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 Huntik signing up third try

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PostSubject: Huntik signing up third try   Huntik signing up third try H6Q0F8zTue Oct 22, 2013 9:39 pm

Name: (Full Name)
Age: (Age Of Character)
Gender: (Male Or Female)
Looks: (At Least One Paragraph Or A Picture)
Personality: (What your character is like: Only Requires 1 paragraph)
History: (The History of your character: Only Requires 1 paragraph)
Side: (Huntik Foundation Or The Blood spiral)
Friends: (Friends of your character)
Enemies: (Enemies of your character)
Family: (Your Character's family)
Items: (What Items you have with you)
Skills: (What your character is good at: Specialist Skills)
Spells: (The Spells Known By Your Character)
Amulets: (You Are Allowed 6 to begin with)
Team: (If you have one like Lok, Zhalia, Dante and Sophie)

Name: Ren Thatcher
age : 16
gender: male
side: Huntik Foundation
enemies: everyone from the Organization, Blood Spirals.
family: Neil (60) Nichole (59)
story : ren was raised by his uncle and aunt because his parents died when he was youngerhe lived in london his aunt and uncle did not had much money but one day he can across a fight between the huntik foundation and the organization he was amazed by
their strenght and join them knowing that he could get money for his parents ren had infiltraded the huntik foundation when he had the chance and was waiting now for his first mission
items: none
skils: master in combat and good with titans and spells
spells boldflare
ray pulse
no fury
no curse
titans: ammit heart-eater, kopesh (power bonded ), Venom master, antedeluvian (Power bonded), Cavelier.
Case Silver
Case Silver
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PostSubject: Re: Huntik signing up third try   Huntik signing up third try H6Q0F8zTue Oct 22, 2013 10:01 pm

Name: Case Sliver
Age: 17
Gender: male
Looks: Huntik signing up third try Shu11
Personality: he acts level headed and is very over protective of his friends (if they are threatened he most likely acts rashly and become hot headed). He likes spicy food, mild weather, finding a new way to use a move. He dislikes bullies, bitter food, having to train his skills as a skilled seeker and never gives in, he hates it when people doesn’t listen to him or treat him like a child. Whenever he gets a puzzle or game of chess he zones out and doesn’t do anything until he finishes it or wins.
History: Case never knew who his parents where, or what they did, he was raised in an orphanage in Washington DC, when he was 13 his year group went to the museum and this is where he found and developed a love of studying the myths of past civilizations. Over the next three years he made friends with one of the janitors there who on his 16th birthday gave him the chance to try and solve an native American puzzle box and told him if he could open it he could keep whatever was inside if there was anything to begin with. He solved it with under 90 seconds and out of the box fell springer’s amulet who intently bonded with him, after this the janitor who turned out to be a seeker trained him, then a few months later the janitor was killed took his dead teacher’s amulets and bonded with them (this is how he got Vigilante & Janusea the Gatekeeper). Ever since then he had never learned any more spell because he believes that what he has learned is enough.
Side: Huntik Foundation
Friends: members of the Foundation (but none close)
Enemies: The members of the organisation/blood spiral
Family: none, all deceased
Items: Holotome, Grapple gun (styled more like Hai’s knife from Darker Then Black), bolas, knock out pellets, fire crackers, darts (the ones used for the sport).
Skills: Hand to hand combat
(Karate/Kyokushin kaikan, Baguazhang, tai chi, street fighting), excellent sketcher (also like to draw manga in free time),
being a diversion,
excellent puzzle solver,
escape artist,
He has a knack of using his enemies to his advantage.

