most and often makes Tyler join in. His power is Pyrokinesis; Fire control. He can set on fire without being hurt, and control and create fire. His temper is also very low after becoming possessed by fire. His main Pokemon is yet not revealed.
He's muscular and got blonde medium long hair, as well blue eyes.
He's eleven years old, almost twelve however.

Rose is a nice and caring girl, a mother of them all you can say. Her powers are currently considered unknown, all know is her skin cannot be damaged, leading the group to think she's either Steel or Fighting, her main Pokemon is unknown.
She got rose red curly hair and beautiful yellow eyes.
She's ten and a half years old.

Susie is quiet and shy, often staying in the background of things happening. Her power is Psychokinesis, all she has shown is Mind Communication (with Rose) and Telekinesis (Rose told group).
Her hair is long and blonde, her eyes are dark blue.
She's ten years old, almost eleven.

Franklin or Frankie is a bookworm, he's also smart and knows lots of hidden and secret things about Pokemon. His power is Ice Manipulation. He can do anything with ice, his main Pokemon is unknown.
His eyes are dark blue, and his hair black with a blueish tint.
His skin is seemingly icy blue after using his powers.
He just became ten years old, making him the youngest.

Anyways that's chapter 1.
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PostSubject: Re: THE SUPER-MONS   Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:44 pm

Snore... So much text. Nice character profiles. Keep em up!
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