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 Luna- The Girl That Fell From The Sky (WIP)

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PostSubject: Luna- The Girl That Fell From The Sky (WIP)   Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:27 am


Words: 3072
Completion: Roughly 15% Complete
Pokemon Caught: -
Diary Entries: 5


The Girl That Fell From The Sky

It was a cold autumn day. It was raining quite heavily but the rain was light. There was a slight mist in the air. There was no wind whatsoever. The air was thin and crisp. Out of the small population of the islands, hardly anyone was out.
One person was though. Her name was Amy. She was to go shopping for groceries but couldn’t help seeing the view from the shrine, with the three stones in it. They represent Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. Standing on the shrine meant you could see all of the islands in the beautiful drizzling rain with the perfect mist. She stood up on the shrine. She reached into her backpack. She had gone on a vacation to Sinnoh with that bag. While in Sinnoh she had caught a Combee. She was having a picnic with her family and she was attracted by the scent. It had a red marking on its head, and Amy knew that it meant it was female. She was training to be a breeder so she had to know her stuff. So she decided to catch it. She left Combee at home because she didn’t want her to catch a cold out in the rain. She remembered packing a camera for her vacation. She liked to take lots of pictures. She dug and rummaged through her bag. At the bottom she felt her camera. She hadn’t yet fully unpacked her bag so she still had stuff from her vacation left in her bag. She took some pictures of the setting. It looked even better on camera. Just as she was on about her 5th shot it happened.
There was a massive flash in the sky that whitened her entire vision. It was so bright. Then after the flash, as her eyes were adjusting back to the normal light the earth began to shake vigorously. At first she thought it must have been a thunderstorm and an earthquake. She fell to the ground and was nearly flung into the sea. Then it stopped. Dizzy and half blind the sea began to stir up. It started with some choppy waves and whirlpools, but then it became violent. Massive waves flooded over the shrine submerging her and bag. Good thing she always kept a waterproof case on her camera, and her bag was waterproof anyway. Then the sea eventually calmed down. She lay there, soaked, dizzy and half blind, panting.
Then a big hole in the center of the clouds opened up in the sky and it flashed once more, but it didn’t light everything up like last time. She saw a shape fall from the sky. She quickly took a picture with her camera. At first she though it was a shooting star or a meteor. It landed in the sea. She then realized it couldn’t have been a shooting star or a meteor because it was too small and didn’t make a big splash. She looked at her picture. She slowly began to zoom in. It reached the shape. It most definitely was not a meteor, or a shooting star. It was a person.