Thundercut ,
Amulets:  Springer(who is usually on Case’s shoulder),  
Solar (given to card's charrie in previous rp),
Caviler (gift from Ren)
wanting to get:
Raijin the Thunderbolt (found inside a katana sheathe which was designed as a puzzle lock in Tokyo, power-bonded after a while),
Vigilante(power- bonded apon return  to him),  
Janusea the Gatekeeper(power- bonded apon return  to him),
Ironsquire (power-bonded after awhile) & Invisible knight, Avalon (found while looking for Excalibur in England…all found after tests during different times),
Kipperin(power- bonded after a while) (found in an Mayan temple in a rainforest),
Jirwolf(unknown how acquired)

Legendary titans
Pendragon (not until the end unknown how acquired)
Excailber (does not become legendary until Pendragon is fused with it. the titian is formed when Avalon, Templar, Invisible knight, Caviler but is complete when Pendragon becomes apart of it. once they are all fused these titans can't be separated.)
Team: none at the moment

(editing in progress)

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PostSubject: Re: Huntik signing up third try   Huntik signing up third try H6Q0F8zTue Oct 22, 2013 10:26 pm

name: karic

age: 16

gender: male

Looks: karic is tall with unruly blonde hair that gets into his eyes his eyes change color from bright blue to green to gray depending on light and his mood he is somewhat muscular but not real buff he normally wares a shirts with animals on them and ware's dark blue or dark green pants with a titan around his neck hidden under his shirt

Personality: karic is a kind hearted person who makes friends easily and is very likable but when he gets angry or you hurt his friends he'll come at you like a natural disaster he loves animals and nature and would rather spend a night out under the stars in his cabin in the woods or just out in nature then an apartment or some expensive hotel he bonds easily with titans of nature or animal titans and he understands that people need to take from nature but hates when people over use natures resources and he yells threatens and sometimes attacks anyone who hurts animals without a good reason

History: (sorry its long) when karic was 7 his parents Doug and Amy moved to a house in the woods they had been moving around a lot and so far this was the only house he liked it had a stream running by it and there were all sorts of animals which karic would try to play with after a week his parents said they would stay here for a long time which made karic happy at the age of 9 he got within feet of a young deer he had his arm out stretched then the deer turned and looked at him and moved closer to him and nuzzled his hand he was so shocked he just stood there then the deer's ears pricked up and it bounded off at 11 he was able to read the body language of all the animals by his the house and he had touched and petted most of the animals and gotten close to all the others but 1 that 1 was the old wolf he sees every day by our house it looked different than any wolf he had ever seen bigger and more powerful looking he would catch it watching his but whenever he tried to get closer it ran off at age 12 karic was in his house watching animal planet on the TV with his mom when his dad ran in a scared look on his face they found us he said karics mom stood up how she asked clenching her necklace I don't know but we .... a loud band came from the front door there's no time no time karics dad said then karics mom bent down beside him I need you to go into the woods she said fallow the wolf and take this she said handing hem the necklace mom what's going karic asked a little scared just do what I told now go thru here she said revealing a secret passage it will take you to the forest now go we'll try to catch up ok he said going thru the passage the last words he ever heard from his parents were I wish I didn't have to lie to him which was said by his mom
after going thru the tunnel he came out on the north edge of the woods I heard a huge bang and ran into the woods he ran and ran deeper than he ever had then finally he stopped he sat down by a tree and cried for he knew his parents weren't coming he cried for five minutes then he finally stopped then he heard a sound and looked there was the wolf he moved a few paces one direction then stopped karic remembering his mothers words fallowed the wolf he was still clutching his mothers necklace it made him feel safe after what seemed like an hour of fallowing the wolf they came upon a cabin the wolf went inside and karic fallowed in side was an old man with grey hair and a beard the wolf sat next to him ah so your here said the man who are you karic asked my name is Melvin I'm a friend of your parents what happened to them karic asked they were attacked by the organization who's the organization karic asked confused here let me start with the titans he said then explaining what they are now I know you must think I'm crazy right karic nodded well you know this is not a regular wolf right karic nodded be fore I show you let me explain about powers he explained now you think I'm even crazier right karic nodded well let me show you thought Spector he said revealing a black wolf with tiny spots of blue light karic staggered back wards calm down Melvin said this is jirwolf karic calmed down then realizing every thing Melvin said was true karic fell to the floor now calf down here let me put jirwolf back into the amulet he held out a green stone and the wolf disappeared now Melvin said I know this all a lot to take in but do you want to be come a seeker a person with titans he asked this was so much to take it for karic but he nodded great Melvin said them I'll teach you I see you have one of your mothers titans he said karic looked at the necklace this is a titan he asked now lets see which one titan it is he said pulling out a computer like thing this is a cypher dex he said it was your mother she gave it to me for safe keeping now can I see that he said karic handed him the neck lace a hologram of a bird came up solwing attack 1 defense 1 type kroon titan scout size small so its solwing Marvin said lets get to it then try to call him how karic asked you'll know karic raised the amulet and Sore thru the sky's solwing then there was a flash of light and it appeared a bird with a helmet it flew to karics shoulder and nuzzled against him very good Melvin said now let me teach you some spells the next 4 years went by fast karic got three more titans from Melvin they were gybolg Arawn the hunter and silver hunter solwing now usually never goes to its amulet on his sixteenth birthday Melvin reveled himself as his grandfather and that his family had some caster will blood not a lot but some which is why the organization had came for them he then told him about the huntik foundation and how they fight the organization karic said he was going to join and that he was leaving tomorrow the next day karic was about to leave when Melvin stopped him take this he said giving karic jirwolfs amulet use it well him and silver hunter make a great team he also gave him his mothers cypher dex and taught him one last spell cypher call karic nodded and left he felt a pull come from deep in the woods so he followed it into the forest he sent solwing ahead of him to scout then he came to the center of the forest there was a shrine solwing was perched on top of it he went over to the shrine and saw it an amulet with a green stone in it he picked it up and it bonded with him he got out his cypher dex and put the amulet over it elf king Oberon attack 4 defense 5 type Gaia titan warrior size medium special abilities good with a sword can shoot beans for long range attacks elf prince Oberon cool cool he said putting the amulet into his pocket
he left the forest and started heading to the huntik H.Q on the way he fought some origination he called out jirwolf and silver hunter after beating them he them made it to huntik foundation H.Q joined and is waiting for his next mission he hasn't told anyone that he has caster will blood (sorry its kind of long)

