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 General Info.

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PostSubject: General Info.   Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:16 pm

Elite 4 Palace
This is a place for trainers who want to test their skills and abilities by challenging elite trainers or each other. Also this palace is not only for competitions,  but also to reward you for trying. What i mean by that is that this place is for everyone to battle and have fun. 
The Elite Four (Japanese: 四天王 Four Heavenly Kings) are four Pokémon Trainers who are regarded as the toughest in their regional Pokémon League, short of the Pokémon League Champion. 

  • Every elite trainer uses monotype 
  • Every elite trainer declares and creates his/hers own rules 
  • Every elite trainer can be replaced with someone who other elites recognized as better and more worthy 
  • Every elite trainer has his/hers chamber (topic) where you can read all you need to know about them
  • Everyone can be elite trainer regardless of the user rank
  • By defeating one elite trainer you earn 30 BP, and by defeating all 4 trainers you get rank «League Champion»

The Royal Battle Chamber or RBC for short is a chamber located in the hart of the palace. It is a place for every trainer to test his skills with any other trainer. The winner gets 3 BP for every battle he/she won.

  • To challenge someone to battle post a battle offer/request in the RBC forum
  • All battle rules are allowed and you must state them in your offer/request
  • When the battle is over we need a confirmation/proof that you won or lost the battle (screenshot and confirmation of your challenger will do the job)
  • More informations can be found in the RBC 
You can spend your Battle Points by messaging moderator or administrator  to convert them to Player Points or Pokedollars.
10 Player Points = 1 BP
5 Pokedollars = 1 BP

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General Info.
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