I can still remember it happening. I remember blackness. I remember the funny feeling in my stomach as I fell. I remember the impact. It was the first time I had experienced pain. I remember being underwater. I wiggled my fingers. The first time I had moved. I wiggled my feet, and then kicked my legs gently. I moved my arms, and then moved my head slightly. I flexed my body. I then floated up to the surface. I twitched my closed eyes. I then opened them. At first everything was blurry. My eyes then adjusted and I could see. I felt the rain drizzle on my naked skin. My eyes then began to sting. I closed them. That’s when I learned to blink. I then began to feel extremely uncomfortable in my chest area. I opened my mouth and gasped for air. That’s when I learned to breath. I couldn’t move well though. After that I floated for a few minutes then blacked out.
I woke up in a bed. I was in a hospital. Apparently the doctors asked me who I was, and who my family was. Of course I could not speak at this point, so was very confused, being essentially a “baby” trapped in a girl’s body. After I did not respond they ran some tests. The results were that I was not even a pure human. First of all, I have 2 strands of DNA. Second, if you have ever heard the myth that humans only use 10% of their brain, that is not true, however they do not use 100%. I use 3 times the amount of my brain for every task. Finally, I remember I had a necklace around my neck with 6 beads on it, all of different colors. The doctors tested it and they found it was giving off strange energy. They tried to confiscate it but I cried so they decided they would give it back. I guess they realized as well that they’re probably not going to be able to crack its secrets.
So there’s how I got here. Even I don’t know why this all happened. Some say that I am the daughter of Arceus. Some say I was a “glitch”, created when different energies met and caused a reaction. I don’t know what I believe. I don’t care too much. Anyway, let’s continue with my story.
So after all of that they had to help me live like a normal human. First they taught me to walk, and then talk. After that they taught me small things such as how to eat, cook, use a toilet and use some technologies. This whole process took ages, probably about 6 months to a year. I learned quickly because of my unusual abilities and extremely high IQ. I got given a house and some money to help me until I got a job. A carer came ever day or so just for a quick check up to see how I was doing. After maybe a month I decided I would leave to go on a journey. Maybe meet some friends, some Pokémon, and just try to find out who I was generally. So it was settled. I told my carers and the said it would be fine, as I was now well recovered apparently. So I began my journey, and my diary.
I took a ferry to Hoenn. It is nice here. It always seems to be sunny and a little warmer than Kanto. I docked in Mossdeep City. I like it here. I stayed overnight in a hotel. I went for a stroll around the city. I went to a marketplace and bought some food. It was very tasty, but probably not the healthiest choice I could’ve had. I think I can justify it though, besides, I shouldn’t be worry about my weight. I don’t want to become overweight but it’s not my main concern. I didn’t just have food though. There was also a drink stall. I bought one and it was very refreshing. I sat on a bench and watched some people dancing to traditional sounding music. After I finished my drink I gave them some money and walked on. I reached a large stadium. I heard cheering so I entered. It was a contest hall. I bought a ticket and got a seat. It was at the part where contestants battled each other. It was a Milotic fighting an Altaria. They were very beautiful Pokémon. I think I want to be a contestant when I get some Pokemon. It looks very fun and exciting. I like the idea that whether you’re good at battles or appeals it doesn’t matter because you can win either way. After the contest I walked out and continued my walk. Then something strange happened. My red orb on my necklace that I was still wearing because the flash as I was walking past a stream. It then swayed towards the water and pulled me in. It pulled me to the bottom of the stream. It reminded me of when I was born, and I fell from the sky into the water. It wasn’t pulling me down it was pulling my neck, I could fight it but didn’t want to suffocate so staying it the bottom meant it wasn’t going to strangle me. It then swayed to the side. I returned to the surface. It wasn’t strangling me anymore because the direction it was pulling had changed but I still followed it. It led me into an alleyway, and we were still in the water. It still pointed to the end of the alley. I looked and suddenly there was a massive splash in the water as if something just flew out of it. A barrel was knocked against the wall with the sheer speed and a few slates fell from the roof of a building into the water. My necklace followed it as it flew away. Once it was far away my necklace stop flashing and sat normally. Whatever it was it didn’t want to show itself as it was invisible. I suppose it could also just be really small but I doubt something so small could be so powerful. Anyway, after that I got out of the water and began my walk home to the hotel. I had a shower, and the hotel had its own stuff for the shower. I am now about to go to bed. I can’t stop thinking about that event. My guess is that it may be a Pokemon, but I’m not sure. Also, I don’t even know why the necklace led me to it. Maybe it was trying to warn me that it wanted to harm me? Maybe it was telling me it needed help? Or maybe something else. Whatever it is, I just want to forget about and go to sleep. I’ll have plenty of time to think tomorrow. I still think it will be difficult to forget though. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try.

It was been about a few days since the last entry. Since then even more weird things have been happening with my necklace. They’re getting more frequent. One time I saw it, just for a second. I peeked over a fence because the necklace was pointing to it. It instantly noticed me though, so it turned invisible and left. But I caught the shape of it. It was a similar shape to a bird. I saw white on it. I don’t know if there were any other colors on it. It looked very majestic. I’m sure for a second it hesitated. Maybe it was somehow drawn to me. This is probably more a hope than a fact, because I would love to catch it. A few other times in the street it happened. It was embarrassing, everyone was staring at me. I simply told them that it was a magic trick and laughed. They seemed to believe me as they all smiled and nodded. Part of me wishes that it was a magic trick, but another part of me, a more curious part of me, wants to investigate. I think if I found out more about this Pokémon and this necklace, then maybe I could find out more about my origins. It’s’ just a hope though. I did get some Pokéballs though before I left so I maybe I could catch it. It will be really difficult though, I’ll probably have to befriend it if I ever want to catch it. I don’t know. I’m writing this in a café. I just ordered lunch so I think I’ll need to wrap things up soon. I’ll probably write another entry tomorrow or maybe in a few days if nothing happens. I am glad that I took my diary now.