side: huntik foundation

friends: any huntik foundation member

enemies: organization blood spirals anyone who abuses animals spiders

family: mom/Amy 40 dead dad/Doug 39 dead grandpa Melvin 70

items: backpack sleeping bag cipher dex dagger hidden in right boot throwing knife in other boot some rope and a switchable animal call

skills: good with all animals can sense an animals feelings good with body language hard to lie to good with knives bonds easily with animal titans and Gaia titans good at close combat good at seeing thru illusions good with illusion spells and good at climbing

spells: armorbrand augerfrost boltflare wristlebind breakspell bubblelift darkfog thoughtpectre doublespell dragonfist everfight featherdrop findshape headcage honerguard hyperstryde mindsight newlife nimblefire poisonfang raypulse ropetrick shadowspeed simplemind skingrip sorrowbond spidertouch thoughtspectre touchram kindlestrike shadowpoint cyphercall stopglue everheal sharedsight (I made up this spell it allows him to see what his titan sees)

amulets: elf king Oberon solwing jirwolf silver hunter gybolg and Arawn the hunter

team: my titans that's it for now
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PostSubject: Re: Huntik signing up third try   Huntik signing up third try H6Q0F8zThu Oct 24, 2013 6:26 pm

Case Silver
Case Silver
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PostSubject: Re: Huntik signing up third try   Huntik signing up third try H6Q0F8zThu Oct 24, 2013 7:39 pm

here is a link to the topic

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Huntik signing up third try Empty
PostSubject: Re: Huntik signing up third try   Huntik signing up third try H6Q0F8z

Huntik signing up third try
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