I am being watched. It was at the café. I was eating lunch and noticed two eyes watching me from the forest. It frightened me. At one point they seemed to creep forward. I don’t know if they are friendly. I am now starting to doubt that thought. What if this is some strange Pokémon that has something sinister in mind? What if it wants to hurt- or worse- kill me? I was going to write my entry at the café but if I’m being watched I don’t want it to look suspicious. My necklace pointed towards it which almost ruined things. But I just ignored it and tried to hold it down. It frightens me that my necklace that I was for some reason born with is linked to a Pokémon that is watching me. I closed the window and locked it as soon as I got home. I’m about to get into my bed just now. I am a little afraid, but I’m in a hotel so I’m surrounded with lots of others. Hopefully it won’t try to strike me in a hotel. However now that I think about it I still don’t even know if it is hostile. It might be friendly, just watching doesn’t mean that it is some sort of evil monster that has intentions of murdering me. Perhaps I can learn from this Pokémon? I really want to capture it so I can. I can just imagine it… If I captured it we could teach each other so much. This Pokémon could teach me stealth and speed, and I could teach it knowledge so it’s more tactical in battles. So it’s settled, I’ll catch it. I hope it doesn’t want to hurt me, but after thinking this maybe I’m not in danger. I don’t think there’s ever been a case where a Pokémon killed a human ever. Well, technically I’m not really a human according to the doctors, but I share literally something similar to 99.9% of the same DNA. I have the same appearance; it’s just my brain that’s different. They told me it’s as if I’m a human that has evolved into a smarter being. I like to class myself as a human though, and I think everyone else does. A lot of people think that I probably feel alone but I really don’t, because when it comes down to it I’m just like a smarter version of a human basically. I guess I’ll sleep and then think about it more in the morning. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve went from scared to excited. I’m not being naïve though, I’m still cautious. I’ll try to write another entry tomorrow, but if nothing happens that’s interesting then I might just write it later. I’m glad I brought this diary; I can also use it to document anything new that happens regarding the strange Pokémon.
I don’t think it wants to hurt me. It’s been a day since the last entry, just to say. Anyway, today I went for another walk. I wanted to see some sights in the town. I went to the beach. It’s really nice there and the sand is beautiful. I sat there on the sand for a while then decided to swim. I love swimming, probably because I fell into the water from the sky. There was a slight breeze in the air. The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. After I was swimming I then went back up to the village and went for a walk, as always. I got an ice cream and continued my walk. I can’t deny that the whole time I was hoping something would happen with that strange Pokémon. And it did. I continued my walk. I just went wherever my feet took me. I reached a little alley and when I got to the other side I was in a beautiful garden. There were some Pokémon there too. It was covered in hedge walls, like a maze but it wasn’t a puzzle and I didn’t get lost. I turned round a corner and that’s when I saw it. Just for a second. A flash of red and white, “sitting” (It was technically hovering but it was exactly on the pond as if it were walking on water) on the small little pond. It immediately saw me and went invisible, with a cry of fear. I think it was watching me before to see if I was dangerous, or a threat. It does not want to harm me, it is scared of me. I found it adorable. I must have really startled it. Who actually walks through random alleys but me? I still want to know why my necklace seems to be attracted to this Pokémon. Well, my red orb from the necklace at least. Maybe the necklace charms it? I’m about to go to sleep but just before I started writing this I saw something fly past the window extremely quickly. I think it was the Pokémon. Next time I see it I’m going to use my Pokédex on it. I hope I can catch it after I find out what Pokémon it is. I guess it’s a mystery.

It’s a Latias. I know that now. I was at the same café and it, she, was watching me. I didn’t know it was a girl at this point. Anyway, I was eating lunch again, expecting to find the creature, and right enough it was watching me from the same spot. Turns out the tree are from that garden that I was in yesterday, but you can’t get in that way because of the hedge wall that blocks you out. I ate my food and acted as if I was completely oblivious to the fact that something was watching me. I casually reached into my bag. I rummaged around and felt the small blue device. I quickly lifted it out and pointed it at the creature in one swift movement. It was a female Latias. It immediately turned invisible and fled but I managed to get her data. Latias can only be Female. I think it might be attracted to my orb. Whenever she is watching me her eyes are fixed on the red orb. Once again I’m about to go to sleep. I’ll probably write tomorrow.

Luna- The Girl That Fell From The Sky (WIP)
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